September 2017


Making the Millennial Connection

By Susan Hash

Millennials’ expectations have changed the rules of engagement. How to create commitment for your contact center’s mission and goals.

Agility Factor

The SBR Balancing Act

By Jay Minnucci

Understanding the various forms of skills-based routing (SBR) is critical to deploying it in your contact center.

Healthcare Corner

Survey Says… Human Factors to Consider

By Kathleen Peterson

A recent survey of healthcare contact center professionals sheds light on people management challenges.

Inside View


By Susan Hash

A collaborative, people-focused environment drives continuous improvement at this award-winning customer support center.

Leading Thoughts

Creating a Contingency Plan

By Charles Driest

Steps to identify the people, data and resources to bring to bear in an emergency.

Performance Matters

The Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

By Mark Brody

Millennial and Gen Z workplace expectations are transforming organizational cultures and practices.

Superior Service

Ethical Upselling

By Mike Aoki

Building trust and fulfilling needs creates a win-win for customers and businesses. How to encourage the right behaviors in your agents.

Tech Line

What Keeps You Up at Night?

By Lori Bocklund

The contact center plays a critical role in compromising or protecting the company and customers. Tackle fraud prevention, compliance and security to rest easy.

The View from the Saddle

Return of the Kachina! The 2017 Saddletree Research Kachina Awards

The Kachina symbolizes achievement and innovation among solutions providers. A look at the 2017 awards program.