January 2012


Feature Article: Is Chief Customer Officer in Your Future?

By Susan Hash

The C-suite's growing focus on customer experience is paving the way for service leaders to take a seat at the executive table. A look at the key competencies that will help to position you for the chief customer officer role.

Agility Factor

Automation Vs. Expertise

By Jay Minnucci

When choosing new technology for your center, the ability for a system to match the skills of your agents may be the most important and least visible consideration. In the end, it's the interaction between our agents and these machines that determines how valuable the application may be.

Customer Surveys

Common Survey Research Mistakes: Mistake #5: Lying Introductions

By Fred Van Bennekom

First impressions are critical to getting a good response rate. Make sure there is no misalignment between the survey invitation and the survey instrument.

Inside View

Canadian Tire Financial Services

By Susan Hash

A look inside an award-winning contact center that emphasizes a strong customer-focused culture supported by highly engaged staff.

Leading Thoughts

Improving the Customer Experience

By John Goodman and Cindy Grimm and Joshua Hearne

The results of a recent survey finds that, while service executives can effectively improve the customer experience, they often lack key information to do so.

Management ROI

Improve Your Job Brand to Attract Top Talent

By Malcolm McCulloch

People have preconceived ideas about almost every job available. Is your center's recruiting message compelling and accurate? Focus on key benefits to attract—and keep—the right talent.

Performance Matters

Empowered Employees Drive Continuous Improvement Culture

By Natasha Gonzalez

Give your front line a voice in process improvement for long-term change that impacts culture, performance and employee morale.

Superior Service

New Year’s Resolutions for Contact Center Managers

By Mike Aoki

The start of a new year is the perfect time to commit to making positive changes within your team, your company—and yourself. Mike Aoki offers seven resolutions to give you a head start for a successful year.

Tech Line

The Value of Technology Assessment and Planning

By Lori Bocklund and Brian Hinton

The pursuit of technology projects is on the rise. But take care: Moving too fast can lead to “shelfware” and unrealized expectations. A four-step process to ensure that you're pursuing the right technology to meet your requirements and environment.

The View from the Saddle

What's Trending in ’12

By Paul Stockford

Analyst Paul Stockford breaks out his crystal ball and reveals five trends that will have a significant impact on the contact center this year.