April 2010

Feature Article

Executing CEM Strategy

By Susan Hash

Recent research shows that organizations are experiencing a significant disconnect between developing a customer experience management strategy and actually implementing it. Read about the top challenges and what some companies are doing to drive customer experience process improvements in the contact center.

Agility Factor

The High-Quality Contact

By Jay Minnucci

To consistently deliver the high-quality contact, you must first define it. Understanding the tradeoffs among quality metrics is key to choosing the right measures.

Tech Line

Technology for Outsourcing Agents

By Lori Bocklund

Today’s VoIP solutions are changing the way that contact centers integrate with their outsourcing partners. A look at options and tradeoffs between the traditional models and new models for outsourcer integration.

Performance Matters

How to Measure Supervisor Performance

By Dan Rickwalder

To build a disciplined approach to supervisor evaluation, you must identify key behaviors, apply effective objective and subjective measures to those behaviors, and provide clear guidelines and scoring methods. Here’s how to provide your supervisors with a framework for success.

Inside View

Access Development

By Susan Hash

How can you handle rapid growth while maintaining a culture that emphasizes work/life balance for your staff? This affinity marketing firm developed a home-based contact center program that offers a cost-effective solution.

Leading Thoughts

Measuring Customer Dissatisfaction

By Bob Furniss

Focusing on customers’ pain points rather than the positive experiences is the surest path to higher satisfaction. Seven steps to help you diagnose and fix the causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Forecast Focus

7 Tips to Improve Your Long-Term Staffing Model

By Tiffany LaReau

Accuracy is often diminished in forecasts that span months, quarters or years. Seven tactics to ensure that your long-term models stay up-to-date and on target.

Management ROI

The Lean & Mean Contact Center: Understanding Contact Center Costs

By Martin Prunty

Customer demand is the key driver of contact center costs. The right way to reduce costs is to focus on decreasing the demand first. A look at the contact center cost hierarchy and how to calculate the cost of operating a contact center.