April 2015


Nurturing Part-Time Staff

By Susan Hash

Advice from top customer care and support center leaders on how to engage and retain part-time agents.

Agility Factor

Top-Performer Modeling

By Jay Minnucci

Identify the characteristics that make your top performers successful to use in recruiting and selecting new agents.

Customer Experience

What Is Your Customer-Centric DNA?

By Janet LeBlanc

How well has your organization progressed along the journey toward customer experience maturity? Highlights from a recent survey on customer-centricity.

Home Working

Top 3 Failure Points for Work at Home

By Michele Rowan

Now that contact center home working is moving into the mainstream, patterns of failure points are emerging. How to minimize or avoid negative outcomes in your home-working program.

Idiom Insights

A Stitch in Time… Saves Nine

By Kathleen M. Peterson

Inability to make decisions and take action will negatively impact the contact on many levels. How to alleviate fear and procrastination—and take a stitch in time to save nine.

Industry Outlook

Drive Effective Multichannel Customer Care Through Focus

By Cynthia Grimm

Recent research has found that the customer care experience is neither as “omni” or as effective as many believe. Findings from the “CX Act 2015 Study of Omnichannel Customer Care.”

Inside View

NCR Silver

By Susan Hash

A look at NCR Silver’s transformation of a startup help desk into a high-performing customer care operation.

Leading Thoughts

Contact Center and CRM Synergies

By Annette Miesbach

How to make CRM and contact center integration into a win-win for your customers and your organization.

Management ROI

Approaching Multichannel

By Adrian Bethell

Common expectations and misconceptions about multichannel, the pitfalls to avoid and strategies for success.

Special Report

Contact Center Training

By Susan Hash

Key insights and practical pointers for contact centers from the industry’s top training experts, along with the findings from our recent training poll.

Tech Line

How to Hit a Moving Target

By Lori Bocklund

How do you build a strategic plan when each day brings a new direction from leadership or a new challenge from external forces or internally driven change? Plan with an eye on agility and responsiveness.

The View from the Saddle

Hip to Be Squared

By Paul Stockford

Cloud-based collaboration tools like Cisco’s Project Squared (now Cisco Spark) can provide valuable expertise to frontline agents.