March 2016


Contact Center Skills and Compensation Trends

By Susan Hash

Contact centers are in the midst of significant strategic and technological changes that will have a lasting impact on its workforce. A look at the evolving environment’s impact on roles, skill sets and compensation.

Agility Factor

The Profession of Contact Center Management

By Jay Minnucci

Raising the image of our profession will serve to lift the opportunities for everyone who has found their way to our industry.

Idiom Insights

Moment of Truth

By Kathleen M. Peterson

Moment of Truth situations typically arise because alternative channels have failed to resolve the matter for the customer. Are your agents prepared to handle these “experience opportunities”?

Inside View

Cassidy Klundt, Sitel

By Susan Hash

A passion for helping people grow inspires director’s personal career journey.

Leading Thoughts

Are You Managing Change or Is Change Managing You?

By Eric Taillefer

As leaders, we need to be the ones recognizing the need for change and promoting it in our workplace. Key steps and actions to drive change in your organization.

Management ROI

Why WFO Makes Sense for SMB Contact Centers

By Patrick Russell

Customer experience and efficiency gains are key reasons most SMBs go the WFO route.

Performance Matters

How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences, Part 2: Transform New-Hire Onboarding

By Bill Stavros

Low-cost techniques to use during onboarding to quickly, socially and culturally integrate new-hires into your contact center.

Tech Line

Contact Center Technology in a Changing Market

By Brian Hinton

In the latest attempt to describe the communications ecosystem, the buzz is all about “convergence” of UC and CC. A look at the latest trends and what they mean.

The View from the Saddle

The Game Is Afoot!

By Paul Stockford

Contact center gamification in the post-Sherlockian era.