August 2018


Leading Customer-Centric Change

By Susan Hash

Use storytelling techniques to gain top-level buy-in and support for VoC-driven process improvements.

Customer Experience

How to Unify Your Listening Programs to Improve CX

By Tim Whiting

Three voice of the customer best practices and why they matter in the digital age.

Employee Engagement

Unlock Your Employee Engagement Potential

By Dan Hale

Invest in your people by applying a Continuous Cycle of Improvement.

Idiom Insights

Lost in the Labyrinth: Brand Energy Power and Vision Clarity

By Kathleen Peterson

Engage the workforce in fueling the brand to change internal conversations and get the energy flowing in the right direction.

Leading Thoughts

The Forgotten Piece of the Customer Experience

By Christa Heibel

To deliver a positive customer experience, honor the agent experience.

Sponsor Spotlight

Looking Forward, Looking Back

By Valerie McSorley

We set out to start a conversation and bring contact center leaders together for a dynamic experience. Reflecting on where we’ve been and a brief look ahead.

Sponsor Spotlight

Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs

By Sennheiser

Headset technology delivers richer sound experience and increased flexibility for hearing-impaired agents.

Superior Service

Back to Basics: Improve Your Contact Center with the Enduring Message of Mister Rogers

By Dianne Durkin

What are you doing to make every person in your center feel like they’re a part of the “neighborhood”?

Tech Line

What to Do with Your IVR?

By Lori Bocklund

Many old, bad IVRs are idling away as businesses look the other way—but customers feel the pain every day. It’s time to do something!

The View from the Saddle

Phone Rage, Incivility and Why I Love Westerns

By Paul Stockford

It seems that rude and disrespectful behavior is becoming more and more common these days.