Contact Center Manager Training

The most popular management certification program in the contact center industry.

The course covered everything needed to run an effective call center.
This was well worth the cost."
—Carresqual Dixon, U.S. Navy

Innovate, Motivate, and Solve Your Organizational Skill-gaps with Professional Certification and Corporate Learning Programs presented by Contact Center Pipeline.

We’ve partnered with leading subject matter experts to bring you the most popular management certification program in the contact center industry. Our instructors are some of the most recognized names in the contact center space, and have the knowledge, expertise, and real-world experience to speak your organization’s language. Participants will leave with new skills, new perspectives for analyzing challenges, and new approaches for solving problems.

We collaborate with your leadership to develop customized learning engagements that address your unique challenges and achieve measurable results.

What makes us different from other providers?

Our Experts - we select our experts based on specific industry knowledge, experience working within the contact center industry, and proficiency as an educator. Our instructors include some of the biggest and best names in the contact center and support learning community, provide modern learning solutions, and the ability to apply new knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

Our Expertise - with a proven record of 15 years in the contact center community, our program provides a single point of contact to an incomparable array of customer support training courses, curriculums, delivery methods and professional certification testing for every major industry certification designation, as well as many of the newest higher education degrees and certificates developed for customer support professionals.

Our Simplicity - one point-of-contact, one customer support number, one invoice, group discounts, and the ability to reschedule and apply training credits across our nationwide network of programs.

Don’t take our word for it

"The overall experience was informative, inspiring and rewarding.
Very professional organization. Very innovative material. Very knowlegeable instructor.
I rate the course as excellent."
—Benny Dreher, Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund

Contact Center Management Training Courses

3-Day, Contact Center Management Training and Certification
A 3-day instructor-led course with certification; focuses on comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to manage a small, midsize, new, or challenged center. Learn the art and science of contact center management and, earn the industry's most prestigious credential.

5-Day, Contact Center Management Training and Certification
This 5-day instructor-led course with certification; is designed for management professionals making a lateral move to a call center, as well as those charged with building a new call center or improving an existing one.

Custom Learning Solutions

On-site Corporate and Customized programs designed to fit your organization's needs.

We collaborate with your leadership to develop customized learning programs that address your unique challenges, create engaging employee experiences, address real-time organizational skills-gaps and generate actionable outcomes for your organization.

Program length, locations, times, and delivery mechanism are all designed around your specific training needs. Talk to us today to discuss the possibilities and begin planning for the future.

Available contact center specific course material may include: Contact Center Manager Certification, Data and Analytics, Financial Support, Workforce Management Forecasting & Scheduling, Performance Optimization, Quality Management, Six-Sigma Support Centers, Telecom Costs, and Contact Center Executive Leadership Education.

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