Heather Bissell


Like most contact center leaders, I didn’t go to college thinking this is what I wanted to do. I have a degree in psychology and sociology. I learned very on, through internships that sitting in an office, listening to other people’s problems was for me. As soon as I graduated with my degree, I found myself at Disney World, where I had my first taste of what I call “people-solving”. While I wasn’t sitting in an office giving out advice to clients, I was talking to Guests and providing them with advice on how to have a magical day. I fell in love with being able to take a challenge, find a creative solution, and leave someone else feeling a little better than when they first contacted me. That soon turned into a passion of leading and coaching others to think the same way about service, and eventually led to strategizing and planning out these service models as company initiatives.

The past 20-years of my career in customer service and contact centers has given me the fortune to hold positions with customer-focused organizations, including:

  • Disney Cruise Line/Disney’s Magical Express: Guest Services Operations Manager
  • Oakley: Senior Customer Care Support Manager & Director of Customer Care
  • Decker Brands: Director of Customer Care
  • United Power: Member Services Director
  • Costa del Mar: Director, Customer Experience & Consumer Care
  • Nordstrom: Director of Customer CARE

These positions have taken me from my home state of Colorado, to Florida, to California, back to Colorado, and again to Florida, where I currently reside in Daytona Beach (while working from home in the new COVID remote environment).

What is one thing other people don’t know about you?
In addition to my passion for customer service, I also have a passion for dancing, and have done so since I was 3-years old. To this day, I never miss a chance to put on a pair of tap shoes and let it go on the dance floor! In normal times, my husband and I enjoy traveling. In recent times, we enjoy sitting at home, watching Hallmark holiday movies (even when it’s not the holidays!). One thing that a lot of people don’t know about me is that growing up, I was convinced I was going to be an astronaut – I even attended Space Camp twice! I still enjoy watching launches from our backyard in Florida, but am glad that I ended on a different path that put me into this crazy world we call contact centers!