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Customer-Centricity: Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Experience

When it comes to the customer experience, data doesn’t tell the whole story. Customer behavior is primarily driven by emotion and how the experience makes them feel.

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Time to Get Really Excited about Self-Service

Now we are on the cusp of great change with what technology can do for self-service, and it’s not just the same old thing.

Technology Self-Service

Turnover… But Not the Good Kind

I believe that employers recognize the value of retention but haven’t necessarily linked it to the requisite investment.

People Turnover

Robocalls? Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Harmonica Player

The practice of spoofing has gotten so inexpensive that it has grown exponentially, leading to the proliferation of these calls and the nearly nonstop ringing of the phone.

Technology Assisted Service

Inside View: Fannie Mae

The partnership with Customer Care provided the perfect ‘test-and-learn’ platform to determine whether a text analytics solution could identify customer needs, trends and opportunities to improve the customer experience.

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Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous Turnover

We need to move the conversation about learning away from its role in onboarding and instead focus on support throughout the entire agent experience, from their first day forward.

People Development

Moral Leadership in the Contact Center

As managers, your job is to elicit the ‘right’ behavior at scale, repeatedly.

Strategy Culture

How Technology is Paving the Path to Workplace Wellness

As managers, your job is to elicit the ‘right’ behavior at scale, repeatedly.Automation, once viewed as a threat to workers and their jobs, is now an ally.

Technology Assisted Service

Creating a Collaborative Virtual Team

Thousands of miles might separate them, but their workforce mindset must be as one to perform in unison.

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