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The Making of a Contact Center Superagent

As self-service channels prove increasingly capable of handling basic transactions, the types of contacts that require human intervention are growing more complex.

People Development

Everybody Has Data, But What Are You Doing With It?

Data has always been important, but the needs and opportunities are growing.

Technology Software Platforms

Take a Bow… Receive a Round of Applause!

Contact center culture is an outcome, not a plan. Culture occurs as a result of actions… not posters, slogans, promises or innuendos.

People Recognition

Workforce Automation: The Strategic Savings Solution

Workforce automation gives leaders a unique opportunity to turn their daily center challenges into significant savings.

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True Confessions

If asked what the differentiator for Saddletree has been for the past 20 years, I’d have to say it’s the kind of relationships I’ve built with so many of my clients.


America's Top 200 CEOs Want You to Fight for Your Agents

There are many work environment, scheduling or workflow changes that can be executed simply with the investment of a little bit of time!

Strategy Culture

Balancing Customer Experience with Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

Seventy-eight percent of Americans strongly believe that organizations need to protect their information, a 16% increase over last year.

Technology Data Security

Inside View: Elaine Avery, Atlantic Union Bank

When you give people the opportunity to grow and stretch themselves, you’d be amazed at what can happen.

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Innovation: What’s the Right Amount for your Contact Center?

Culture is important to innovation because it indicates how the organization handles risk, diversity of thought, and the inclusion of new ideas.

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How AI Can Make the Holidays Bright

Automated scheduling solutions can intelligently pinpoint exactly when and where additional staff is needed.

Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence

7 Steps to Superior CX

Enable easy and near-real-time course corrections, and be more sympathetic to changes in customer behaviors.

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