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QA in an Omnichannel World

Don't be afraid to get rid of channels if they aren't performing and your customers aren't embracing them.

Strategy Service Delivery

Contact Center Costs and the Role of Technology

The question becomes, what is the weight of contact center technology costs compared to the other contact center-specific costs?


Trends in Healthcare… Some May Surprise You

Healthcare contact centers are growing not only in numbers but also in scale.


How to Elevate Your Customer and Agent Experience

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with a single channel to reach your contact center.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

You Can’t Afford Not to Pursue Knowledge Management

Without someone focused on optimizing knowledge, it can quickly grow stale and ineffective in meeting agent needs.

Technology White Papers

Like It or Not, Get Used to the Gig

The gig economy is beginning to become such an economic driving force that there are many who believe that having gig workers in the contact center - i.e., on-demand agents - is only a matter of time.


Inside View: UPMC Health Plan

The focus of the training was to help everyone understand that service isn't something that you do in the call center. It's something that ALL of us do.

People Culture

Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer Service Team

Nature—and drama—loves a vacuum. People who don't understand what's happening will eventually make up their own scenarios, spinning the narrative in whichever way causes the most excitement.

People Culture

Four Best Practices for Onboarding New Contact Center Employees

Welcoming, educating and preparing new employees should commence before those new agents even set foot through the doors of the contact center.

People Hiring

Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center

In the U.S., the minimum wage is below the poverty rate, and thus, is a failed policy.


Recognizing and Appreciating Others

We have leveraged a variety of opportunities to recognize and show appreciation and gratitude for our teams' actions that align with our mission, vision and values.

People Recognition

Making a Case for Mindfulness

The goal of mindfulness is to become aware of the internal workings of our mental, emotional and physical process, and find ways to allow them to work together for our benefit.