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Be Proactive in Protecting Customer Data

The most significant security risk to a company’s data or systems comes from within—human error.

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Target Those Manual Processes with Automation

Way too many centers still have way too many manual process steps, negatively impacting the customer experience and the cost of doing business.

Technology Workforce Optimization Assisted Service

How AI Is Reducing Handle Time and Improving the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the traditional role of knowledge sharing in contact centers and reducing the burden on humans to make KM effective.

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Getting Off to a Flying Start… Or Are You?

When those without a real understanding of what it takes to run a contact center make leadership selections, they may be basing decisions on the wrong criteria.

Strategy Culture

CX Pundits Vs. CX Practitioners: Real Life or Fantasy?

Consultants talk about the ideal while operations leaders deal with limited budgets and staff bandwidth.

Strategy Customer Experience

How to Make Your Contact Center Digital Transformation a Success

The key is approaching things in the right way, which includes a heavy dose of communication delivered with a dash of gusto.

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Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy

What have you done lately that would cause your agents to post on social media about the amazing place they work?

People Turnover

Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the Contact Center

The concept of work-life balance is gaining traction in North America as labor shortages allow workers to be more selective about the companies for whom they choose to work.

People Culture

3 Tips for Embracing an Agile Approach to Digital Transformation

To meet evolving consumer expectations and become more customer-centric, businesses must create a cultural change through extensive communication, consultation and training.

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3 Trends and Challenges for the CX Industry in 2019

It will be essential to build out an organization and a team that can handle the new normal in our industry—fast-paced with high expectations from clients.

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