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Executive Interview with Bob Wienholt, CEO of CallShaper

Speed to market is very important to our clients. That is why we have set up CallShaper to be so easy to use. You can get a new campaign started in hours instead of days or weeks.

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Coaching Automated: Improving Agent Engagement Pays Off

Coaching—on top of training—is that essential element needed for agents to want to go the extra mile and provide great service.

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What to Look for in a Secure Headset

Audio technology purchases for confidential environments are not a simple decision and can’t be treated as a mere add-on to a network.

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Are Your Self-Service Channels Your Customers’ Last Option?

Adding a digital component to speech-initiated self-service interactions creates possibilities for transactions never thought possible on speech alone.

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Workforce Automation: The Strategic Savings Solution

Workforce automation gives leaders a unique opportunity to turn their daily center challenges into significant savings.

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7 Steps to Superior CX

Remember, CX is not a one-and-done process. It’s an evolution. No one gets it perfect the first time.

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Workforce Management Evolution

WFM is an operating culture and philosophy, not just software.

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Making Employee Experience a Priority in a Customer-Centric World

Why don’t companies offer the same respect and dedicated effort they apply to resolve their customers’ poor experience to fix their employees’ poor experience?

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What, Exactly, Makes for Great CX?

A great customer experience results from combining (1) knowledge with (2) time savings in a way that (3) fits the customer’s personality.

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Executive Interview with Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem

Thirty seconds on hold is much different to a customer who is waiting than to an agent who is seeking assistance.

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Q&A with the Customer Service Summit’s Jasmine Kees

We are driving forward a movement to recognize the value that customer service teams bring to a business as more than ‘just a cost-center.

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Does Your Credit Union Need a Merger to Deliver Omnichannel Service?

‘Future-ready’ includes the capability to deliver superior service by whatever channels members choose to reach their credit unions.

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A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s Jim Rembach

When you take into consideration the learning options for people, the cost, the time they require to be offline from work or away from home, a virtual conference makes total sense.

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Let’s Chat About Chatbots

The best deployments use chatbots selectively, leverage AI and seamlessly hand off any collected information.

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