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Reinforcing Your Work-From-Home Team's Cybersecurity Foundation

An alert, educated remote workforce adds considerable strength to your cybersecurity defenses.

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Support Technology without an Analyst Is Like a Car without a Driver

The support analyst function is not an ‘in your spare time’ role. It’s a mission-critical component of any technology solution.

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Future-IZE your KPIs… and Your Frontline Experience!

Emphasis on production metrics is reflective of an old-school model that does not apply to today’s complex contact centers.

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Games People Play

Gamification is a powerful tool in motivating workforces and breathing life into the disconnected, remote atmosphere created by WFH models.

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Understanding the Four Stages of Customer Engagement

It is vital to optimize each stage with the appropriate strategy in mind, and have the proper tools in place to provide the desired experience at the right time.

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The Secret to Unlocking Service Excellence Is Data

In today’s data-soaked world, service leaders need to become knowledgeable about data quality management and how it affects the outcome of your service operations.

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Demystifying AI in the Contact Center

The key to capitalizing on the promise of AI is understanding that AI isn’t one monolithic piece of software, but instead represents a family of approaches and capabilities that serve...

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Make Diversity & Inclusion an Essential Contact Center KPI

If you don’t back up a diverse team with a meaningful inclusion strategy, you’ll have checked a lot of boxes but be left with a contact center full of people who feel as though they...

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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Part 2

Leaders who are aware of their tendencies, biases and blind spots tend to be more open to growing into the best version of themselves.

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Chatbots, AI and the Contact Center Worker: Finding the Right Machine and Human Balance

The ability to resolve issues competently and quickly is a core skill set of the contact center worker.

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Use Storytelling to Provide Impactful Learning in the Contact Center

Some stories help explain a topic, but those that make a more significant impact start with a problem and later reveal the solution.

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15 Essential Habits of Amazing Contact Center Team Leaders

Amazing team leaders always remember that they are leader, coach and mentor.

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Where Does AI Fit in Your Contact Center Strategy?

AI shouldn’t be about replacing people; instead, it’s about asking yourself how you can use the technology to partner with and enhance human teams.

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Embracing Agility in the Contact Center

Too often we are focused on following the roadmap to call center self-improvement, when letting everyone (leaders and CSRs) challenge conventional wisdom brings change much faster.

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This Little Light of Mine… Keep It Shining!

Engagement is a key ingredient in feeling valued; it is also a prerequisite for an optimistic culture.

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Human side of AI