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Lori Bocklund
Founding Advisor

Founder and President
Strategic Contact

But I also like the online access to archives and the ability to search and find good content on particular topics when I need it. CCP offers both.
In every issue, our team of consultants at Strategic Contact presents a "pipeline" of contact center technology insights—your monthly "Tech Line." We cover an array of timely topics that should be valuable to both operations and technology leaders. Our column frequently aligns with Jay Minnucci's "Agility Factor" column to provide important perspectives from both sides of the center—those running the operations and those providing and supporting the technology to enable it. We hope that you'll find valuable information there to help you optimize your center and plan for improvements.
It's an exciting and challenging time in our industry, with so much change going on and the need to find ever more efficient and effective ways to service and sell to customers. Do yourself a favor and sign up to receive Contact Center Pipeline. And don't forget to tell your colleagues in other parts of the organization to sign up, as well. Then you'll all be ready to tackle the "next big thing."
Thanks, and we'll see you on the Pipeline!

Lori Bocklund helps corporate and government contact centers develop and execute plans tied to business goals, such as technology strategy, VoIP and virtualization planning, technology requirements and selection, and project management and implementation. Backed by more than 20 years in the industry, Lori has developed a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of systems, applications and operational environments and extraordinary skill in making today's complex technology environments more easily understood. She's a popular, enthusiastic presenter, author and advisor, and shares her knowledge and practical guidance through numerous speaking engagements, articles, technology courses, and her book, "Call Center Technology Demystified."

Jay Minnucci
Founding Advisor

Founder and President
Service Agility

With such a challenging vocation, contact center leaders need access to leading-edge information and diverse, expert opinion on how to make the most of it. Conferences and seminars allow some of that, and there are online resources that offer a little give and take with discussion groups. For my money, though, nothing helps to bring an industry together better than a high-quality publication. The combination of thought-provoking articles and wide reach helps to galvanize the users, vendors, and support staff that collectively makes up a profession. When offered the opportunity to write a regular column for Contact Center Pipeline, I didn't hesitate one minute to accept. Our jobs in this industry are important, and that importance goes beyond meeting internal performance objectives and cutting costs. We provide the human connection behind the products and services our organizations offer the market. Time and time again, studies prove the support provided by our contact centers make the difference in the lives of our customers. A publication like Contact Center Pipeline, with experienced industry leaders behind it, will help us all to do our jobs better. I am excited to be a part of that movement!

Jay Minnucci helps organizations enhance their customer interactions—in both contact center and face-to-face service environments -- through strategic and tactical programs, such as workflow and performance optimization, resource utilization, quality assurance, and monitoring and analysis. During his 20 years in the industry, Jay served as the vice president of consulting for the International Customer Management Institute and led mission-critical, award-winning call center operations for Fortune 500 corporations and start-up firms in the U.S. and abroad. He is a well-known and highly sought-after contributor to conference programs, articles, training and books, such as “Call Center Management on Fast Forward.”