To a More Cost-Efficient 2018

There are plenty of steps that can be taken now, in 2017, that will bring down expenses next year and help you hit those targets that otherwise seem out of reach.

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5 Ways to Attract Tech-Savvy Contact Center Workers

Competition for skilled labor is high, placing upward pressure both on wages and on employee expectations for modern work spaces.

People Hiring Operations management

Preparing for a Growth Event

At its heart, training is about helping people cope with change by getting them comfortable with a new responsibility.

People Performance Management Operations management

Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent Disengagement, Part 3

When they analyze the number of customers at risk due to each outcome, executives are often shocked to see that the greatest number of customers at risk are among those who never requested assistance.

Strategy Operations management

Centralized Scheduling: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Those who begin a centralized scheduling contact center without a solid plan may wind up with an inefficient and costly model, one that is broken up into small groups dedicated to individual practices.

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