Our contact center survey results give insight into contact center trends across a variety of tightly-focused subjects relevant to everyday contact center operations. The research analysis is independent and instantly applicable to your business challenges.

Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2020: The Year of the Agent

As centers tackle their challenges and pursue their priorities, I believe we will see a strong focus on the agent experience, and the result should be better customer experience, as well.

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Special Report: Factors Leading to an Impactful Voice of the Customer Process

Companies that did not measure the impact of the VoC were much more likely not to have improvements in satisfaction year-over-year, and several actually reported significant declines.

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The Future of the Contact Center: Optimism with a Dose of Caution

As centers pursue bots, RPA, and a variety of AI-enabled capabilities, it is imperative that we consider the people and process changes that go hand-in-hand with these powerful tools.

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Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2019

We have some noticeable movement this year. It reflects our dynamic industry in what the vendors are offering, how the labor market is changing, and how centers are maturing.

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2018 Contact Center Technology Survey Reveals Critical Needs

Integrating disparate applications into a coherent contact center technology architecture remains the number one challenge.

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Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2018

Perhaps now we’re moving into an era where the technology can help achieve “genetic engineering” to change some of those fundamental challenges, or provide better ways to tackle them.

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What the Frontline Supervisor Survey Says

More than half of the supervisors out there in our contact centers have been provided a trace amount or no leadership training. If any data point screamed “Fix Me!!” in this survey, this is it.

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Workforce Optimization Survey: Time for the Next Level

It’s time to take these tools, and the related processes and roles, to the next level; the market has us poised to do just that.

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The Five Pillars of Customer Centricity

Customer-centric leaders know the customer experience brings a brand vision to life. They work hard to unite the organization to a shared vision of the ideal experience. They also ensure everyone...

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Customer Engagement: The Next Level Issue

Highly engaged customers are more likely to exhibit brand-focused behaviors that go beyond business as usual.

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Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2017

Attrition was again the No. 1 challenge. It’s an age-old problem that plays a major role in saturated markets with ample opportunities to go elsewhere, whether for a little pay bump, less...

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Quality Assurance, Part 1

Having a rating system along with the option to provide longer, thoroughly explained answers can eliminate any confusion and allow customers to offer insightful details into why they feel the way...

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2016 Contact Center Work Environment Survey

Survey findings on the “little things” that impact agent job satisfaction.

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Contact Center Challenges and Priorities

The contact center often has the data to guide improvements but lacks corporate initiatives to ensure that information gets to and engages critical departments.

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