Gartner Critical Capabilities

Metrics Roundup

There is no single magic metric that will offer a clear indicator of your center’s performance or guide your operation to a successful outcome.

Strategy Customer Experience

Make Technology a Strategic Tool

Getting technology right is about not letting the day-to-day fire drills stop the ongoing activities to plan for, implement and optimize changes.

Strategy Planning

Is Your Contact Center a Fantasyland… Or Not?

Leaders must demonstrate that their heart is in the job, and that is only possible when humility governs the use of strength.

Strategy Vision - Mission - Values

Special Report: Factors Leading to an Impactful Voice of the Customer Process

Companies that did not measure the impact of the VoC were much more likely not to have improvements in satisfaction year-over-year, and several actually reported significant declines.

Strategy Customer Experience Research

Voice in the Contact Center: The Heart of the Matter

Analytics has brought an unprecedented degree of intelligence—yes, I’ll say it—artificial intelligence (AI), to the call-routing process.