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February 2019

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February 2019

Innovative Training for the Contact Center

Table of Contents, February 2019

Innovative Training for the Contact Center
By Susan Hash
Training tools and techniques that enhance the learner experience.

How to Excel with Performance Management Tools and Processes
By Lori Bocklund
Are you using your performance management tools effectively? Drive meaningful, actionable results with more robust tools.

Are You Ready, Willing and Able for Digital Access?
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Contact centers today must have insight into all they do and how work is done. The ability to dissect your contact types is an important contribution to digital readiness.

Analyticus Ubiquitous
By Paul Stockford
Analytics is ubiquitous in today’s contact center. It is at the core of everything needs to succeed in the customer experience economy.

It All Begins with Good Health
By Mike Dershowitz
Prioritize your company’s role in providing agents with the sense of security that allows them to perform well in their jobs.

Michael Rotter, Aerotek
By Susan Hash
How do you match qualified job candidates with customer service jobs? We go on the job with a contact center recruiting and staffing professional.

Voice-First Experiences Offer Help in the Moment
By Crystal Collier
Conversational user interfaces are being widely adopted. Is your center prepared to offer this emerging channel? A recent study reveals implications for delivering seamless, timely support.

5 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Positive Attitude
By Devan Hines
Interview techniques to identify the right candidates for customer-facing roles.

Does AI Make Agents Happier?
By Jen Snell
When applied correctly, artificial intelligence is a tool that helps people make the most of their time and efforts.

How to Put Your Machine Data to Work
By Andy Chinmulgund
Businesses are amassing terabyes of IoT data from appliances and machines. CSRs cannot find the data they need. What’s the connection?

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