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The New Digital Customer Engagement for the New (Ab)Normal

The New Digital Customer Engagement for the New (Ab)Normal

The New Digital Customer Engagement for the New (Ab)Normal

A Sponsored Article by eGain

COVID-19, aka Coronavirus, has changed everything. Consumers are still very wary of exposure to the virus and want to get more things done digitally. While this always had been the case with millennials and Gen Z, COVID-19 has forced older demographics, who are even more concerned about virus exposure, onboard.

Businesses are opening up a bit, but stay-at-home directives are still in force in many U.S. states, with restrictions being eased only gradually. The economic meltdown, triggered by COVID, requires businesses to do even more with even less. Customer service is no exception to this new reality.

The answer to the soaring consumer demand for service and the business need to do more with less lies in digital customer engagement. However, the same old limited digital service capabilities do not cut it in the new environment.

View the article to learn more about the new digital engagement that is required in the new (ab)normal, with examples of success at scale from our blue-chip clients. Learn about our COVID-19 chatbot offer to jump-start your new digital initiative within a week!

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Sponsored by eGain

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