Build a Wallboard

The Emotion Connection

Emotion is ‘a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral and physiological elements.’

Strategy Customer Experience

Change Management May Be the Most Important Part of Your Next Project

Change practitioners act as translators between the technical and people sides of a solution, connecting the solution to the day-to-day impact on agents and how they successfully bring that to life.


Strategic Communication: Techniques of Best-in-Class Voice Interactions

The key to all voice interactions is to reflect positivity and optimism by using words and phrases that build, not break.

People Performance Management

The Roarin' Twenties Redux

The more I researched the Roarin’ Twenties of a century ago, the more I began thinking that we may be on the cusp of a Roarin’ Twenties of our own. This could be a decade that defines the current millennium.


Women in Leadership: How to Succeed—and Lead—in the Contact Center Industry

In honor of International Women’s Day, Mike Aoki interviews 5 industry executives who share their early leadership challenges, achievements and advice.