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If I Were a Rep . . .

Two powerful changes we can make to support our frontline.

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Easy to Get is Hard to Get Rid Of…Ode to Leo J.

Time to explore the possibility of “good turnover” in your center.

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Optimizing Agent Performance

How AI-driven behavioral analytics can improve the experience of agents in the new normal.

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Simplifying the Human Complexities

How best to manage contact center workforce challenges

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Onboarding for Customer Experience

How to empower new employees to understand “who” and “why”

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Reflections of a Contact Center Leader

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ uniquely through the human connection generally results in lasting customer relationships and greater satisfaction.

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Communication Styles to Build Deeper Rapport

Can you still maintain rapport with unhappy team members, other team leaders or your manager? Yes, you can—the key is how you communicate with them!

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Quality Monitoring is Suffocating: How to Breathe New Life into Your Program

We hire amazing people and then stop them from using the strengths we so value. The outcome is a demotivated employee who either leaves for a better role, or worse, stays but disengages.

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Invest in Your Human Capital

How do I calculate return on investment? By smiles, laughter, appreciation and camaraderie.

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Don’t Start with Training as the Answer

It’s important to make sure lack of will isn’t masquerading as lack of skill.

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DISC Temperaments under Stress

Understanding communication styles and needs based on personality temperament is very helpful as we navigate through stressful times.

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Working From Home — A Growing Necessity

Even though artificial intelligence has its advantages, it does not have the capacity to show compassion, encouragement or patience to a hurt world.

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Inside View: Purchasing Power

We’re always looking for ways to make the process easier for customers, to minimize any friction and deliver a positive experience.

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Strategic Communication: Techniques of Best-in-Class Voice Interactions

The key to all voice interactions is to reflect positivity and optimism by using words and phrases that build, not break.

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Upgrade Your Customer Surveys

Why devote so many resources to delivering a quality service experience only to fumble the final touchpoint?

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Why Online Scripting Is So Important to Your Call Center Success

Having your scripting online is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your sales or customer service agents.

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Inside View: Jerri Pigg-Shoemake, WPS Government Health Administrators

Our daily huddles contribute a lot toward bringing together a diverse group at different locations. You’ve got to have that daily touchpoint to keep everyone on the same page.

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Managing Different Personalities: The Platinum Rule

In order to follow the Platinum Rule, you must first understand your team’s personalities and how they prefer to be managed.

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Engage Your Agents to Turn Around an Underperforming Contact Center

Getting people to believe in an organization starts with having a vision of what the organization is going to accomplish.

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A 3-Step Guide for Integrating Coaching into the Call Center

Coaching is how you empower, and empowered employees will be the spark for companywide success and growth.

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Delivering Impactful Feedback + Coaching in the Contact Center

Practical, actionable advice for positive coaching and feedback results.

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Unlock Your Employee Engagement Potential

Invest in your people by applying a Continuous Cycle of Improvement.

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Unhappy Agents? How to Reduce Turnover

Losing employees is expensive and can cost a single contact center more than $300,000 a year to recruit and train new agents.

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5 Essential Tips for Developing a Quality Program

A well-designed and well-maintained quality program can add tremendous value, but only if it pulls in information that then drives new behaviors or processes.

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Embracing Remote Work

Companies are using enterprise social networks to communicate and collaborate regardless of where people sit.

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Survey Says…Human Factors to Consider

There is no more important factor in today’s healthcare contact center than training, and it is far too often given short shrift.

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Preparing Contact Center Operations to Respond Quickly

Flexibility in the face of condensed timelines—typically a new program launch with little notice—requires an innate “readiness” that can only be achieved when contact...

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Complacency: Danger in the Comfort Zone

When complacency dominates a culture it is insidious and has a gradual and cumulative effect. Change is resisted and innovation and creativity become unknown commodities.

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Preparing for a Growth Event

At its heart, training is about helping people cope with change by getting them comfortable with a new responsibility.

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Agents Unscripted

We’d rather give someone guidelines on how we want customers to leave the experience feeling, and then provide them with the tools and knowledge to make customers happy.

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Create a Sales Incentive Program in 3 Easy Steps

Strike a balance between rewarding sales and maintaining great customer service. Sales should always be conducted ethically, with a goal toward helping your customer get the best performance and...

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Agents Unscripted

We’d rather give someone guidelines on how we want customers to leave the experience feeling, and then provide them with the tools and knowledge to make customers happy.

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A Culture of Trust

Consider what it must be like the first time someone listens to the entire interaction you had with a customer and dissects it word for word.

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How to Engage and Empower the New Contact Center Workforce

The transformation of the contact center to the customer engagement center has partially been catered to and driven by millennials.

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First Step: Showing Up

It is not an exaggeration to say that frontline agents are the lifeblood of the contact center, so they certainly provide a great return on the investment. Unless, of course, they don’t show...

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Quality Assurance, Part 2

Sometimes, creating a change in your customer service requires a change in the vision for your entire company.

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Creating the New Agent Experience

Contact center agents who are smart enough to make decisions for customers without needing permission have to wonder, though, why they can’t make decisions for themselves.

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Are You Managing Change or Is Change Managing You?

Your communication strategy will have a great impact and should be consistent in its form and in the key messages that employees will retain from it.

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Accountability in the Center

Accountability often collides with ethics. As organizations dial up accountability, employees in danger of facing sanctions will sometimes make horrible decisions.

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Inside View: LEGO® Consumer Services

The ability to analyze and improve processes that flow across functions calls for creative problem-solving abilities, as well as a thorough knowledge of the business, products and the supply chain.

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