Wall of Fame: LogMeIn

Wall of Fame: LogMeIn

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Wall of Fame: LogMeIn

In recognition and appreciation to LogMeIn, our May 2020 Wall of Fame Sponsor.

Bill Wagner
William (Bill) Wagner
CEO, LogMeIn

Company name

William (Bill) Wagner, CEO

Describe your company
LogMeIn delivers industry-leading solutions designed to empower companies to deliver smarter, more personalized customer engagement and support.

What is your background in the industry?
We have over 17 years of experience in the contact center space. Our passion is helping to create better customer experiences.

What do you consider to be your company’s greatest achievement?
We are playing a pivotal role in surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. LogMeIn is stepping up and giving back to our employees, customers and partners by providing kits to help navigate the “new normal.” We are quickly spinning up new offerings based on the needs of our customers and the industries we serve. Knowing that our technology is helping to change and save lives will always be a great accomplishment.

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the Contact Center industry?
The greatest challenge facing the contact center industry is adapting to the digital age and change. Contact centers don’t need to sit and wait for change. They can start with identifying the problem they want to work on and seek out the resources. Many of today’s technologies fit well within smaller contact centers, and even if you start small, you can still achieve outstanding results early on.

What would Contact Center folks be surprised to learn about you or your company?
We offer a full suite of AI-powered solutions including conversational chatbots, live chat, knowledge management systems, smart routing and more that enable companies to engage smarter with their customers and employees. We don’t consider ourselves just a technology provider but a CX leader invested in helping our customers solve their biggest business and customer service challenges.

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