Wall of Fame: Janet LeBlanc

Wall of Fame: Janet LeBlanc

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Wall of Fame: Janet LeBlanc

In recognition and appreciation to Janet LeBlanc, President, Janet LeBlanc + Associates, our December 2020 Wall of Fame Author.

Janet LeBlanc
Janet LeBlanc

Area of expertise:

Customer-centric leadership, CX journey analysis, voice of customer strategies, ideal customer experience design, customer metrics linked to performance management.

What is your background in the industry?

For 20+ years, I have worked with leadership teams across multiple industries to design a shared vision of the ideal customer experience and identify the organizational changes required to achieve a truly customer-centric culture. I have also advanced and continue to update an eight-year North American benchmarking study about customer centricity.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

In 2000, I convinced the president of Canada Post to invest in a customer experience program. My leadership was recognized with six international awards and the highest honor of distinction from my alma mater. This led to me launching a successful consulting practice to help global organizations achieve customer centricity.

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the contact center industry?

The greatest challenge is educating industries that the contact center is critical to the overall quality of the customer journey. When contact centers are viewed as a cost rather than a high-value investment, this is a missed opportunity to drive customer loyalty to new performance heights.

What would contact center folks be surprised to learn about you?

I co-authored a book entitled “Straight Talk about Children in Sport” that was translated into three languages. The book was written for parents who understand that sport is important for their child’s development but need answers to guide their sport choices.

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Janet LeBlanc + Associates is a consulting firm specializing in the design and delivery of a Branded Customer Experience®.

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