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What Call Center Managers Need to Know About AI Text Analytics

What Call Center Managers Need to Know About AI Text Analytics

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What Call Center Managers Need to Know About AI Text Analytics

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Text analytics has already expedited delivery of excellent customer service in innovative ways for call centers. But what if you could analyze both sides of the conversation—customer and agent? Advanced text analytics technology has evolved to provide this capability. But before we explore these more advanced capabilities, we need to understand the power behind text analytics.

What is text analytics?

Text analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to automatically analyze 100% of the communications between agents and customers, and to gain insights into the reasons why customers are calling you. Along with these insights, this powerful feature includes the ability to filter data, making it easy to identify which topics are most prevalent in these conversations.

Where does AI & NLP fit in?

Text analytics (also referred to as text mining) is an artificial intelligence technology that uses natural language processing to transform the unstructured text in conversations into normalized, structured data. This makes it easier to reveal previously invisible data trends, while NLP helps machines “read” text by simulating the human ability to understand a natural language.

How does text analytics apply to contact centers?

In the past, text or voice analytics was used to sift through data or applications that use real-time analytics to prompt agents with scripts. Text analytics provides value to the customer experience and service operations through process improvement, faster evaluation of agent engagement and performance, and by positively impacting customer sentiment.

Additional ways text analytics benefit call centers include:

Identify the reasons why customers are contacting your call center.

Understanding the topics and reasons why customers are calling is invaluable. For example, data might indicate that ‘subscription cancellation’ requests are up 11% and these conversations are resulting in negative sentiment. Filtering these reasons by team or agent means coaching can be applied directly to improve customer retention.

Ability to create QA rules that determine the sequence and tone of agent interactions.

You can create QA rules, such as what to do when there is the detection of a long pause in the chat or dialogue, and add rules that are customizable to your business requirements. You can measure empathy levels in agent responses and determine if the sequence and tone of agent responses is appropriate and/or accurate, during the agent’s interaction with customers.

Used in combination with pre-configured QA rules, you can assign a PASS or FAIL score to elements of the customer conversation. For example, when there are regulatory or compliance requirements, this can speed up evaluations by 15-20% and improve the scoring accuracy.

Auto scoring conversations

The pass or fail QA rule can map directly into a quality scorecard question, partially or fully scoring the conversation and delivering results to the supervisor and agent. This level of automation can deliver a dramatic ROI by eliminating manual evaluations.


Entry costs have fallen over the last number of years. Now is the time to start introducing AI Text Analytics into your contact center. Integration with your CRM/Help desk and your QA platform is paramount to get the best results. While text analytics technology has become much more accessible and offers amazing opportunities to improve customer experience and QA evaluator efficiency. Like all technologies it has its sweet spot and its limitations; more complex interactions that require sophisticated responses from service agents which can pose challenges when trying to configure auto detection rules for scoring. Auto scoring solutions will need tuning to align with your specific company needs to get the best results.

Learn more about it

Text analytics software is an invaluable resource for call centers. The capabilities of this technology are evolving quickly, nearly as fast as customer expectations. These features are the extra boosts that can sharpen your call center’s ability to analyze text conversations and reach desired solutions. Ready to learn how text analytics can positively impact your call center? Contact us today for a demo.

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