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Be Proactive in Protecting Customer Data
By Susan Hash
Defend your center against cybercrime with awareness, agent training and effective data management.

Target Those Manual Processes with Automation
By Lori Bocklund
Opportunities abound for contact centers to streamline mundane tasks and painful processes.

How AI Is Reducing Handle Time and Improving the Customer Experience in 2019
By Sedarius Tekara Perrotta
Artificial intelligence is disrupting the traditional role of knowledge sharing in contact centers and reducing the burden on humans to make KM effective.

Getting Off to a Flying Start… Or Are You?
By Kathleen M. Peterson
When contact center leaders are rich in enthusiasm but poor in expertise, chaos occurs.

CX Pundits Vs. CX Practitioners: Real Life or Fantasy?
By Paul Stockford
The reality of today’s customer service is often a far cry from the ideal customer experience promoted by industry experts.

How to Make Your Contact Center Digital Transformation a Success
By Mike Aoki
Practical advice and lessons learned from a digital transformation expert.

Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy
By Eric Berg
Six questions to ask and actions to take to retain your top talent today and in the future.

Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the Contact Center
By Dick Bucci
Providing agents with greater work-life balance is a shrewd business practice that improves motivation and productivity.

3 Tips for Embracing an Agile Approach to Digital Transformation
By Jody Arebalo
Implement new technology, processes and ideas with the customer at the core.

3 Trends and Challenges for the CX Industry in 2019
By Mike Small
Fast-paced with high expectations from clients is the new normal.

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