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June 2019

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Deliver a More Personalized Experience

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Table of Contents, June 2019

Deliver a More Personalized Experience
By Susan Hash
Customers are tired of being treated like numbers. Leveraging customer data to drive decision-making starts with planning and goals.

Time to Try Omnichannel… Again
By Lori Bocklund
Don’t settle for channel gaps. Start pursuing (or re-pursuing) omnichannel the right way.

A Memo About Your Demo
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Tips for the vendor community on how to improve the value of demos to contact center prospects.

Does Your Credit Union Need a Merger to Deliver Omnichannel Service?
By Stephen Pappas
Omnichannel customer service is a business opportunity for financial institutions of all sizes.

Cognitive Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence and Music Nerds
By Paul Stockford
Cisco’s Cognitive Collaboration leverages AI to provide context and intelligence to the customer and agent experience.

Aryka Berry, Origami Owl
By Susan Hash
A leader who embodies the mission and core values of the brand.

A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s Jim Rembach
By Linda Harden & Jim Rembach
A long-time industry expert is leading a new way for contact center professionals to virtually learn and participate in an industry conference.

Hiring for Retention: Using AI to Predict Which Job Candidates Will Be Successful
By Scott Bakken
Behavioral Predictive Voice Analytics is proving to be an effective tool for hiring and retaining top talent and enhancing customer experience.

Managing Different Personalities: The Platinum Rule
By Eric Berg
Personality assessments offer key insights on how to manage your team the way they want to be managed.

Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents
By Jeff Gallino
Retain your top talent by providing meaningful feedback, recognition and proper tools for the job.

Making AI Work in the Contact Center
By Chris Bauserman
When deployed to address targeted opportunities, AI adds significant value to CX outcomes and operational performance.

Engage Your Agents to Turn Around an Underperforming Contact Center
By Vicki Brackett
A 5-step approach to get your front line committed and involved in process change.

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