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Contact Center Pipeline Magazine, October 2018
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QA in an Omnichannel World
By Susan Hash
Deliver consistent, high-quality service across customer contact channels.

Tech Line
Contact Center Costs and the Role of Technology
By Lori Bocklund
Understanding your costs and cost structure sets the stage for analyzing savings and other benefits.

Healthcare Corner
Trends in Healthcare… Some May Surprise You
By Kathleen M. Peterson
Industry growth and evolving customer and patient expectations are creating opportunities for growth.

Sponsor Spotlight
How to Elevate Your Customer and Agent Experience
By Monet Software
Are the tools you’re using in the contact center making the lives of your customers and agents easier and better?

Sponsor Spotlight
You Can’t Afford Not to Pursue Knowledge Management
By Lori Bocklund, Sponsored by Shelf
New technology solves an old problem.

The View From the Saddle
Like It or Not, Get Used to the Gig
By Paul Stockford
Research shows that the gig economy is here to stay. Having gig workers in the contact center is only a matter of time.

Inside View
UPMC Health Plan
By Susan Hash
The key to a world-class contact center: Foster an environment in which people feel cared about and invested in.

Performance Matters
Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer Service Team
By Eric Berg
Communication, engagement and coaching are our strongest weapons in the fight for happy employees.

Strategic Staffing
Four Best Practices for Onboarding New Contact Center Employees
By John Loughlin
Setting expectations early can set new-hires up for long-term success.

Management ROI
Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center
By Mike Dershowitz
How does your agents’ pay relate to the local economy in which they live?

Employee Engagement
Recognizing and Appreciating Others
By Dan Hale
Make gratitude and appreciation part of your culture.

Healthy Workforce
Making a Case for Mindfulness
By Dianne Durkin
Simple techniques for being present and aware during hectic times.


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