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I received my call center certification from ICMI and my workforce management certification from The Call Center School. I was a Finalist for SWPP’s 2005 Workforce Planning Professional of the Year. Before starting Human Numbers, I worked at GE, Apple, HP, and ICMI. My hobbies include playing piano and participating in forecasting competitions.

What is one thing other people don’t know about you?
I built a system that translated and converted screen-text from workforce management applications into audio for blind call center employees. This enabled them to independently use agent scheduling tools for their own teams.

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Articles by Janet LeBlanc

Onboarding for Customer Experience

How to empower new employees to understand “who” and “why”

People Performance Management

What Is Your Customer-Centric DNA?

Truly customer-centric organizations are driven by strong leaders who desire positive change. They have a clear vision for a better future, even if there are potential unknowns along the way.


Collaboration: Distinguishing the Buzz from the Buzzword

True collaboration requires a high degree of trust and a willingness to let go of one’s own power and ‘turf.’

Strategy Culture

Results-Focused Leadership—the Catalyst for CX Transformation

A results-focused CX leader knows the way forward should be mapped out in advance. Goals and roles should be clear. The performance framework should be systematic and measurable.

Strategy Customer Experience

Who Owns the Customer Experience?

The cross-functional nature of CX means that projects often rely on more than one group or department to be successful.

Strategy Customer Experience

What Is Your Customer-Centric DNA?

There has been a fundamental shift in the number of organizations that have embraced customer experience management as a core operating model.

Strategy Customer Experience

The Five Pillars of Customer Centricity

Customer-centric leaders know the customer experience brings a brand vision to life. They work hard to unite the organization to a shared vision of the ideal experience. They also ensure everyone understands their role in delivering the ideal experience.


A Branded Customer Experience®: Transforming Promises into Action

Experience design is the process by which brand cues are crafted as part of the ideal customer experience.

Strategy Customer Experience Strategic management

Don’t Settle for Engaged Employees—Empower Them

Give your staff greater purpose, motivation and support to deliver the best possible customer experience.

People People management