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Chatbots in the Contact Center

Brands that have successfully implemented chatbots have taken a hybrid approach, with AI helping to make human interactions more effective and more impactful.

Technology Assisted Service

Win the Fight for a Better Desktop

Build awareness of the risks and impacts of a bad desktop and show your business and IT leaders that you have a problem.


Beware Healthcare… Your Access Center May Be at Risk!

Why is it so difficult to provide proper governance that will break the chain that links funding for staff and training to 20th century private practice models?

Strategy Planning

Seamless Self-Service Starts in the Contact Center

Modern consumers want to self-service if they can do so in an efficient and effective manner.

Technology Self-Service White Papers

Unymira Q&A

Providing a broad range of technology options allows us to fulfill our clients’ knowledge management needs across maturity levels.

Operations Workforce Management Technology White Papers