WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers

WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers

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WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers

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Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is an exciting, disruptive technology that promises to make customer interaction with your contact center agents much easier and more satisfying than anything that’s come before it. WebRTC enables web browsers to communicate in real-time using simple JavaScript API, delivering plug-in free video, audio and data communication with platform and device independence. Now, with just the click of a button, customers can instantly be connected with a knowledgeable, well-informed agent equipped to handle the situation at hand.

It is estimated that WebRTC will be available to nearly 6 billion people worldwide by the end of 2016. Because WebRTC capability is already embedded in Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers, it’s a technology ripe for broad and rapid adoption.

Whether you choose to deploy WebRTC interactions to minimize customer effort or to bypass costly toll-free calls, the only way to be certain that your WebRTC-enabled contact center infrastructure lives up to your customers’ service expectations is to load test your system prior to cutover, and then monitor availability and performance around the clock once in production.

But How?

WebRTC testing from IQ Services, the leader in managed contact center testing services since 1996.

As part of a StressTest™ load and performance test, IQ Services can create tens, hundreds or even thousands of concurrent transactions to access your system and exercise your WebRTC technology in a carefully controlled fashion, so you can calibrate and adjust your technology as appropriate. You receive detailed information about every interaction initiated by the StressTest service so you can confirm that the customer experience delivered under load is the experience you intend.

As part of an ongoing HeartBeat™ availability and performance monitoring engagement, IQ Services initiates unique WebRTC interactions 24x7. You select whatever time intervals you deem appropriate to confirm your customer-facing systems really are available and performing the way you intend. If any interaction cannot be initiated and completed, your team is immediately notified and detailed data collected during the attempted WebRTC interaction is provided to you to assist in the fault analysis and root-cause identification processes.

WebRTC Service Features

  • End-to-end performance test in the production environment
  • Step-by-step response times, results and recordings
  • Real-time issue identification and performance feedback
  • Flexible scheduling and implementation processes
  • Control the test process and schedule to meet your timeline
  • Definitive acceptance event  

WebRTC Service Benefits

  • Confidence the solution performs as expected
  • Observe customer experience without risking real customer satisfaction
  • Actionable data to support preproduction tuning, problem resolution and cutover
  • Reduced issue resolution time and cost
  • Proactively manage cost and risk up front
  • Confidence your system is ready for production
  • Achieve your ROI and customer satisfaction objectives

IQ Services combines its WebRTC transaction generation capability with robust analysis, notification and reporting engines to give you complete confidence that your WebRTC technologies can handle the voice, data and video capabilities you’ve chosen to extend to your customers through their computers and portable devices.

You owe it to your customers, to your brand and to yourself. Be sure your implementation has the horsepower to keep up with the expected load before you launch, and that your solution keeps up with demand once it’s put into service.

Go live with confidence. Go home with confidence.

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