Workforce Optimization

Disruptive Disruptors Disrupting

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to solve today’s customer and employee experience challenges.

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Routing Right

Contact centers need to focus their technologies on satisfying customers and deliver memorable CXs.

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Critical Tools to Make Outbound Succeed

Outbound customer contact is a vital component of enabling outstanding customer experiences.

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Optimizing Agent Performance

How AI-driven behavioral analytics can improve the experience of agents in the new normal.

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Working on Workforce Issues

Leading industry suppliers discuss post-COVID-19 pandemic contact center trends and how they are driving workforce solutions.

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From WFO to WEM

WEM tools serve to motivate, enable and empower contact center workers.

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Creating a Sustainable Work-from-Home Contact Center

The hard part is done—the decision to transition to work from home as a staffing strategy to a work strategy—and we know it works!

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Games People Play

Gamification is a powerful tool in motivating workforces and breathing life into the disconnected, remote atmosphere created by WFH models.

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The Gig Economy Effect: Addressing New Expectations and Requirements for Contact Centers

This new uber-heterogenous mix of full-time, part-time, contract and virtual agents has made the sheer act of scheduling center resources exponentially more difficult and complex.

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Boost ROI by Enhancing Agent Performance

With the right knowledge and tools, companies can provide great mentoring for all their CSRs even if large numbers of people need to be mentored simultaneously.

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Coaching Automated: Improving Agent Engagement Pays Off

Coaching—on top of training—is that essential element needed for agents to want to go the extra mile and provide great service.

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Workforce Automation: The Strategic Savings Solution

Workforce automation gives leaders a unique opportunity to turn their daily center challenges into significant savings.

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How AI Can Make the Holidays Bright

Automated scheduling solutions can intelligently pinpoint exactly when and where additional staff is needed.

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Workforce Management Evolution

WFM is an operating culture and philosophy, not just software.

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Virtual Assistants Can Be Your Agents’ Best Friends

Non-real-time tasks are good “test beds” that advance learning while shielding customers and agents from bumps.

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Executive Interview with Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem

Thirty seconds on hold is much different to a customer who is waiting than to an agent who is seeking assistance.

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Four Ways to Attract and Retain Millennial Agents

Because of today’s healthy economy, millennial job-seekers can be selective. They will seek out organizations that best meet their vision as ideal employers.

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Target Those Manual Processes with Automation

Way too many centers still have way too many manual process steps, negatively impacting the customer experience and the cost of doing business.

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How to Excel with Performance Management Tools and Processes

Too often, the dominant ‘tool’ is Excel, and that is not cutting it for quality monitoring feedback, performance scorecards, weekly reports or anything else the typical center needs to manage...

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How to Elevate Your Customer and Agent Experience

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with a single channel to reach your contact center.

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The Case for Technology in an Understaffed World

No technology is a silver bullet, but many tools can make a dent in the key things that contribute to understaffing.

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Employee Engagement and the Quality Management Renaissance

What we believe is driving this renewed interest, or renaissance, if you will, in QM is an industry focus on employee engagement that is driving the majority of operational changes in the contact...

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Scheduling Resources Through Communication and Collaboration

The new generation of workers have grown up using cell phones from an early age. So why not communicate with agents how they prefer?

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Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

Customer service is the anchor point of the current contact center landscape—the contact center unites every department, every role and every vision for success.

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Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop

Speech analytics isn’t “just” software. It’s an innovative methodology that can alter the way we think about solving problems.

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The State of the WFO Market

A core driver of all contact center solutions, is growth in the agent population. For the past five years, we have seen consistent growth in agent employment.

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SIP In The Contact Center

While SIP isn’t the only way to deliver functionality centers seek, it is a good way, and sometimes the “best” way.

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Coming Soon to a Contact Center Near You!

In just a couple years’ time—by 2020—messaging will be used more than voice and chat combined.

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Are You Thankful for Your Customer Feedback Tool?

Insights from customer surveys must be connected with other data that you are capturing to understand whether or not you are moving the needle on customer experience.

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The ABCs of Robotic Process Automation

Robots can make the work that employees do easier, providing guidance in a “show me” mode to help them learn how to do certain transactions without leaving the phone or desktop for training.

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Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

Creating a dynamic culture that encourages employee engagement means addressing what’s important to contact center employees.

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Automation Generation

The contact center innovations of the past 40 years have succeeded in improving agent productivity and delivering a more satisfactory service to end users, but their record for substituting...

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Workforce Optimization Survey: Time for the Next Level

It’s time to take these tools, and the related processes and roles, to the next level; the market has us poised to do just that.

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5 Ways Verint Mid-Market Solutions Can Help Your Business

What if the cost of workforce optimization software exceeds your budget, or you don’t need the robust feature set of an enterprise solution?

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A Q&A with Teleopti’s David Påhlman

Our attention to customer care and guidance throughout the first year or two of our partnership is what makes the difference for our customers.

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Are You Listening? Yes I am. Great, Now Act on What You Heard from Me!

Besides measuring standard contact center metrics, a majority of the organizations represented in the roundtable discussions are determining the appropriate customer experience (CX) metrics

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Digital Feedback Management: The Next Chapter for Customer Experience

When used in conjunction with other feedback channels, digital feedback can provide unique insights into the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ that traditional surveys offer.

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A Predilection for Predictive Predictions

Predictive analytics isn’t yet a mass-market solution, but it’s only a matter of time before the mass market realizes the power of predictive analytics and that changes.

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Moving Beyond Phone Calls: WFM in an Omnichannel World

Omnichannel is not about everyone taking every media; it’s about managing all media effectively and creating a ‘seamless, integrated’ customer experience as they use their...

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Use Technology to Optimize Staff

There are many choices of where to focus investments, time and resources in pursing optimization. The first step is to change how you use what you have to get some quick gains.

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The Current and Future State of the WFM Systems Market

As economic power continues to flow from seller to buyer, it becomes increasingly important to strategically leverage the consumer information that resides in the contact center.

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Inside View: Tufts Medical Center

When agents can self-identify errors and opportunities for improvement, the coaching session is viewed in a positive manner and not taken as criticism.

Technology Workforce Optimization

It’s Time to Optimize Those Ugly Agent Desktops!

You have to define the functionality you seek as well as the integration requirements to look for the right solution type and associated vendors.

Technology Workforce Optimization

It’s Not Quality Management

What a list of ‘call requirements’ actually represents is the way QM professionals want the interaction to be experienced. It is, in reality, branding the interaction in a rudimentary...

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Why Customer Analytics Are Key to Unlocking Customer Experience

To deliver a great customer experience, your contact center has to be aware of interaction trends in a timely manner.

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Tips on Selecting and Deploying Speech Analytics

A speech tool is not a plug-and-play technology. Your organization must be prepared to dedicate the proper resources that will ensure its success.

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How Engage WFO Is Providing Advantages That Benefit Tufts Medical Center Patients

Our customer service quality staff selectively plays example call recordings back to operators to help them learn how to improve call handling.

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9 Keys to Picking the Best Training Solution

Daily microlearning reinforces previous training, builds up knowledge over time, and keeps critical information top of mind, where agents can access it as needed.

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The Agent Attrition Mission

Pinpointing agent knowledge gaps and problematic behavior paves the way for coaching opportunities to improve performance, productivity and call-handling strategies.

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Workforce Optimization in the Cloud: Types, Advantages, Adoption

Currently, business agility is the number one driver of cloud adoption. The financial flexibility, real-time service access and volume flexibility mean rapid response to changing needs and market...

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Accelerant for Growth: Analyzing the Complete Voice of the Customer

By predefining and using search capabilities to scour speech and text data, the contact center can enable more thorough call compliance to mitigate risk, identify mentions of legal action, and...

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How Workforce Intelligence Creates a Better Customer Experience

Workforce Intelligence gives managers information about how employees are doing so they can better understand their agents and the contact center as a whole.

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Why WFO Makes Sense for SMB Contact Centers

Considering the smaller size of support staff, WFO software can potentially have a greater impact on the Small-Medium Business than it does on their larger counterpart.

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Quality Management—Then, Now and in the Future

While traditional KPIs remain essential barometers of performance, an increasing number of contact centers are also directly measuring the pulse of the customer.

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Skinny Dipping: Diving into Analytics with Only the Bare Necessities

Skinny data can help you cross the finish line while big data is still generating a multitude of reports that are just as likely to confuse as impress.

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The Road to Analytics for Customer Engagement

In today’s digital landscape, companies must provide a personalized experience that creates an authentic, immediate connection with the customer—that’s what customer engagement...

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What’s Next in Speech-to-Text

Innovative technology is a game-changer for speech analytics solutions.

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State of the Industry: Tools in the WFO Suite

An overview of today’s WFO suites, happenings in the market, and the expectations of users and buyers.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Speech Rec… or Speech Wreck?

“Press or say” vs. natural language—which is right for your contact center?

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Digital Disruption Transforming Customer and Employee Interaction

Every organization needs to take a hard look at being more mobile, social, connected and automated across the enterprise.

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Masterminding the Intelligent Omnichannel Contact Center

Cloud contact centers can harmonize customer data under a single hood, while workforce analytics can help connect customers with the right agents.

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Consistent Customer Experiences Start with a Consistent Quality Management Program

In a poll conducted at Call Center Week 2014, 67% of respondents cited “creating a consistent customer experience” as their top business priority (“15th Annual Call Center Week Post Show Executive...

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