Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make


Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

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Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

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What do NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch, Martin Truex, Jr., and Jimmie Johnson have in common? Each driver qualified for the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. They’ve each seen their share of the winner’s circle. But most importantly, they rely on a strong pit crew to cross the finish line. Your contact center might not move at the speed of a NASCAR race, but your day-to-day tasks simply can’t move forward without your team supporting your operations.

As customer experience has grown more sophisticated, so have the demands on your agents. We know communication is a critical component of your team’s success—when team members can access the right resources to help a client quickly, they’re able to deliver faster, more accurate service that benefits both the customer and the company as a whole.

Every person in your organization—from agents to customer service representatives to managers—is a valuable resource you rely on for success.

Working Toward a Shared Vision

Just like pit crew members want to see their driver win the race, your employees want your organization to be successful. Your agents don’t want to experience upset clients. Customer service managers take it personally when accounts close. Marketing departments feel remorse when campaigns don’t attract enough new business. In short, each person on your team is invested in the team’s success. But the team can only win when it works like a pit crew—fast, focused and in complete harmony.

Knowledge Is Power for Teams

Customer service is the anchor point of the current contact center landscape—the contact center unites every department, every role and every vision for success. When each team member is well informed of procedures, goals, metrics and other crucial information, your organization changes from individual employees to a unified, enlightened team that’s positioned to help you and your clients achieve goals. They answer questions faster, organize data correctly, and ensure their actions represent the brand you’ve worked hard to create. Your brand! Your team can cross the finish line together, but first they must know how.

Take Teamwork for a Test Drive

Teamwork isn’t always an easy feat to achieve. It takes careful planning, dedication and putting the right tools into place. If you’re ready to shift your team’s efforts into high gear with Panviva’s cloud-based knowledge management solution, visit panviva.com/portfolio-item/panviva-test-drive/ to take your free interactive test drive and start on a new path to your next big win.

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