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What is Contact Center Pipeline?

Contact Center Pipeline publishes a monthly magazine, website, and blog focused solely on the contact center industry. Since 2009, we have dedicated our work to improving the customer experience through educational resources for contact center professionals.

Our mission is help our readers succeed by providing resources to develop solutions to new and ongoing challenges, leverage their strengths to drive change, and contribute to the overall success of their organization through world-class customer management strategies.

How do I get in touch with Contact Center Pipeline?

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How do I subscribe to Contact Center Pipeline?

We have several subscription levels available: view options here.

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How do I get help with my Contact Center Pipeline subscription?

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How do you choose which subjects to cover?

Each issue reports on key trends affecting the industry, best practices and successful solutions to the current challenges and pain points associated with running a contact center. Our editorial lineup includes columns exploring the essential contact center management areas, such as strategy, technology, workforce management, training, performance, management ROI, leadership and more.

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Do companies pay you to review their products or mention them in articles?

Our editorial articles are intended to provide unbiased and vendor-neutral information about contact center practices, technology and tools. On occasion, an author will mention a product by name for reference purposes, but these are not paid placements. In some cases, we do offer advertisers several opportunities for sponsored articles and blog posts. These articles are clearly labeled as sponsored content.

Contact Center Pipeline does not accept any paid mentions or support any specific services or products.

Contact Center Pipeline produces a variety of content with funding from outside parties. These sources of revenue allow us to explore topics that we hope are of interest to our readers. The presentation of the content makes clear how the content has been commissioned and produced, and who has funded it. These articles are clearly identified as Sponsor Spotlight, Sponsored Content, or Advertisement.

Advertiser supported features are paid for and produced by the advertiser and not Contact Center Pipeline. We may review the content for factual accuracy and/or formatting, but Contact Center Pipeline is not responsible for the content of sponsored articles.

How can I sign up for member-only emails?

New members will automatically be signed up to receive every member email. You can adjust your settings by clicking “Manage Preferences” at the bottom of any email coming from “Contact Center Pipeline.” You may also email us directly with your request here.

How can I choose what email I receive?

If you are a subscriber, your subscription includes a digital edition of the magazine. We email a notification of each new issue, monthly, to subscribers. We also send offers from our advertising partners, and articles that we think you might find interesting. You may choose to unsubscribe from all email, or unsubscribe from partner email, content, or notifications separately by clicking “Manage Preferences” at the bottom of any email we send. Paid subscribers may not unsubscribe from email related to the operation of your subscription/account.

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We offer various customized programs for advertisers to increase brand awareness and meet specific objectives. We welcome the opportunity to design a custom marketing program that meets your needs — within your time frame, resources and budget.

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