Go Beyond Net Promoter Score to Measure Customer Experience Effectively

Too often, businesses begin and end their strategies from their own perspective.

Operations Service Delivery Reporting

Plan and Measure = Pleasure

The ability to properly plan, and measure the performance of the plan, improves your contact center’s visibility as a valued asset.

Operations Reporting Strategy Planning

Taking a Deep Dive into FCR

Measuring FCR is not always black and white. Add an FCR scoring matrix to cover those calls that fall into the gray area.

Operations Service Delivery Reporting

Contact Center Costs and the Role of Technology

The question becomes, what is the weight of contact center technology costs compared to the other contact center-specific costs?

Operations Reporting Strategy

Contact Centers: The Secret to Business Intelligence

Contact center data is not actionable in its raw form. It takes the right data aggregation, analytics and reporting tools to turn it into meaningful business intelligence.

Operations Reporting White Papers

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