Workforce Management

Back to School…

Time to Review the Role of Service Level.

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Managing the New Normal Workforces

Automation, new channels, WFH, and the Great Resignation are shaping workforce management.

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The Fine Art of Contact Center Management

Understanding, and responding to, the center’s driving forces. (Part 1 of 2)

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Working on Workforce Issues

Leading industry suppliers discuss post-COVID-19 pandemic contact center trends and how they are driving workforce solutions.

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Lifting Innovation With Cloud WFM

In the post-COVID-19 contact center, cloud is a given, as is the need for holistic WFM.

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Old and In the Way

Before writing off retired or retiring boomers as being old and in the way, consider the benefits of hiring members of this hard-working generation, even if they only work part time from home.

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Future-IZE your KPIs… and Your Frontline Experience!

Emphasis on production metrics is reflective of an old-school model that does not apply to today’s complex contact centers.

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Chatbots, AI and the Contact Center Worker: Finding the Right Machine and Human Balance

The ability to resolve issues competently and quickly is a core skill set of the contact center worker.

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The Times They Are a-Changin’

The contact center is finally a place for investment rather than budget cuts.

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Moving Contact Center Agents Home for the Long-Term

Now is the time to review all technology and ensure that your agents have virtual access to everything they need to be successful.

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Seven Ways the Pandemic Affected My WFM Role

These new shifting patterns made us more aggressive with our forecasting approach.

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Revisiting Schedule Adherence

Adherence is too important to be ignored, but our traditional approach to measuring and managing it does not fit the reality of today.

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Unymira Q&A

Providing a broad range of technology options allows us to fulfill our clients’ knowledge management needs across maturity levels.

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The Value in Accuracy: How to Create the Right Forecast to Drive Customer Experience Success

The influx of data and analytics isn’t necessarily changing contact center metrics; rather these new insights are adding deeper context to the numbers.

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Scheduling Tips to Empower & Engage

Benefits like flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home play a major role in an employee’s decision to take a job or quit one.

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Agent Performance Metrics

When considering their KPIs as a whole, contact centers seemed less than confident that their choice of metrics aligned well with the organization’s strategic objectives.

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