Improving the Agent Experience

As with the customer experience, EX isn’t something that just happens; it must be intentionally designed.

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Leading a Service Culture

Redefining how the leadership team’s performance is evaluated is a critical first step in an organization’s efforts to walk the talk.

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America's Top 200 CEOs Want You to Fight for Your Agents

There are many work environment, scheduling or workflow changes that can be executed simply with the investment of a little bit of time!

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Innovation: What’s the Right Amount for your Contact Center?

Culture is important to innovation because it indicates how the organization handles risk, diversity of thought, and the inclusion of new ideas.

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Moral Leadership in the Contact Center

As managers, your job is to elicit the ‘right’ behavior at scale, repeatedly.

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High Absenteeism? Consider Your Agents’ “Breaking Point”

The majority of our agents are living within a socioeconomic band and living situation where they constantly have less resources with which to address crisis or problems that crop up in their lives.

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Getting Off to a Flying Start… Or Are You?

When those without a real understanding of what it takes to run a contact center make leadership selections, they may be basing decisions on the wrong criteria.

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Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

It takes courage to bring forth difficult news. It takes mindfulness to not react immediately. No one can tantrum themselves to a solution!

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Remembering Greg Sherry

Greg's legacy at Verint will be one of leaning in, investing in others, lending a happy helping hand, keeping the customer at the heart of the business, and bringing out the best in one another.

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Association Spotlight: NECCF, Northeast Contact Center Forum

Most successful companies have a knack for getting employees absolutely obsessed with customer service. Their secret is a customer-focused culture.

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Leadership Lessons from a Last Lecture Leading Thoughts

When people have the right support and environment to thrive and succeed, it is amazing how incredibly successful they may become.

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Haste But Not Waste: Fast Implementation with Success

Part of achieving success is avoiding problems that could compromise it.

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Evaluating, Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Contact Center Culture

Strong cultures exist when the organization’s core values are understood and accepted throughout the ranks.

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Creating a Coaching Culture

When a coaching culture is in place, people understand that it’s their job to step into the kinds of conversations that they’re currently avoiding and address the issues so they can move things...

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What Parenting and Leadership Have in Common

What I have learned is that parenting and leadership are more alike than different, and that you never stop learning how to be more effective at both.

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