How to Make Your Contact Center Digital Transformation a Success

The key is approaching things in the right way, which includes a heavy dose of communication delivered with a dash of gusto.

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3 Tips for Embracing an Agile Approach to Digital Transformation

To meet evolving consumer expectations and become more customer-centric, businesses must create a cultural change through extensive communication, consultation and training.

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Beware Healthcare… Your Access Center May Be at Risk!

Why is it so difficult to provide proper governance that will break the chain that links funding for staff and training to 20th century private practice models?

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Are You Ready, Willing and Able for Digital Access?

Leaders must know where processes and tools are strong, where they are weak, and most importantly, how these strengths and weaknesses impact frequency, complexity and digital readiness.

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Analyticus Ubiquitous

Analytics is at the core of everything a business needs to do to succeed in the customer experience economy today.

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Are You Sure Your Contact Center Is on Solid Ground?

Once a flaw in the foundation has been identified, it must be fixed. It must not be complained about as if there is simply nothing to be done to correct the situation.

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Change the Channel to Omnichannel

Generational norms and expectations will drive widespread adoption of omnichannel in the contact center whether the contact center likes it or not.

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Plan and Measure = Pleasure

The ability to properly plan, and measure the performance of the plan, improves your contact center’s visibility as a valued asset.

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Clear Path to Healthcare Access… Four Pillars of Readiness

How to assess your people, process, technology and call center management readiness for optimum success.

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The Death of the RFP?

Fairness and communication are the underpinnings of success. Many of the stereotypes and fears about the selling and buying process come from the lack of these two things.

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Good, Fast and Cheap! Can You Really Have It All?

You need to dive into the true cost because it may not be as simple (and low) as it seems.

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Healthcare Contact Centers’ No. 1 Success Factor… Proper Governance

Governance becomes very significant as many contact centers begin to emerge across the healthcare system and leaders see that “no one is in charge” of them.

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Now What? The impact of Chaos on Contact Center Operations

Confusion is a constant companion when it comes to CHAOS and confusion often leads to conflict.

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Creating a Contingency Plan

Responding to an emergency with a solid contingency plan in place will ensure that the right number of sandbags are in the right place to hold back the rising water.

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5 Hot Trends Impacting Contact Centers

Connected consumer applications means managing devices and services across multiple vendors, with customers uncertain where to turn when problems arise.

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