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QA in an Omnichannel World

Don't be afraid to get rid of channels if they aren't performing and your customers aren't embracing them.

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Creating Value Through Expanded Business Solutions

Demonstrate your contact center’s value beyond the traditional scope of customer service and phone calls.

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Are You Protected? Why Every Contact Center Needs Social Engineering Training

The more companies want to please customers, the more that can be exploited by con artists, hackers and other cybercriminals through social engineering.

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What Would Miss Manners Say?

Surprisingly, how to address a customer during an interaction is not part of agent training in the majority of contact centers.

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Talk Is Cheap… Or Is It?

Despite the never-ending seduction of new and emerging automation technologies to drive cost savings, customer care professionals must keep in mind the value of human contact.

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IoT Has Arrived, But Has Your Customer Service Offering?

Connected devices are just that—connected—and the number of linked brands, services and products makes delivering support all the more challenging.

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Strategies to Improve Quality of Service

Metrics can be misleading; first-call resolution means different things to different contact centers, and for a consumer, being transferred to a different department hardly feels like an issue has...

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The African Contact Center Market: Embracing the Cloud of Hope

One thing we have in Africa now is bandwidth, and lots of it. The cloud will be the enabler of the contact center in Africa.

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