Operation Social Media… 2020

Social media critics are not going away… ever! Organizations must determine the best way to operationalize and integrate this reality into day-to-day activity.

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Lost in the Labyrinth: C-Level to Cube-Level…Making the Link

Too often at the company’s core, we find executive leaders in denial. They just don’t want to know that their enterprise can’t get the customer experience right.

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Lost in the Labyrinth: If Information is Currency, Contact Centers Are Revenue Engines

If information is present, but difficult to get at, the customer relationship, the experience and the company brand will not be advanced.

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Differentiator Series, Part 5: Selling and Promoting the Contact Center

Some organizational leaders are fully bought into the long-term benefits of satisfied customers, but others need proof.

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Food for Thought… Promote Your Contact Center’s Visibility

It is absolutely critical to be able to articulate your performance, your contribution, and your needs in ways that resonate with business drivers.

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