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Dick has over 30 years of management experience and is one of the most widely published analysts in the contact center industry.  He is a regular contributor to Contact Center Pipeline, Call Center Times, and Expert Advice.  He is also a member of the panel of industry analysts chosen by CRM and Speech Technology magazines to select winners of their annual service awards.  As founder and sole employee of Pelorus Associates, Dick has provided market research and consulting services to 35 worldwide clients.  He has an undergraduate degree from Kent State University and MBA from Case Western Reserve University.  As a resident of a lake community near Charlottesville Virginia, Dick enjoys boating and fishing.  He is also a rabid fan of the University of Virginia Cavaliers and Cleveland Browns. www.pelorusreports.com 

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What is one thing other people don’t know about you?

I worked my way through college as a merchant mariner. At age 19, I became the youngest junior engineer in the Great Lakes fleet.  Here is a photo of the famous Edmund Fitzgerald.  You probably remember some of the lyrics from Gordon Lightfoot's famous song, “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.”  This was a typical ore boat of the time.  Freight is loaded into the holds in the middle of the boat.  The most common freight is iron ore, typically mined in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  From these northern ports, ore freighters, like the Edmund Fitzgerald, carried the iron ore to large cities located on the Great Lakes, typically Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, and Buffalo.  There  the cargo holds were unloaded using giant mechanical buckets.  These ports were chosen because of their proximity to steel mills, which processed the crude ore into steel and consequently, into vehicles and other products.  Much of the domestic steel industry has now shifted to other countries so demand for ore freighters is much lower than when I sailed these ships.

I worked in the engine room which is located deep in the stern of the boat.  My job was to keep a constant check on the motors and pumps.  When in port I had the very responsible job of helping maintain the ship on an even keel by operating giant ballast pumps.

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