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Things I Wish Someone Would Invent

I’ve been around the telecommunications industry for a very long time, and I’ve seen many successful products and software solutions that were once thought impossible.

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A Checklist for Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Given that a contact center is often the first touchpoint for many customers, it’s crucial that any new technology runs smoothly in a test environment before being deployed for customers in...

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Analytics Coming of Age

Despite all the talk about the value of analytics, most companies still struggle to understand the practical ways they can benefit from it and how to implement it.

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Use Agent Voice DNA to Improve Contact Center Hiring Results

We couldn’t help but notice how the voice qualities of the agent seemed to have a strong influence on each call’s outcome.

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Everybody Has Data, But What Are You Doing With It?

Data has always been important, but the needs and opportunities are growing.

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Eight Days a Week: The Always-On Contact Center

Sixty percent of consumers globally expect to be able to engage with an organization at any time and on any channel.

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KISS Method: “Keep It Simple with Speech”

The fact that you can now buy inexpensive, powerful, yet ‘easier-to-operate’ speech tools with impressive NLP platforms is changing the landscape.

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Three Ways to Boost ROI from Tech Investment

Automating a significant portion of basic call center activity creates an opportunity to fundamentally redefine the role of human agents, as well significantly increase the value they deliver to a...

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Making Employee Experience a Priority in a Customer-Centric World

Why don’t companies offer the same respect and dedicated effort they apply to resolve their customers’ poor experience to fix their employees’ poor experience?

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Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

More than discovering what customers are talking about, sentiment analysis lets users know how the customer feels.

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Automation, AI and Analytics: Big Data Gets Bigger

Big Data relies on analytics to create value from data of all sorts, and analytics’ superpower is to detect patterns.

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Speech Analytics in 2019 and Beyond: With Change Comes Opportunity

If you don’t know the specifics behind the metrics and conversations going on within your company, it’s hard to make a quality plan to move your goal forward in the most effective way...

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Does AI Make Agents Happier?

Enabling AI to perform tasks that previously required human focus and effort will free up your employees to perform more valuable work.

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How to Put Your Machine Data to Work

To derive meaningful insights and drive relevant actions from this data, it must be organized, structured and made accessible—all on a single platform.

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Contact Center 2019: There’s an App for That

We are also seeing clear indications that contact center buyers are starting to think along the lines of choosing the app/solution they want regardless of whether or not it is native to their...

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Building Customer Trust: 3 Tips That Will Make a Big Difference

Understanding as much about a complaint as early as possible can really help to ensure an appropriate response.

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Welcome to 2018! A Groundswell Is Rising. Are You Ready?

The era of clunky call recording, bad coaching and crappy scheduling is over.

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I Can See Clearly Now—Clearing the Contact Center Clouds

True cloud contact centers are built as cloud native platforms, not premises equipment that’s been moved to the cloud and offered at a monthly charge.

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Don’t Equate Silence with Satisfaction

Even if not all companies can compete with big-budget blue-chip giants, there’s no excuse not to create good customer experiences.

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Congratulations! You Just Bought Speech Analytics! Now What?

Purchasing a speech tool is like hiring someone to remodel your house only to discover that he can also repair your dented fender, prepare your taxes and whip up gourmet dinners for your family.

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Moving Your Business Forward By Moving to the Cloud

With the cloud, your contact center has the freedom to receive regular upgrades and integrate solutions for all users—all in one place without the hassle of ripping and replacing existing...

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I, Chatbot

As with all innovation since the industrial revolution, machines are freeing us from tedious tasks, such as answering account balance questions a hundred times a day.

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The Quickly Maturing Cloud Market

Cloud providers are tearing down the traditional models for development, testing and deployment, creating and implementing new versions and releases quickly.

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Key Considerations When Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

When people hand over their sensitive payment information, they expect it to be handled in a secure and professional manner.

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The Phone System App

If the rush to the cloud continues, the attention paid to premise-based systems by vendors will decrease proportionately. It may get to a point where what is ‘right’ or...

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