Making Virtual Training Engaging

How to ensure this essential training technique is interactive and effective.

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Call Center Training in the New Era

Onboarding and managing agents in the new normal may mean changing training methods.

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Avoiding Agent Underhiring and Undertraining

How job misspecifications undermine worker wellbeing and contact center performance.

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Steering around the Staffing Rapids

New legislation targets implicit biases, potential harmful technology.

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How to Manage Multiple Evolving Channels

Effective technology application, agent recruitment and training are critical to help customers conduct complex interactions.

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Easy to Get is Hard to Get Rid Of…Ode to Leo J.

Time to explore the possibility of “good turnover” in your center.

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Work from Home... Are You Sure of the Future?

It’s time to conduct an in-depth review of three WFH factors: benefits, trade-offs, and risks.

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How Contact Centers Can Help Change Lives

Working in a contact center can be a route to becoming law-abiding productive members of society for incarcerated individuals.

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Create a Culture of Accessibility

There are six concepts contact centers can follow to make
their workplaces accessible.

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The New Resource for Contact Center Staffing

Individuals with disabilities who also have mobility challenges provide an excellent workforce.

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Having That DE&I Conversation…

Understanding what DE&I is about and insights on how to make it happen.

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Designing Inclusive Contact Center Experiences

Connecting customers and employees with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, and required by law, but it also makes business sense.

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How to Leverage the Power of an Older and Younger Workforce (and Why You Should)

Age diversity can improve organizational performance and productivity.

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How to Foster Diversity & Inclusion in the Contact Center

To create meaningful change in the workplace, feedback about D&I challenges and obstacles must come from those who experience them on a day-to-day basis.

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Live Chat Vs. Phone Agents: How to Find Top Performers at Scale

When you’re deciding how to select candidates for any role, it’s important to identify the characteristics that are predictive of success, and to find an accurate way to assess them.

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Contact Centers Grapple with How to Sustain—and Grow—Remote Workforces

As working from home will likely remain the norm, call centers face a new test—how to reshape hiring and performance management practices to bring ‘never on-site’ workers into...

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Recruiting for the Contact Center of the Future

Identifying and acting on shortages or surpluses of contact center agents must be more dynamic.

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Contact Center Recruiting: Tap into the Older Workforce

Older agents are more inclined to seek moderate or complex tasks than the youngest agents.

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Tips for Attracting More (and Better!) Agents in a High-Employment Economy

Utilize always-on technology that lets candidates complete interviews online at their convenience, often at times when recruiters aren’t working.

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Inside View: Elaine Avery, Atlantic Union Bank

When you give people the opportunity to grow and stretch themselves, you’d be amazed at what can happen.

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Michael Rotter, Aerotek

At times, the person without direct contact center experience might be more effective.

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5 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Positive Attitude

When screening for characteristics like attitude in an interview, it’s often the follow-up questions that can shed the most light on a candidate’s disposition.

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Recruiting for the Modern Contact Center

Feedback from current and former employees can have a considerable impact on an employer’s recruitment efforts.

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It’s No Secret: Hiring Veterans Is Smart Business

Veterans offer the contact center industry a highly qualified pool of candidates.

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Four Best Practices for Onboarding New Contact Center Employees

Welcoming, educating and preparing new employees should commence before those new agents even set foot through the doors of the contact center.

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Now Entering the Workforce: Rethinking Jobs for Gen Z

The cultural characteristics of this generation add up to employees that are passionate, frugal, collaborative and eager to succeed.

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Redefining The Hiring Process

Hiring is not a process that you leave to chance.

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Why Hiring, Training and Recruiting Is Still a Challenge for Contact Centers Performance Matters

Ultimately, failing to screen for culture fit can lead to numerous problems down the road, most notably, attrition.

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Weaknesses of an WFMer

The best weaknesses to share are the ones that come with an extra action plan of how you are dealing with it.

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Inside View: A Call Center and Nonprofit Partnership Connects Homeless with Jobs

We work with people who are experiencing homelessness. Homelessness doesn’t define them.

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Contact Center Industry Gets in Step with Veterans and Military Families

These are men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for our country, they deserve the dignity of work and financial stability for themselves and their families.

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5 Ways to Attract Tech-Savvy Contact Center Workers

Competition for skilled labor is high, placing upward pressure both on wages and on employee expectations for modern work spaces.

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Employee Engagement Starts Way Before You Even Make a Hire

You want to hire for engageability, and you also want to start proactively engaging candidates from first contact.

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Your Best Bet? Hire a Vet!

Veterans offer their employers the same work ethic, organization, drive to succeed, discipline and job focus that they relied upon while serving in the military.

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Seasonal Hiring

Filling your new staffing schedules can be the toughest part of the season, but you may have more options than you realize.

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How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences, Part 2: Transform New-Hire Onboarding

Traditional onboarding programs that include videos, lectures, extensive reading and completion of forms can get dull very quickly. Consider low-cost tactics used by event planners to help forge...

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How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences, Part 1: Hiring Top Performers

More often than not, top performers are already employed somewhere and are therefore considered ‘passive’ job seekers.

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Hiring High-Performing Agents

Does your current hiring approach predict the candidates who will thrive in the contact center role?

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