Paul Stockford

Saddletree Research

Paul Stockford was the President and Chief Analyst at Saddletree Research, a veteran-owned business based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1999, Saddletree Research provided focused communications industry research, including analysis of market trends, issues, technologies, and companies in the Contact Center industry with special emphasis on emerging technologies and developing markets.

In addition to over 30 years as an industry analyst, Paul has also done telecommunications research and analysis at Cahners In-Stat Group, Vanguard Communications and Dataquest. Paul began his telecommunications career with GTE.

Paul has authored numerous articles on contact centers and related technologies for several industry journals in the U.S. and abroad, and is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.  Since 1993 he has authored monthly columns in such magazines as Call Center, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Interface, Voice+ (U.K.), Enterprise Communications and Voice Processing.  He currently authors the monthly “View from the Saddle” column in Contact Center Pipeline magazine and is a member of that magazine’s editorial board.  In addition, he has sat on the Editorial Advisory Boards of several European industry magazines and has served on the advisory boards of a number of industry organizations and events. 

Paul is currently a member of the board of directors at the National Association of Call Centers (NACC), a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit industry organization based at Middle Tennessee State University.  He also serves as research director for the NACC where he is directly involved in research activities on behalf of the NACC membership.  He is a regular contributor to the monthly NACC “In-Queue” newsletter with a circulation of over 8,000 contact center professionals. 

Paul graduated cum laude from California State University at San Francisco with a BS degree in Marketing and holds an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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