It All Starts with the Why!

Third in a Three-Part Series on Adaptability and Adaptive Leadership.

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Ending Caller and Agent Frustration

How contact centers can handle difficult situations.

Current Issue Operations People Development

Walking the Walk: TD Bank’s New Financial Wellbeing Program

TD Bank’s new training program helps its contact center agents achieve their financial goals.

Operations People Development

Avoiding 5 Common L&D Mistakes

Contact centers must watch for delivery, content, competency, reinforcement, and effectiveness.

Operations Strategy People Development

Call Center Training in the New Era

Onboarding and managing agents in the new normal may mean changing training methods.

Operations People Hiring Development

Avoiding Agent Underhiring and Undertraining

How job misspecifications undermine worker wellbeing and contact center performance.

Operations Strategy People Hiring Development

Opportunities Amidst the Challenges

Gamification, practice, diverse environment, and listening to agents boost training effectiveness.

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Keeping the Customer Promise

EFG Companies has won multiple Stevie Awards since 2014 for its excellent customer service.

Operations People Development Technology Self-Service

Taking the Leap to Success in 2022

Every big leap takes the right timing, careful planning,
intention, a clear goal, and focus.

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How to Manage Multiple Evolving Channels

Effective technology application, agent recruitment and training are critical to help customers conduct complex interactions.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Hiring Development Technology Omnichannel

Rise of the Chatbots

How contact centers can employ chatbots effectively.

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If I Were a Rep . . .

Two powerful changes we can make to support our frontline.

Operations People Development Performance Management

Conquering the New World of Contract Work

The COVID-19 pandemic liberated the workplace. Where do contact center-using organizations go from here?

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The Future of Work is HUMAN!

Second in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership.

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5 Ways to Manage Risk

Incorporate training, inter-department communications, mobile, data focus, and compliance as part of the brand.

Operations People Development Technology

Sorry, No Magic Cure-All to Turnover

A combination of work-life balance, learning opportunities, and supporting technologies may be the best Rx.

Operations People Development Turnover Technology Remote Work People

Coaching Security and Compliance

Steps contact centers can take to protect customers through training the agents.

Operations People Development

Changing the Business Experience

Automation, digitization, WFH, and rising expectations are reshaping the business customer experience.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology Member Exclusive

Mining for Productivity

How task mining and RPA can help agent productivity, and ultimately the customer experience in contact centers.

Operations People Development Technology Member Exclusive

How Contact Centers Can Help Change Lives

Working in a contact center can be a route to becoming law-abiding productive members of society for incarcerated individuals.

Strategy People Hiring Development

Create a Culture of Accessibility

There are six concepts contact centers can follow to make
their workplaces accessible.

Operations People Hiring Development Culture

Adaptability: The Skill to Thrive in Changing Times

First in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership. (Part 1 of 3)

Strategy People Development

Filling The Performance Gaps

Coaching, training, empowerment, and AI-driven solutions can help retain staff and improve the contact center.

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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Part 3

Influence occurs when you are authentic, as you invest in others. It is the ability to have a positive impact on others or to gain their buy-in.

People Development Culture

The Evolving Contact Center Supervisor

For supervisors, navigating constantly changing and ambiguous circumstances adds to the stress load.

People Development

Reflections of a Contact Center Leader

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ uniquely through the human connection generally results in lasting customer relationships and greater satisfaction.

People Development Performance Management Editor's Picks

12 Better Ways to Start a Customer Service Email

The first sentence of an email to a customer gets more attention than all the other sentences combined.

People Development

Why Training Programs Fail and How to Avoid It Happening to You

Training sessions are never the destination; they’re the start of the journey.

People Development

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Part 2

Leaders who are aware of their tendencies, biases and blind spots tend to be more open to growing into the best version of themselves.

People Development Culture

Use Storytelling to Provide Impactful Learning in the Contact Center

Some stories help explain a topic, but those that make a more significant impact start with a problem and later reveal the solution.

People Development

15 Essential Habits of Amazing Contact Center Team Leaders

Amazing team leaders always remember that they are leader, coach and mentor.

People Development

Why Customer Service Is Not an “Entry-Level” Position

AI is taking on transactions formerly done by tier 1 agents, and agents are now moving up to tier 2 customer interactions.

People Development Remote Work People

Refine Your Coaching Technique with Listening and Observation

The conversation running in my head kept me from listening to what the agent said.

People Development

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

To become the best version of yourself, the most empathetic version, the most compassionate and kind version—takes work!

People Development

Five Reasons You Are Probably Missing the Greatest Opportunity in Our Industry

Developing skills takes time and continuous effort and can never be obtained from attending a workshop, in-person or virtual.

People Development

How to Make Remote Training Work for New-Hires

Injecting more than the usual amount of knowledge checks into the middle of presentations helps to keep the class engaged and makes learning a two-way exchange of information.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

How to Retain and Engage Your Best Agents

How you treat your best employees during a downturn will influence whether you retain them when times get better.

People Development Culture COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

The Importance of Soft Skills Training Beyond the Pandemic

51% of employers don’t offer soft skills training or training that teaches essential communications skills. COVID-19 is giving businesses a reason to ramp up this training.

People Development

Upskilling the Contact Center Workforce

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital for contact center leaders to step back and think strategically about how to position their people, channels, technology and practices for the...

People Development

Don't Reduce People to Numbers… or Should You?

When agents feel like they are capable of doing the work, because they have the numbers to prove it, they perform beyond expectations.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation

The InsideOut Approach: Three Ways Managers Can Improve a Contact Center Culture

Even when your agents know what to do, they still want to receive more constructive feedback.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Inside View: Televerde’s Prison Workforce Development Program

Not everybody is ready to face themselves and to move beyond the things that got them incarcerated in the first place. But many people are, and Televerde gives them that chance.

People Development

Are Microskills the Key to Surviving the Bots?

A human can acquire a small skill much faster than a bot can. Humans are more adaptable and can infer better, and this is the key.

People Development

The Making of a Contact Center Superagent

As self-service channels prove increasingly capable of handling basic transactions, the types of contacts that require human intervention are growing more complex.

People Development

Inside View: Suzette Robinette, Hiway Federal Credit Union

Focus on the experience the member is having with your company. Put yourself in their shoes and make it an experience that you’d want to have if you were that customer.

People Development

Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous Turnover

We need to move the conversation about learning away from its role in onboarding and instead focus on support throughout the entire agent experience, from their first day forward.

People Development

Three Ways Contact Center Staffing and Training Has Evolved

A strong curriculum that allows people to grow their skill set is a value-add for entry-level employees who are focused on professional development.

People Development

A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s Jim Rembach

When you take into consideration the learning options for people, the cost, the time they require to be offline from work or away from home, a virtual conference makes total sense.

People Development White Papers

Tips and Techniques for Coaching Success

Coaching must be a back-and-forth dialogue between the supervisor and agent to come up with a solution.

People Development

Cautious Optimism… Taking Ownership of Communication

We are now in a social environment in which conversation has morphed into text messages, social media postings, photos and “emojis.”

People Development

Leveraging the Voice of the Employee to Improve Engagement

Smart employee engagement strategies focus on whether employees have emotional ties to their job.

People Development Recognition Workplace Environment COVID-19 Agent Motivation

How to Be a Supervisor in the Modern Contact Center

Passion for people is the hallmark that differentiates a great coach from a good or average one.

People Development

Inside View: Gopher Sport

When you love what you do, you’re going to do a great job.

People Development

Handling Irate Customers in the Financial Services Industry

Many leaders position customer service courses from the perspective of the company and its customers.

People Development COVID-19 Customer Retention

Inside View: Nate Brown, UL EHS Sustainability

People are hungry to find ways to be helpful and to serve one another better, whether it’s their customers, family members or fellow employees.

People Development

12 Tips to Find Time for Coaching

Invest in your team’s skills so that your agents can provide a better customer experience.

People Development

Turn Your Order Desk into an Inside Sales Team

The conversion from order-taker to salesperson is not that easy. Nine tips to successfully transition your agents from a reactive to a proactive role.

People Development

Ready to Promote Your Star Agent to Supervisor? Not So Fast

Create a game plan for assessing supervisor candidates and providing support after promotion.

People Development

Inside View: Adriana Thompson,

Fill your skills toolbox. Be humble and be open to feedback so that you can keep learning.

People Development

Inside View: Kayla Adair, DiCentral Corporation

Just knowing that you’ve made someone’s day or helped them with an urgent request, it’s much more rewarding than most people would expect.

People Development

Customer Contact Channels

In a hectic contact center environment, the urge for speed can be compelling, but elderly callers value patience, respect and a friendly attitude above all.

People Development

Inside View: TeleTech Learning and Performance

Most programs utilize role plays or fishbowl scenarios in which a new-hire participates in a mock call using a script in front of a training class. It doesn’t give you the real job shock of...

People Development

Growing Leaders

This entry of new technology into the workforce will be as dramatic and painful as the shift that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

People Development

PACE: Changing with the Times

PACE stands alone as the only trade association that provides advocacy, compliance, education and networking to the contact center industry.

People Development White Papers

Mastering the “Fine Art” of Conversation in a Digital World

People need to engage on a human level to grow conversational skill, which is more an art than a science.

People Development

What the Frontline Supervisor Survey Says

More than half of the supervisors out there in our contact centers have been provided a trace amount or no leadership training. If any data point screamed “Fix Me!!” in this survey, this is it.

People Development Research

Ethical Upselling

Fulfilling identified customer needs, clearly outlining fees and mentioning any restrictions builds customer trust. It also increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

People Development

Inside View: Kristine Hartkopf, Freeman

I realized that a truer sense of leadership is getting to know people on a deeper level and finding out what is meaningful to them.

People Development

Inside View: DAT Solutions

We can train the technical skills and we can train agents to navigate our products and services, but we can’t train someone to have a serviceoriented attitude and passion for helping...

People Development People management

Rewarding, Coaching and Goal-Setting

A good coach knows when to offer constructive criticism, but a great coach knows when to celebrate the wins and achievements of his or her team members.

People Development People management

The Largest Call Center Association in the NorthEast!

Since it was founded in 2001, the NECCF has grown and remained committed to addressing the day-to-day management concerns and strategic planning needs of contact center professionals throughout...

People Development Strategic management White Papers

Training Vs. Coaching: Which Is Better?

To determine whether your employees are lacking from training or coaching, the first step is to assess where they are in the learning and development process

People Development Training and development

Regifting for 2017

When you do the same thing, day in and day out, without ever taking time to objectively look at it and clean it up, you really create a mess over time.

People Development

Inside View: Nicole Berry, Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc.

Any opportunity I have to encourage, enlighten or connect with my team, I try to do it, because I was in the role. I understand.

People Development People management

5 Elements of a Successful Virtual Training Model

There is a limit to how much any learner can absorb in a given session, and all good instructors build lessons around these limits of attention span, memory and cognitive overload.

People Development Training and development COVID-19

Agent Development and QA: Working in Tandem

Align your agent recruiting, development and QA processes to drive customer service excellence.

People Development People management

Training Agents for Social Customer Care

Guidelines and pointers for developing an effective social service training program.

People Development People management Training and development

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