Why Customer Service Is Not an “Entry-Level” Position

AI is taking on transactions formerly done by tier 1 agents, and agents are now moving up to tier 2 customer interactions.

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Refine Your Coaching Technique with Listening and Observation

The conversation running in my head kept me from listening to what the agent said.

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Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

To become the best version of yourself, the most empathetic version, the most compassionate and kind version—takes work!

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Five Reasons You Are Probably Missing the Greatest Opportunity in Our Industry

Developing skills takes time and continuous effort and can never be obtained from attending a workshop, in-person or virtual.

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How to Make Remote Training Work for New-Hires

Injecting more than the usual amount of knowledge checks into the middle of presentations helps to keep the class engaged and makes learning a two-way exchange of information.

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How to Retain and Engage Your Best Agents

How you treat your best employees during a downturn will influence whether you retain them when times get better.

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The Importance of Soft Skills Training Beyond the Pandemic

51% of employers don’t offer soft skills training or training that teaches essential communications skills. COVID-19 is giving businesses a reason to ramp up this training.

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Upskilling the Contact Center Workforce

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital for contact center leaders to step back and think strategically about how to position their people, channels, technology and practices for the...

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Don't Reduce People to Numbers… or Should You?

When agents feel like they are capable of doing the work, because they have the numbers to prove it, they perform beyond expectations.

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The InsideOut Approach: Three Ways Managers Can Improve a Contact Center Culture

Even when your agents know what to do, they still want to receive more constructive feedback.

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Inside View: Televerde’s Prison Workforce Development Program

Not everybody is ready to face themselves and to move beyond the things that got them incarcerated in the first place. But many people are, and Televerde gives them that chance.

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Are Microskills the Key to Surviving the Bots?

A human can acquire a small skill much faster than a bot can. Humans are more adaptable and can infer better, and this is the key.

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The Making of a Contact Center Superagent

As self-service channels prove increasingly capable of handling basic transactions, the types of contacts that require human intervention are growing more complex.

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Inside View: Suzette Robinette, Hiway Federal Credit Union

Focus on the experience the member is having with your company. Put yourself in their shoes and make it an experience that you’d want to have if you were that customer.

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Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous Turnover

We need to move the conversation about learning away from its role in onboarding and instead focus on support throughout the entire agent experience, from their first day forward.

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