Inside View: Suzette Robinette, Hiway Federal Credit Union

Focus on the experience the member is having with your company. Put yourself in their shoes and make it an experience that you’d want to have if you were that customer.

People Development

Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous Turnover

We need to move the conversation about learning away from its role in onboarding and instead focus on support throughout the entire agent experience, from their first day forward.

People Development

Three Ways Contact Center Staffing and Training Has Evolved

A strong curriculum that allows people to grow their skill set is a value-add for entry-level employees who are focused on professional development.

People Development

A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s Jim Rembach

When you take into consideration the learning options for people, the cost, the time they require to be offline from work or away from home, a virtual conference makes total sense.

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Tips and Techniques for Coaching Success

Coaching must be a back-and-forth dialogue between the supervisor and agent to come up with a solution.

People Development

Cautious Optimism… Taking Ownership of Communication

We are now in a social environment in which conversation has morphed into text messages, social media postings, photos and “emojis.”

People Development

Leveraging the Voice of the Employee to Improve Engagement

Smart employee engagement strategies focus on whether employees have emotional ties to their job.

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How to Be a Supervisor in the Modern Contact Center

Passion for people is the hallmark that differentiates a great coach from a good or average one.

People Development

Inside View: Gopher Sport

When you love what you do, you’re going to do a great job.

People Development

Handling Irate Customers in the Financial Services Industry

Many leaders position customer service courses from the perspective of the company and its customers.

People Development

Inside View: Nate Brown, UL EHS Sustainability

People are hungry to find ways to be helpful and to serve one another better, whether it’s their customers, family members or fellow employees.

People Development

12 Tips to Find Time for Coaching

Invest in your team’s skills so that your agents can provide a better customer experience.

People Development

Turn Your Order Desk into an Inside Sales Team

The conversion from order-taker to salesperson is not that easy. Nine tips to successfully transition your agents from a reactive to a proactive role.

People Development

Ready to Promote Your Star Agent to Supervisor? Not So Fast

Create a game plan for assessing supervisor candidates and providing support after promotion.

People Development

Inside View: Adriana Thompson,

Fill your skills toolbox. Be humble and be open to feedback so that you can keep learning.

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