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To make our customers happy, our agents have to be happy in their jobs. They need to know that they are valued and that their views matter.


Answering the Personnel Call: Four Ways Contact Centers Can Enhance Agent Recruitment and Retention

Agents who see the merits of their work will be more likely to stay and grow within their companies.


5 Ways to Win with Gen Z Workers

More than 75% of our survey respondents said that their boss’s ability to coach is important to them.


Keeping Call Center Agents from Causing Legal Liabilities and Undermining Relationships

Even the most careful, professional and fastidious agent is prone to human frailties.

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Improving Contact Center Operations: Happiness All Around to a "T"

Happy workers = happy clients and pleased customers. They all interconnect.

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Back to Basics: Improve Your Contact Center with the Enduring Message of Mister Rogers

What are you doing to make every person in your center feel like they’re a part of the “neighborhood”?


Contact Center Executive Outlook on Employee Engagement

Engagement isn’t a one-size-fits-all initiative; rather, it has to be tailored for each employee and integrated into all phases of employment.


The Year of the Agent

It’s clear that companies need a greater focus on people, alongside changes in technology.


The Evolution of Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

The most successful engagement programs infiltrate every stage of the employment experience, from recruitment through company exit.


Securing Millennial Loyalty with Brand Congruence

Integrating the vision, mission and values of the company into a millennial’s personal goals and values is critical to obtaining their loyalty.


Coffee Talk with Mark Brody

Relationships between people require thoughtful one-on-one interactions… AND time. It doesn’t happen from a distance.


The Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

We’re seeing a shift from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule. It’s not, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but “Treat me the way I want to be treated, which is not necessarily...


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Taking a fun approach to requisite activities like training, coaching and communication demonstrates leadership’s willingness to put the same level of effort into the frontline experience as...

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Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent Disengagement, Part 1

The primary damage to the bottom line comes from damage to loyalty and word of mouth from agents who burn out, but do not leave, and from good agents who do not have effective tools and support.


Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent Disengagement, Part 2

What employees most want is recognition from management and peers and a feeling of progress in their career

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