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Why Employees Leave (and How to Retain Them)

How people management software can help lower employee attrition.

Current Issue Operations People Turnover Technology People management

Mitigating the New Norm

How BPOs can also help small-midmarket contact centers.

Current Issue Operations Strategy People Hiring Technology

The Hard, Hidden Costs of Attrition

Why retaining contact center staff must be your bottom-line top priority.

Current Issue Operations Strategy People Turnover Training and development

Working with a BPO in a Digital World

Effective use of WFM by BPO partners can ensure excellent productivity.

Current Issue Operations Workforce Management Strategy People Turnover Technology

What to Write When Saying “No”

Clarity, the right phrases, emphasis, off-center empathy deliver that necessary message.

Strategy People

The Employee Experience Movement

Why CX and EX are not independent of each other.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People

Is It the End of the Cold Call?

Can the right data, sound practices, and the cloud regenerate this customer contact method?

Operations People Technology Member Exclusive

QA and Coaching for Experienced Agents

It is one thing to coach a new agent, another for a seasoned staffer.

Operations Strategy People Development Remote Work People

Welcome to the Metaverse

How contact centers can help in this new interaction world.

Strategy People Editor's Picks Member Exclusive

How 2 Brand U

10 Ideas for Managing Your Personal Brand

Operations Strategy People Development

How the New Normal Impacts Retail

Contact center customer service issues, best practices, and trends

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Turnover Technology Self-Service


Communications, software efficiency, gig working, start-up thinking add up.

Strategy People Remote Work Strategy

Welcome to the Great Surrender

Why Many Call Centers Have Given Up On Customer Service Training.

Operations Strategy People Development

Improve CX by Celebrating Front Liners!

Management must make the time to appreciate all agents.

Operations People Recognition

Setting Up Your Reps for Success

How to manage increasingly complex retail customer service.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People

How to Make Holiday Hires More Productive

Savvy training, development, and yes fun can win the season.

Operations People Hiring Development Turnover

Is Your Center Really Resilient?

Self-Assess and Take the Next Step in Resiliency Readiness.

Operations Strategy People Technology Remote Work Strategy

It All Starts with the Why!

Third in a Three-Part Series on Adaptability and Adaptive Leadership.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Development

Ending Caller and Agent Frustration

How contact centers can handle difficult situations.

Operations People Development

Walking the Walk: TD Bank’s New Financial...

TD Bank’s new training program helps its contact center agents achieve their financial goals.

Operations People Development

Back to School…

Time to Review the Role of Service Level.

Operations Workforce Management People Technology

Disruptive Disruptors Disrupting

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to solve today’s customer and employee experience challenges.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Omnichannel Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Avoiding 5 Common L&D Mistakes

Contact centers must watch for delivery, content, competency, reinforcement, and effectiveness.

Operations Strategy People Development

Making Virtual Training Engaging

How to ensure this essential training technique is interactive and effective.

Operations People Hiring Technology Remote Work People

Call Center Training in the New Era

Onboarding and managing agents in the new normal may mean changing training methods.

Operations People Hiring Development

Avoiding Agent Underhiring and Undertraining

How job misspecifications undermine worker wellbeing and contact center performance.

Operations Strategy People Hiring Development

Opportunities Amidst the Challenges

Gamification, practice, diverse environment, and listening to agents boost training effectiveness.

Operations People Development Remote Work People

Keeping the Customer Promise

EFG Companies has won multiple Stevie Awards since 2014 for its excellent customer service.

Operations People Development Technology Self-Service

Steering around the Staffing Rapids

New legislation targets implicit biases, potential harmful technology.

Operations People Hiring Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Operations

Taking the Leap to Success in 2022

Every big leap takes the right timing, careful planning,
intention, a clear goal, and focus.

Strategy People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence

How to Manage Multiple Evolving Channels

Effective technology application, agent recruitment and training are critical to help customers conduct complex interactions.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Hiring Development Technology Omnichannel

Rise of the Chatbots

How contact centers can employ chatbots effectively.

Operations People Development Technology

If I Were a Rep . . .

Two powerful changes we can make to support our frontline.

Operations People Development Performance Management

Conquering the New World of Contract Work

The COVID-19 pandemic liberated the workplace. Where do contact center-using organizations go from here?

Operations Strategy People Development Remote Work Operations

The Future of Work is HUMAN!

Second in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership.

Operations Strategy People Development

Contacting for Customers

Well-planned (and compliant) outbound customer contact is becoming critical to support an excellent CX.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Remote Work Operations Vendor Roundtable

Writing Home

Why Remote Workers Need Better-Than-Average Writing Skills.

Operations People Remote Work People

Critical Tools to Make Outbound Succeed

Outbound customer contact is a vital component of enabling outstanding customer experiences.

Operations People Technology Omnichannel Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways to Manage Risk

Incorporate training, inter-department communications, mobile, data focus, and compliance as part of the brand.

Operations People Development Technology

WFH for B2B?

Not a few business-serving contact centers have also moved home, but will they stay there?

Operations Virtual Contact Centers People Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Operations

Protecting Data, Payments, Providing Positive CX

Companies must walk a fine line between adopting new technology and maintaining consumer trust.

Operations People Technology Data Security Remote Work Operations

Filling the Knowledge Gap

How organizations should respond when the knowledge to help customers becomes more complex.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

From the Heart

Heart & Stroke’s Resuscitation Support Centre supports the instructors who teach others how to save lives.

Operations People Culture Technology Staffing Remote Work Operations

Easy to Get is Hard to Get Rid Of…Ode to Leo J.

Time to explore the possibility of “good turnover” in your center.

Operations Strategy People Hiring Performance Management Turnover

Helping the Centers That Help Others

Nonprofit organizations’ contact centers have been struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are strategies to assist in the new normal.

Operations Strategy People Technology

Sorry, No Magic Cure-All to Turnover

A combination of work-life balance, learning opportunities, and supporting technologies may be the best Rx.

Operations People Development Turnover Technology Remote Work People

Coaching Security and Compliance

Steps contact centers can take to protect customers through training the agents.

Operations People Development

Protecting Your Most Sensitive Data

Use automated conversational redaction of audio and transcripts for compliance and training.

Operations Strategy People Technology Data Security

Is Cybersecurity Your High Priority?

Methods, tools, and common-sense practices to prevent data breaches through contact centers.

Operations People Technology Data Security

Maintaining Compliance With MFA

Biometrics are the best path forward for contact centers.

Operations People Technology Data Security

Managing the Human Element

Employees, like contact center agents, are central to both the risks and the solutions to preventing and responding to cyberattacks.

Operations People

The Door to Personalized (and Secure) CXs

AI-powered biometric authentication limits entry to fraudsters.

Operations People Technology Data Security Artificial Intelligence

Changing the Business Experience

Automation, digitization, WFH, and rising expectations are reshaping the business customer experience.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Work from Home... Are You Sure of the Future?

It’s time to conduct an in-depth review of three WFH factors: benefits, trade-offs, and risks.

Operations Strategy People Hiring Technology Remote Work Operations

Mining for Productivity

How task mining and RPA can help agent productivity, and ultimately the customer experience in contact centers.

Operations People Development Technology

DaaS to the Desktops

How secure desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions help agents work productively from anywhere.

People Technology Remote Work Technology

How Contact Centers Can Help Change Lives

Working in a contact center can be a route to becoming law-abiding productive members of society for incarcerated individuals.

Strategy People Hiring Development

Enabling Excellent Omnichannel Experiences

A desktop solution can streamline customer service and support and gain an advantage over the competition.

Operations People Technology Omnichannel

Helping Agents Helping Customers

How AI-enabled virtual agent assistant solutions can improve the agent experience with customers.

Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Taking Service to the Next Level

Intelligent automation shows the way up for agents and customers.

Operations People Technology

Strengthening the B2B CX

B2B companies face changes in their customer experiences. Q&A with Dennis Reno, Cyara.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Remote Work Strategy

The Risks, Consequences, and Solutions to...

Looking after agents’ mental health and well-being needs to be top of the contact center management agenda.

Strategy Customer Experience People Turnover

Adjusting Strategies in the New Normal

Customer empowerment and workforce shortages are prompting changes in CRM software use.

Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Analyzing the Analytics

Analytics software is critical for contact centers. So, what lies ahead?

Current Issue Operations People Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence

Headsets: The Call Floor Perspective

Here’s what agents want from headsets, and issues with them.

Operations People Technology Remote Work Technology

Supporting the Agent/Customer Experience

An AI-first approach keeps contact centers—and their agents—running efficiently and effectively.

Operations People Technology Staffing Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing Agent Performance

How AI-driven behavioral analytics can improve the experience of agents in the new normal.

Operations People Performance Management Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Connecting the Machine and Human

Why taking a hybrid knowledge and a framework approach to customer service works.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Locating Contact Centers in the New Normal

Labor market pressures could bring contact centers back to the U.S. or to nearshore countries.

Strategy People Technology Remote Work Strategy

Create a Culture of Accessibility

There are six concepts contact centers can follow to make
their workplaces accessible.

Operations People Hiring Development Culture

The New Resource for Contact Center Staffing

Individuals with disabilities who also have mobility challenges provide an excellent workforce.

Operations People Hiring Technology Remote Work People

Having That DE&I Conversation…

Understanding what DE&I is about and insights on how to make it happen.

Strategy Culture People Hiring

Designing Inclusive Contact Center Experiences

Connecting customers and employees with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, and required by law, but it also makes business sense.

Operations People Hiring Technology

Adaptability: The Skill to Thrive in Changing...

First in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership. (Part 1 of 3)

Strategy People Development

Filling The Performance Gaps

Coaching, training, empowerment, and AI-driven solutions can help retain staff and improve the contact center.

Strategy Customer Experience People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Strategy

Moving Forward: What Will 2022 Bring for...

Contact Center Pipeline’s Advisory Board shares timely advice to take into the new year.

Operations Workforce Management Strategy People Technology Staffing COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Strategy

Writing Well When Your Attention is Divided

These 10 tips will enable you to focus on your message.

People Technology

Getting Buy-In for Change

Employees need to know the benefits of getting on board: and the consequences if they do not.


A Story of Sadness, Hope, and Action

About 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer in their life. Here is the account of a brave young woman who fought but succumbed to the disease


Simplifying the Human Complexities

How best to manage contact center workforce challenges

People Performance Management Remote Work People

How Digital Disrupted Customer Service

Contact centers need to have the tools in place to support
digital interactions

People White Papers

Taking Care of Contact Center Business

People are the center of contact centers, so invest in them accordingly


Onboarding for Customer Experience

How to empower new employees to understand “who” and “why”

People Performance Management

7 Ideas to Build Engagement with...

Working from home can feel like being stranded on a desert island.

People Culture Remote Work People

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Part 3

Influence occurs when you are authentic, as you invest in others. It is the ability to have a positive impact on others or to gain their buy-in.

People Development Culture

The Evolving Contact Center Supervisor

For supervisors, navigating constantly changing and ambiguous circumstances adds to the stress load.

People Development

How Your Contact Center Agents Can Drive More...

Don’t focus on KPIs at the expense of everything else. The most successful workplace cultures are both metrics- and mission-driven.

People Culture

Reflections of a Contact Center Leader

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ uniquely through the human connection generally results in lasting customer relationships and greater satisfaction.

People Development Performance Management Member Exclusive

26 Ideas for Engaging Your Contact Center Team

You don’t need a reason to pick up the phone and talk to your team.

People Recognition Remote Work People

Communication Styles to Build Deeper Rapport

Can you still maintain rapport with unhappy team members, other team leaders or your manager? Yes, you can—the key is how you communicate with them!

People Performance Management

12 Better Ways to Start a Customer Service Email

The first sentence of an email to a customer gets more attention than all the other sentences combined.

People Development

Leading with Compassion

Those who receive compassion are subsequently better able to direct their support and caregiving to others.

People Culture

Virtual Contact Center Jobs Provide...

Finding work can be a daunting task for persons with disabilities.

People Hiring Remote Work People

Top 3 Trends for the Future of Contact Center...

Half of training professionals reported wishing their training was more hands on and engaging.

People White Papers

Why Training Programs Fail and How to Avoid It...

Training sessions are never the destination; they’re the start of the journey.

People Development

How Do We Build Culture with Distributed Teams?

The only role in your organization that can affect the behavioral change of your customer-facing teams are your team managers.

People Culture Remote Work Operations People Strategy Technology

How to Leverage the Power of an Older and...

Age diversity can improve organizational performance and productivity.

People Hiring

Make Diversity & Inclusion an Essential...

If you don’t back up a diverse team with a meaningful inclusion strategy, you’ll have checked a lot of boxes but be left with a contact center full of people who feel as though they don’t belong.

People Culture

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Part 2

Leaders who are aware of their tendencies, biases and blind spots tend to be more open to growing into the best version of themselves.

People Development Culture

Use Storytelling to Provide Impactful Learning...

Some stories help explain a topic, but those that make a more significant impact start with a problem and later reveal the solution.

People Development

15 Essential Habits of Amazing Contact Center...

Amazing team leaders always remember that they are leader, coach and mentor.

People Development

Embracing Agility in the Contact Center

Too often we are focused on following the roadmap to call center self-improvement, when letting everyone (leaders and CSRs) challenge conventional wisdom brings change much faster.

People Culture COVID-19

This Little Light of Mine… Keep It Shining!

Engagement is a key ingredient in feeling valued; it is also a prerequisite for an optimistic culture.

People Culture Workplace Environment

Why Customer Service Is Not an “Entry-Level”...

AI is taking on transactions formerly done by tier 1 agents, and agents are now moving up to tier 2 customer interactions.

People Development Remote Work People

Quality Monitoring is Suffocating: How to...

We hire amazing people and then stop them from using the strengths we so value. The outcome is a demotivated employee who either leaves for a better role, or worse, stays but disengages.

People Performance Management

Refine Your Coaching Technique with Listening...

The conversation running in my head kept me from listening to what the agent said.

People Development

How to Foster Diversity & Inclusion in the...

To create meaningful change in the workplace, feedback about D&I challenges and obstacles must come from those who experience them on a day-to-day basis.

People Hiring Culture


What makes this industry special are the relationships that are built to last, even through this miserable pandemic.


Digital Customer Care: 10 Ways to Fix...

Twitter has been around since 2006, which means most brands have more than a decade of experience providing customer service in this channel.


Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

To become the best version of yourself, the most empathetic version, the most compassionate and kind version—takes work!

People Development

Managing Emotional Labor in the Contact Center

When frontline employees use deep acting to interact with customers, absenteeism and turnover are reduced.

People COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

Live Chat Vs. Phone Agents: How to Find Top...

When you’re deciding how to select candidates for any role, it’s important to identify the characteristics that are predictive of success, and to find an accurate way to assess them.

People Hiring Remote Work People

Invest in Your Human Capital

How do I calculate return on investment? By smiles, laughter, appreciation and camaraderie.

People Performance Management Recognition Remote Work People

Five Reasons You Are Probably Missing the...

Developing skills takes time and continuous effort and can never be obtained from attending a workshop, in-person or virtual.

People Development

Contact Centers Grapple with How to...

As working from home will likely remain the norm, call centers face a new test—how to reshape hiring and performance management practices to bring ‘never on-site’ workers into the fold.

People Hiring COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

How to Make Remote Training Work for New-Hires

Injecting more than the usual amount of knowledge checks into the middle of presentations helps to keep the class engaged and makes learning a two-way exchange of information.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

Leading with Empathy

How and why people feel the way they do is very complicated. It gets even more problematic when viewed across your entire ecosystem.

People Culture

The Four Most Important Skills for Leading...

It is like going to a foreign country and learning to drive on the opposite side of the road. The fundamentals are the same. You just apply them differently.

People COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

Customer Service Team Appreciation in 2020

Even now, 2020 continues to be a series of challenges—and perhaps no group has faced and met more than frontline employees engaged in customer service.

People Recognition COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

How to Retain and Engage Your Best Agents

How you treat your best employees during a downturn will influence whether you retain them when times get better.

People Development Culture COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

Recruiting for the Contact Center of the Future

Identifying and acting on shortages or surpluses of contact center agents must be more dynamic.

People Hiring COVID-19 Remote Work People

Contact Center Recruiting: Tap into the Older...

Older agents are more inclined to seek moderate or complex tasks than the youngest agents.

People Hiring

In Unusual Times, Replace the Usual Customer...

We must prepare frontline agents to respond with empathy in these situations, however scary or uncertain that may feel.

People COVID-19 Customer Retention

Don’t Start with Training as the Answer

It’s important to make sure lack of will isn’t masquerading as lack of skill.

People Performance Management

Avoiding Work-at-Home Virtual Shock

Virtual shock can occur even if the employee loved their job in the past or enjoys working from home.

People Remote Work People

Employee Engagement: 5 Lessons from a Pandemic

What’s curious amid the gloom is that, during the pandemic, employees have been more engaged than they have been in 20 years.

People Workplace Environment COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

The Importance of Soft Skills Training Beyond...

51% of employers don’t offer soft skills training or training that teaches essential communications skills. COVID-19 is giving businesses a reason to ramp up this training.

People Development

Happy Employees Don’t Just Happen

Leaders need to make sure in times of war, and in times of trouble, they are visible.

People Culture

Preventing Agent Burnout

COVID-19 has created a continuously elevated state of stress that is manifesting in the form of intense emotional reactions—both inside and outside of the workplace.

People COVID-19 Agent Motivation Remote Work People

Tips for Onboarding New-Hires Remotely

Starting a new job is intimidating. Starting a new job in this pandemic while isolated can be even more so. It’s your job to make sure that’s not the case.

People COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

20 Empathy Statements to Show Stressed-Out...

Even the most empathy-willing agents will struggle to show empathy when they’re overburdened, like they are now.


Inside View: Ian Stokol, CCXP

CX is understood by the people who practice it. Very few people outside of the CX community understand how deep and complex the discipline is.


Three Things Seasoned Work-From-Home Leaders...

Employees need to be able to exchange work experiences and knowledge during the day with one or two clicks.

People Culture Remote Work People

Coaching During COVID-19: Six Remote-Coaching...

Employees need to feel heard and valued, especially in a time of uncertainty.

People COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

Four Proven Practices to Elevate the Impact of...

Training participants are not observers. Online training isn’t a television show with the learner passively absorbing the content. Learning just doesn’t work that way.

People Remote Work People

DISC Temperaments under Stress

Understanding communication styles and needs based on personality temperament is very helpful as we navigate through stressful times.

People Performance Management

COVID-19 and the Contact Center: Horror,...

Agents previously challenged to get people to just pick up the phone now can’t seem to get them off the phone.

People Workplace Environment COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

Working From Home — A Growing Necessity

Even though artificial intelligence has its advantages, it does not have the capacity to show compassion, encouragement or patience to a hurt world.

Virtual Contact Centers People Performance Management COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

Upskilling the Contact Center Workforce

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital for contact center leaders to step back and think strategically about how to position their people, channels, technology and practices for the longer term.

People Development

Don't Reduce People to Numbers… or Should You?

When agents feel like they are capable of doing the work, because they have the numbers to prove it, they perform beyond expectations.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Inside View: Purchasing Power

We’re always looking for ways to make the process easier for customers, to minimize any friction and deliver a positive experience.

People Performance Management

The InsideOut Approach: Three Ways Managers...

Even when your agents know what to do, they still want to receive more constructive feedback.

People Development COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Strategic Communication: Techniques of...

The key to all voice interactions is to reflect positivity and optimism by using words and phrases that build, not break.

People Performance Management Customer Retention

Giving Tenure Vs Merit Increases Erodes...

The current pay structure in many contact centers encourages minimum performance and the accumulation of increased pay through tenure not merit.


Tips for Attracting More (and Better!) Agents...

Utilize always-on technology that lets candidates complete interviews online at their convenience, often at times when recruiters aren’t working.

People Hiring

Upgrade Your Customer Surveys

Why devote so many resources to delivering a quality service experience only to fumble the final touchpoint?

People Performance Management

Inside View: Televerde’s Prison Workforce...

Not everybody is ready to face themselves and to move beyond the things that got them incarcerated in the first place. But many people are, and Televerde gives them that chance.

People Development

Why Online Scripting Is So Important to Your...

Having your scripting online is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your sales or customer service agents.

People Performance Management Technology

Are Microskills the Key to Surviving the Bots?

A human can acquire a small skill much faster than a bot can. Humans are more adaptable and can infer better, and this is the key.

People Development

Debbie Nagy, Dow Jones & Co.

To make our customers happy, our agents have to be happy in their jobs. They need to know that they are valued and that their views matter.


The Making of a Contact Center Superagent

As self-service channels prove increasingly capable of handling basic transactions, the types of contacts that require human intervention are growing more complex.

People Development

Take a Bow… Receive a Round of Applause!

Contact center culture is an outcome, not a plan. Culture occurs as a result of actions… not posters, slogans, promises or innuendos.

People Recognition

Inside View: Elaine Avery, Atlantic Union Bank

When you give people the opportunity to grow and stretch themselves, you’d be amazed at what can happen.

People Hiring

Inside View: Suzette Robinette, Hiway Federal...

Focus on the experience the member is having with your company. Put yourself in their shoes and make it an experience that you’d want to have if you were that customer.

People Development

Eight Days a Week: The Always-On Contact Center

Sixty percent of consumers globally expect to be able to engage with an organization at any time and on any channel.

People Culture Workplace Environment Technology Software Platforms Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Customer Retention

Inside View: Costa Del Mar

We execute on what our customers are telling us, not what we think.

People Culture

Turnover… But Not the Good Kind

I believe that employers recognize the value of retention but haven’t necessarily linked it to the requisite investment.

People Turnover

Continuous Learning in an Age of Continuous...

We need to move the conversation about learning away from its role in onboarding and instead focus on support throughout the entire agent experience, from their first day forward.

People Development

Creating a Collaborative Virtual Team

Thousands of miles might separate them, but their workforce mindset must be as one to perform in unison.

Operations Virtual Contact Centers People Workplace Environment COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Operations

On-Demand Is In Demand

The on-demand environment provides employees with the opportunity to find work that is meaningful to them.

Strategy Vision - Mission - Values People Workplace Environment COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Strategy

Beware… Five Signals of Customer Care Burnout!

Today’s unemployment rate ought to frighten leaders into providing environments that generate enthusiasm, learning and contribution rather than rules-driven dictatorships.

People Workplace Environment COVID-19 Customer Retention

Inside View: Jerri Pigg-Shoemake, WPS...

Our daily huddles contribute a lot toward bringing together a diverse group at different locations. You’ve got to have that daily touchpoint to keep everyone on the same page.

People Performance Management

Answering the Personnel Call: Four Ways...

Agents who see the merits of their work will be more likely to stay and grow within their companies.


Three Ways Contact Center Staffing and...

A strong curriculum that allows people to grow their skill set is a value-add for entry-level employees who are focused on professional development.

People Development

Aryka Berry, Origami Owl

The most important thing you can do is accept positive and negative criticism of yourself. It builds trust.

People Culture

Managing Different Personalities: The Platinum...

In order to follow the Platinum Rule, you must first understand your team’s personalities and how they prefer to be managed.

People Performance Management

Engage Your Agents to Turn Around an...

Getting people to believe in an organization starts with having a vision of what the organization is going to accomplish.

People Performance Management

A Q&A with the Contact Center Virtual Summit’s...

When you take into consideration the learning options for people, the cost, the time they require to be offline from work or away from home, a virtual conference makes total sense.

People Development White Papers

Tips and Techniques for Coaching Success

Coaching must be a back-and-forth dialogue between the supervisor and agent to come up with a solution.

People Development

Cautious Optimism… Taking Ownership of...

We are now in a social environment in which conversation has morphed into text messages, social media postings, photos and “emojis.”

People Development

High Absenteeism? Consider Your Agents’...

The majority of our agents are living within a socioeconomic band and living situation where they constantly have less resources with which to address crisis or problems that crop up in their lives.

Strategy Culture People Workplace Environment

Leveraging the Voice of the Employee to...

Smart employee engagement strategies focus on whether employees have emotional ties to their job.

People Development Recognition Workplace Environment COVID-19 Agent Motivation

5 Ways to Win with Gen Z Workers

More than 75% of our survey respondents said that their boss’s ability to coach is important to them.


Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy

What have you done lately that would cause your agents to post on social media about the amazing place they work?

People Turnover

Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the...

The concept of work-life balance is gaining traction in North America as labor shortages allow workers to be more selective about the companies for whom they choose to work.

People Culture COVID-19 Agent Motivation

A 3-Step Guide for Integrating Coaching into...

Coaching is how you empower, and empowered employees will be the spark for companywide success and growth.

People Performance Management

It All Begins with Good Health

Sometimes, just negotiating with your provider may be enough to lessen the burden your employees may be facing within their daily budgets.

People Culture COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Michael Rotter, Aerotek

At times, the person without direct contact center experience might be more effective.

People Hiring

5 Ways to Screen Job Candidates for Positive...

When screening for characteristics like attitude in an interview, it’s often the follow-up questions that can shed the most light on a candidate’s disposition.

People Hiring

How to Be a Supervisor in the Modern Contact...

Passion for people is the hallmark that differentiates a great coach from a good or average one.

People Development

Inside View: Gopher Sport

When you love what you do, you’re going to do a great job.

People Development

Absenteeism Is a Pain

Good policies should be fair and consistent but should be designed with humans, not robots, in mind.

Operations Contingency Planning People Turnover

Handling Irate Customers in the Financial...

Many leaders position customer service courses from the perspective of the company and its customers.

People Development COVID-19 Customer Retention

Recruiting for the Modern Contact Center

Feedback from current and former employees can have a considerable impact on an employer’s recruitment efforts.

People Hiring

Inside View: Nate Brown, UL EHS Sustainability

People are hungry to find ways to be helpful and to serve one another better, whether it’s their customers, family members or fellow employees.

People Development

12 Tips to Find Time for Coaching

Invest in your team’s skills so that your agents can provide a better customer experience.

People Development

Keeping Call Center Agents from Causing Legal...

Even the most careful, professional and fastidious agent is prone to human frailties.

Operations Contingency Planning People

Improving Contact Center Operations: Happiness...

Happy workers = happy clients and pleased customers. They all interconnect.

Operations Cost Management People

It’s No Secret: Hiring Veterans Is Smart Business

Veterans offer the contact center industry a highly qualified pool of candidates.

People Hiring

Delivering Impactful Feedback + Coaching in...

Practical, actionable advice for positive coaching and feedback results.

Operations Collaboration People Performance Management

Preparing for the Squeeze: How Wages Will...

Strategies to retain top talent during the holidays and beyond.

Operations Cost Management People Hiring

Inside View: TaskUs

Employee-centric decision-making drives high engagement and fast growth.

People Culture

Inside View: UPMC Health Plan

The focus of the training was to help everyone understand that service isn't something that you do in the call center. It's something that ALL of us do.

People Culture

Stop Drama from Poisoning Your Customer...

Nature—and drama—loves a vacuum. People who don't understand what's happening will eventually make up their own scenarios, spinning the narrative in whichever way causes the most excitement.

People Culture

Four Best Practices for Onboarding New Contact...

Welcoming, educating and preparing new employees should commence before those new agents even set foot through the doors of the contact center.

People Hiring

Recognizing and Appreciating Others

We have leveraged a variety of opportunities to recognize and show appreciation and gratitude for our teams' actions that align with our mission, vision and values.

People Recognition COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Making a Case for Mindfulness

The goal of mindfulness is to become aware of the internal workings of our mental, emotional and physical process, and find ways to allow them to work together for our benefit.


More Recognition, Please!

Providing meaningful recognition is the key to enhancing engagement and delivering organizational results.

People Recognition COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Turn Your Order Desk into an Inside Sales Team

The conversion from order-taker to salesperson is not that easy. Nine tips to successfully transition your agents from a reactive to a proactive role.

People Development

Ready to Promote Your Star Agent to...

Create a game plan for assessing supervisor candidates and providing support after promotion.

People Development

Phone Rage, Incivility and Why I Love Westerns

It seems that rude and disrespectful behavior is becoming more and more common these days.

People Culture

The Forgotten Piece of the Customer Experience

To deliver a positive customer experience, honor the agent experience.

People Culture COVID-19 Customer Retention

Unlock Your Employee Engagement Potential

Invest in your people by applying a Continuous Cycle of Improvement.

People Performance Management COVID-19 Agent Motivation

Back to Basics: Improve Your Contact Center...

What are you doing to make every person in your center feel like they’re a part of the “neighborhood”?


Contact Center Executive Outlook on Employee...

Engagement isn’t a one-size-fits-all initiative; rather, it has to be tailored for each employee and integrated into all phases of employment.


The Year of the Agent

It’s clear that companies need a greater focus on people, alongside changes in technology.


Inside View: Adriana Thompson,

Fill your skills toolbox. Be humble and be open to feedback so that you can keep learning.

People Development

The Evolution of Employee Engagement in the...

The most successful engagement programs infiltrate every stage of the employment experience, from recruitment through company exit.


Now Entering the Workforce: Rethinking Jobs...

The cultural characteristics of this generation add up to employees that are passionate, frugal, collaborative and eager to succeed.

People Hiring

Unhappy Agents? How to Reduce Turnover

Losing employees is expensive and can cost a single contact center more than $300,000 a year to recruit and train new agents.

People Performance Management

Inside View: Delta Vacations’ Customer...

We know that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers.

People Culture

Redefining The Hiring Process

Hiring is not a process that you leave to chance.

People Hiring

Investing in Your Agents for the Long Term

A caring culture promotes open communications and stimulates learning.

People Turnover

5 Essential Tips for Developing a Quality Program

A well-designed and well-maintained quality program can add tremendous value, but only if it pulls in information that then drives new behaviors or processes.

People Performance Management

Why Hiring, Training and Recruiting Is Still a...

Ultimately, failing to screen for culture fit can lead to numerous problems down the road, most notably, attrition.

People Hiring

Securing Millennial Loyalty with Brand Congruence

Integrating the vision, mission and values of the company into a millennial’s personal goals and values is critical to obtaining their loyalty.


Weaknesses of an WFMer

The best weaknesses to share are the ones that come with an extra action plan of how you are dealing with it.

People Hiring

You Can’t Rely on Luck to Retain Top Talent:...

Because pensions and tenure are a thing of the past, companies are scrambling to find new ways to offer rewards for their employees’ loyalty.

People Turnover White Papers

Inside View: Kayla Adair, DiCentral Corporation

Just knowing that you’ve made someone’s day or helped them with an urgent request, it’s much more rewarding than most people would expect.

People Development

Coffee Talk with Mark Brody

Relationships between people require thoughtful one-on-one interactions… AND time. It doesn’t happen from a distance.


Inside View: A Call Center and Nonprofit...

We work with people who are experiencing homelessness. Homelessness doesn’t define them.

People Hiring

Embracing Remote Work

Companies are using enterprise social networks to communicate and collaborate regardless of where people sit.

People Performance Management COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work People

2018: The Times They Are a-Changin’

Back in the dark days, contact center employees were considered to be disposable assets, easily replaced by a revolving door in the human resources department.

People Culture

4 Characteristics of Best-in-Class Contact Centers

Social media allows our customers an opportunity to publicly share positive reviews, positive experiences and their personal success stories with our products.


Customer Contact Channels

In a hectic contact center environment, the urge for speed can be compelling, but elderly callers value patience, respect and a friendly attitude above all.

People Development

Regifting for 2018

Even though everyone who calls a meeting thinks it is really, really important, it turns out they are really, really wrong pretty much every time.

People Culture

Contact Center Industry Gets in Step with...

These are men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for our country, they deserve the dignity of work and financial stability for themselves and their families.

People Hiring

Inside View: TeleTech Learning and Performance

Most programs utilize role plays or fishbowl scenarios in which a new-hire participates in a mock call using a script in front of a training class. It doesn’t give you the real job shock of talking to a customer.

People Development

Growing Leaders

This entry of new technology into the workforce will be as dramatic and painful as the shift that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

People Development

PACE: Changing with the Times

PACE stands alone as the only trade association that provides advocacy, compliance, education and networking to the contact center industry.

People Development White Papers

Hand-Held Technology…Bane or Boon?

Care must be taken to use the technology safely and effectively, so as not to impact interpersonal relationships, workplace productivity or personal safety.

People Workplace Environment

Mastering the “Fine Art” of Conversation in a...

People need to engage on a human level to grow conversational skill, which is more an art than a science.

People Development

Ethical Upselling

Fulfilling identified customer needs, clearly outlining fees and mentioning any restrictions builds customer trust. It also increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

People Development

The Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

We’re seeing a shift from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule. It’s not, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but “Treat me the way I want to be treated, which is not necessarily the way you would like to be treated.


Survey Says…Human Factors to Consider

There is no more important factor in today’s healthcare contact center than training, and it is far too often given short shrift.

People Performance Management

Making the Millennial Connection

Millennial workers grew up in a more transformational than transactional environment.

People Culture

Preparing Contact Center Operations to Respond...

Flexibility in the face of condensed timelines—typically a new program launch with little notice—requires an innate “readiness” that can only be achieved when contact center leadership is dialed into all aspects of internal and external operations.

People Performance Management COVID-19 Remote Work

Is Standing to Work a Game Changer for Contact...

If the workstation is not optimal and the criteria of good work design are not met, then the stress on the body from an improperly designed workspace (or improper work habits) can lead to serious issues.

People Workplace Environment

Inside View: Kristine Hartkopf, Freeman

I realized that a truer sense of leadership is getting to know people on a deeper level and finding out what is meaningful to them.

People Development

Complacency: Danger in the Comfort Zone

When complacency dominates a culture it is insidious and has a gradual and cumulative effect. Change is resisted and innovation and creativity become unknown commodities.

People Performance Management

Inside View: DAT Solutions

We can train the technical skills and we can train agents to navigate our products and services, but we can’t train someone to have a serviceoriented attitude and passion for helping customers. That is the core of what we do.

People Development People management

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Taking a fun approach to requisite activities like training, coaching and communication demonstrates leadership’s willingness to put the same level of effort into the frontline experience as the front line is expected to put into the customer experience.

People People management

5 Ways to Attract Tech-Savvy Contact Center...

Competition for skilled labor is high, placing upward pressure both on wages and on employee expectations for modern work spaces.

People Hiring Operations management

Preparing for a Growth Event

At its heart, training is about helping people cope with change by getting them comfortable with a new responsibility.

People Performance Management Operations management

Planning for Disaster: 5 Tips for a...

You can do everything in your power to prevent technology issues, but you won’t stop them all. The question is: How do you react?

People People management Training and development COVID-19

Rewarding, Coaching and Goal-Setting

A good coach knows when to offer constructive criticism, but a great coach knows when to celebrate the wins and achievements of his or her team members.

People Development People management

Agent Retention

Turnover is highest among entry-level agents (27%), and then tapers off for those in higher skilled and supervisory positions.

People Turnover People management

Employee Engagement Starts Way Before You Even...

You want to hire for engageability, and you also want to start proactively engaging candidates from first contact.

People Hiring People management

Inside View: Matt Medina, Dun & Bradstreet...

When you spend one-on-one time with your employees, there are tearful conversations as well as joyous ones. It’s all part of the human element, which is the most challenging part of my job and also the most rewarding.

People Culture Operations management

5 Best Practices for Designing a Successful...

Providing a consistent experience—especially when your company has multiple trainers delivering content—is critical to a successful program.

People Training and development

Developing Long-Term Employees

Perhaps more than anyone else, direct managers have the greatest impact on workplace satisfaction and how employees feel about building a long-term career with an organization.

People Turnover People management

The Largest Call Center Association in the...

Since it was founded in 2001, the NECCF has grown and remained committed to addressing the day-to-day management concerns and strategic planning needs of contact center professionals throughout the region.

People Development Strategic management White Papers

Agents Unscripted

We’d rather give someone guidelines on how we want customers to leave the experience feeling, and then provide them with the tools and knowledge to make customers happy.

People Performance Management

Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent...

The primary damage to the bottom line comes from damage to loyalty and word of mouth from agents who burn out, but do not leave, and from good agents who do not have effective tools and support.


Differentiator Series, Part 2: Valuing the Agent

WFM practices exist at the crossroads of employee needs and organizational requirements. How an organization navigates the delicate balance says a lot about the value placed on agent needs.

People Culture People management

Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent...

What employees most want is recognition from management and peers and a feeling of progress in their career

People People management

Training Vs. Coaching: Which Is Better?

To determine whether your employees are lacking from training or coaching, the first step is to assess where they are in the learning and development process

People Development Training and development

Create a Sales Incentive Program in 3 Easy Steps

Strike a balance between rewarding sales and maintaining great customer service. Sales should always be conducted ethically, with a goal toward helping your customer get the best performance and value.

People Performance Management People management

Let the Games Begin!

Gamification may be the solution much of the industry is looking for to smooth out some contact center wrinkles that have confounded it for decades


Differentiator Series Part 2: Valuing the Agent

WFM practices exist at the crossroads of employee needs and organizational requirements. How an organization navigates the delicate balance says a lot about the value placed on agent needs

People Culture

Power to the People

“Workforce issues will need to be considered equally with customer service issues. It’s time to focus on optimizing both the agent experience and the customer experience.”


Agents Unscripted

We’d rather give someone guidelines on how we want customers to leave the experience feeling, and then provide them with the tools and knowledge to make customers happy.

People Performance Management

Drama: A Top Killer of Agent Satisfaction and...

Ignoring an outbreak of negativity is just as dangerous as ignoring poor performances.


Power to the People

In 2017, workforce issues will need to be considered equally with customer service issues. It’s time to focus on optimizing both the agent experience and the customer experience.

People Strategic management

The Year Ahead: 17 on ’17

Manage your future, your visibility and your value by contextualizing all contact center activities in the framework of customer experience—only then will the most senior levels of the enterprise recognize and fund the contact center of the future.

Operations Strategy People Technology Strategic management People management Operations management

Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent...

The primary damage to the bottom line comes from damage to loyalty and word of mouth from agents who burn out, but do not leave, and from good agents who do not have effective tools and support.

People People management

Regifting for 2017

When you do the same thing, day in and day out, without ever taking time to objectively look at it and clean it up, you really create a mess over time.

People Development

Inside View: Nicole Berry, Sedgwick Claims...

Any opportunity I have to encourage, enlighten or connect with my team, I try to do it, because I was in the role. I understand.

People Development People management

A Culture of Trust

Consider what it must be like the first time someone listens to the entire interaction you had with a customer and dissects it word for word.

People Performance Management People management

How to Engage and Empower the New Contact...

The transformation of the contact center to the customer engagement center has partially been catered to and driven by millennials.

People Performance Management People management

Your Best Bet? Hire a Vet!

Veterans offer their employers the same work ethic, organization, drive to succeed, discipline and job focus that they relied upon while serving in the military.

People Hiring People management

Inside View: Garden City Group

As leaders, we want to learn something new every day—and more importantly, we want to teach something new every day.

People Culture People management

The Secret to Training Seasonal Agents

Seasonal agents may go on to become permanent, full-time agents. Properly treated, they may also become customers and cheerleaders for your brand.

People Culture Training and development

Building Your Training Team from the Ground Up

Remember that an employee who is great at doing a job, isn’t always the best at teaching others to do it.

People Training and development White Papers

First Step: Showing Up

It is not an exaggeration to say that frontline agents are the lifeblood of the contact center, so they certainly provide a great return on the investment. Unless, of course, they don’t show up.

People Performance Management People management

Inside View: CARiD

The automotive after-market parts and accessories business isn’t necessarily one that is focused on providing clients with a wow experience. We’re creating that opportunity for our agents and our clients.

People Culture People management

How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences,...

By simply meeting the most basic needs, employees still view their position as only a job and not yet a career.

People Culture People management

Agent Appreciation

Nothing shows appreciation like senior executives taking the time to come to the center and personally thank the frontline staff for everything they do to help the company meet its goals.

People Recognition People management

Inside View: Crisis Response Network

Our callers are often very desperate and in a horrific state of despair. Many times the call to our center is the last one the individual is planning to make so the way our team performs is critical.

People People management

Reducing Stress in the Contact Center

Unlike raising pay scales or improving advancement opportunities, stress on the job is one causal factor that contact center management can deal with.

People Workplace Environment People management

Quality Assurance, Part 2

Sometimes, creating a change in your customer service requires a change in the vision for your entire company.

People Performance Management People management

Seasonal Hiring

Filling your new staffing schedules can be the toughest part of the season, but you may have more options than you realize.

People Hiring People management

5 Elements of a Successful Virtual Training Model

There is a limit to how much any learner can absorb in a given session, and all good instructors build lessons around these limits of attention span, memory and cognitive overload.

People Development Training and development COVID-19

Create a Culture That Shows You Care

The most important voices that we hear are the ones that challenge us to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

People Culture People management

5 Ways to Improve Engagement

The only absolute that I have learned about engagement in a contact center is this: If your agents aren’t engaged, you won’t be a top-performing center.

People People management

Creating the New Agent Experience

Contact center agents who are smart enough to make decisions for customers without needing permission have to wonder, though, why they can’t make decisions for themselves.

People Performance Management People management

How to Tackle Attrition in the Contact Center

Recognition is usually the first thing to slip when the walls are closing in and you’re struggling to fight fires.

People Turnover People management

Remembering Art Rosenberg: That “No Quit” Attitude

Cowboys work hard and take pride in their work. When a cowboy makes a promise, he keeps it. When he says he will do something, he does it.

People Technology

Decrease Attrition Through Training Done Right

Great customer experiences and employee satisfaction is driven by training and coaching that is planned as part of an overall operations strategic plan.

People People management Training and development

It’s Official: Millennials Have Taken Over…...

Millennials became the largest segment of the American workforce in the first quarter of 2015. With baby boomers retiring in droves and Gen Xers maxed out, about every third worker is now a millennial.

People People management

Employee Advocacy

Employees don’t realize the impact they can have. By simply liking, tweeting or sharing a blog post written by the CEO or content that is on the company website, it gets more people to read it and to engage with it.

People Culture People management

Inside View: Carbonite

We want to create an incredible place to work for our employees, but at the same time, we hold them accountable for delivering elite results. The combination of those two things—accountability and reward—is the core of our culture.

People Culture People management

Inside View: Cassidy Klundt, Sitel

While creating engagement around growth and development, recognition and personal relationships is a challenge for leadership in any company, Klundt feels that it is also the biggest opportunity.

People Culture People management

Are You Managing Change or Is Change Managing You?

Your communication strategy will have a great impact and should be consistent in its form and in the key messages that employees will retain from it.

People Performance Management Strategic management People management

How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences,...

Traditional onboarding programs that include videos, lectures, extensive reading and completion of forms can get dull very quickly. Consider low-cost tactics used by event planners to help forge crucial workplace friendships.

People Hiring People management

The Game Is Afoot!

While the term ‘gamification’ itself conjures up images of fun and friendly competition, its purpose in the contact center is absolutely serious.


5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your At-Home...

Daily connection with a supervisor is critical. If you let at-home agents work all day with no interaction with leadership, they can feel even more distanced and less engaged.

People People management COVID-19

Accountability in the Center

Accountability often collides with ethics. As organizations dial up accountability, employees in danger of facing sanctions will sometimes make horrible decisions.

People Performance Management People management

Inside View: LEGO® Consumer Services

The ability to analyze and improve processes that flow across functions calls for creative problem-solving abilities, as well as a thorough knowledge of the business, products and the supply chain.

People Performance Management Operations management

How to Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences,...

More often than not, top performers are already employed somewhere and are therefore considered ‘passive’ job seekers.

People Hiring People management

Employee Engagement, Part 3: Promoting...

Integrate your frontline staff into the change process for greater buy-in and engagement.

People People management

Don’t Push My Buttons

De-escalation is the art of maintaining a focus on the outcome.

People People management Customer Retention

Quality Monitoring

Industry experts offer best practices and advice for a customer-centric QM approach.

People People management

Coaching: The Radical Next Steps

Improve frontline performance with a new approach to allocating your coaching time.

People People management

Don’t Settle for Engaged Employees—Empower Them

Give your staff greater purpose, motivation and support to deliver the best possible customer experience.

People People management

Inside View: HomeServe USA

A Culture of engagement and customer-centric core values drives world-class service delivery.

People People management

Agent Development and QA: Working in Tandem

Align your agent recruiting, development and QA processes to drive customer service excellence.

People Development People management

Principles of an Effective Reward and...

Best practices for maximizing program benefits for your employees and the business.

People Recognition People management

Training Agents for Social Customer Care

Guidelines and pointers for developing an effective social service training program.

People Development People management Training and development

Hiring High-Performing Agents

Does your current hiring approach predict the candidates who will thrive in the contact center role?

People Hiring People management

4 Ways to Expand the Value of Quality Monitoring

Getting more out of your investment requires only a small amount of additional effort.

People Operations management

Employee Engagement, Part 2: What Do the...

How to identify opportunities to increase engagement, retention and productivity.

People People management

Connect and Engage Your Remote Staff

Tools and tips to collaborate and connect with your work-at-home team members.

People Technology COVID-19

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