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Robocalls? Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Harmonica Player

The practice of spoofing has gotten so inexpensive that it has grown exponentially, leading to the proliferation of these calls and the nearly nonstop ringing of the phone.

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How Technology is Paving the Path to Workplace Wellness

As managers, your job is to elicit the ‘right’ behavior at scale, repeatedly.Automation, once viewed as a threat to workers and their jobs, is now an ally.

Technology Assisted Service

Enhance Your Customer Support with Video

Screen recordings give clients an actual look into the process that they’ll need to recreate, guiding them through example.

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Target Those Manual Processes with Automation

Way too many centers still have way too many manual process steps, negatively impacting the customer experience and the cost of doing business.

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Chatbots in the Contact Center

Brands that have successfully implemented chatbots have taken a hybrid approach, with AI helping to make human interactions more effective and more impactful.

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Could Your New Seasonal Employee Be a Robot?

RPA can be that helping hand in the contact center to eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks, reduce hold time and after-call work, and help agents and seasonal workers onboard and get up to...

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How AI Will Change the Nature of Contact Center Work

Organizations are forging ahead with plans for AI deployments and automation projects. Do you have a plan in place to transform the people and process side of the equation?

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Assisted Service Is Alive and Well…

When customers need the human touch, technology enablers can help to ensure successful interactions.

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