The New Digital Customer Engagement for the New (Ab)Normal

The same old limited digital service capabilities do not cut it in the new environment.

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Buyer’s Guide to Contact Center Technology: Scope and Sourcing

Some of the key differences between cloud and premise are blurring as vendors offer (and downright encourage!) purchase models based on subscription pricing.

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I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

The flexibility to pivot and transform work, processes and personnel quickly is accelerated in the cloud.


The New World for Contact Centers May Be Where We Were Already Headed

While we may not want to use the pandemic as our permanent technology adoption playbook, it has certainly allowed us to practice a rapid approach to digital transformation.

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Wall of Fame: Verint

In recognition and appreciation to Verint, our September 2020 Wall of Fame Sponsor.

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How to Get the Best Headsets for Amazon Connect

The contact center can be a tough environment. Lots of noise, all-day use, agents coming and going, and lots of wear and tear.

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Rebooting Your Workforce Management Strategy

The world of workforce management is changing more rapidly than at any other time in our history.

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How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Are Leading the Transition to the Intelligent Enterprise

Having proven their mettle and efficacy on the customer front lines, [IVAs] are quickly graduating to a manager role in the organization.

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Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Solutions

Pricing is primarily about licensing—except when it’s not! Market disruptions have created an interesting mix of possibilities, and you must spend the time to find the best fit for...


Changes in Contact Center Latitudes, Changes in AI Attitudes

The industry’s hesitant approach to AI before the pandemic is poised to become a much more confident near-term march toward AI deployment.

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Cloud-Based Communication Tools Key to Maintaining Contact Center Operations

At a time when many companies are grappling with how their technology investments impact their bottom line, providing the highest quality of customer support must remain a key initiative.


Why the Call Center Was Already Collapsing—Even Before COVID-19

Phone-based support was already struggling to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. Facing the strain of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s simply no longer viable.

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Redefining the Work Experience

Mobile WFM communications help keep home agents engaged in the scheduling process and part of the team.

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Automation: The Contact Center’s Grocer

One common misconception about virtual assistants is that they are ‘all or nothing,’ meaning that the goal should be to fully automate a customer interaction.

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Hiring Work-at-Home Agents After the Coronavirus Crisis: What’s Next

WAH agents don’t just have to be wired technically, they need to be properly wired emotionally.

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