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A Checklist for Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Given that a contact center is often the first touchpoint for many customers, it’s crucial that any new technology runs smoothly in a test environment before being deployed for customers in public...

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Three Ways to Boost ROI from Tech Investment

Automating a significant portion of basic call center activity creates an opportunity to fundamentally redefine the role of human agents, as well significantly increase the value they deliver to a...

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A Memo About Your Demo

When a proposal has been submitted and the vendor selected to move to the next level of the purchase process, isn’t it a good idea to focus on what was proposed?

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Guide to a Successful Vendor Relationship

Lasting vendor relationships are not driven by contracts and handshakes. They are built on consistent relationship processes.

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Contact Center 2018: A Fireside Chat

The contact center has become a focal point of business intelligence.

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Cloud Ushers in “New Rules” for Technology Selection

Speed only works in your favor if tempered by a measure of control.

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Return of the Kachina! The 2017 Saddletree Research Kachina Awards

The most significant awards are those that not everyone wins,” she continued. “That means the company that won the award has truly differentiated itself and has earned external validation for its...

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Fast-Tracking Your Journey to Workforce Optimization: Tips for Mid-Sized Contact Centers

Open APIs for integration with existing or new systems give you the flexibility of choice in technologies.

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Strategy First in Technology Selection

Take a top-down strategic approach that keeps you in charge and focuses on what really matters to your center.

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2016 Was a Busy Year for WFO Restructurings

In the future, the next big acquisition moves will not come from other WFO vendors but from the giant companies that sell software or services that analyze customer data.

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Don’t Settle: 4 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Contact Center Provider

A provider should be your partner in success, not just a company that sells you a service.

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Cool Hand Stew

Long-term relevance for Aspect was going to mean rethinking the product portfolio, rethinking how our enterprise customers are going to compete to maximize the value of their consumer...

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Rocket Man

The numbers are extraordinary and Calabrio has become an industry force to be reckoned with under Goodmanson’s leadership.

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Cloud Success in 3 “Easy” Pieces

In all but the most basic centers, active vendor management will be a key part of ensuring a good partnership with the vendor and ongoing success for the users.

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Confessions of an Analog Man in a Digital World

I don’t pay attention to Twitter feeds or Facebook posts about any service provider. Digital marketing plays a very small role in any of the decision making factors I use when purchasing any...

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