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Current Issue Technology Wall of Fame

Why Employees Leave (and How to Retain Them)

How people management software can help lower employee attrition.

Current Issue Operations People Turnover Technology People management

Mitigating the New Norm

How BPOs can also help small-midmarket contact centers.

Current Issue Operations Strategy People Hiring Technology

Working with a BPO in a Digital World

Effective use of WFM by BPO partners can ensure excellent productivity.

Current Issue Operations Workforce Management Strategy People Turnover Technology

To Blend or Not to Blend?

Can blending be an effective CX and productivity tool?

Current Issue Operations Strategy Technology Omnichannel

The Growing Value of Speech Technology

Speech continues to be the foundation of customer and employee interactions.

Operations Technology

The Hidden Role of Telecom

Modern telecom platforms and services are critical to supplying an excellent CX.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience Technology

Maximize Call-Back Technology and Thrive!

How call-backs can make positive customer and agent experiences.

Operations Technology

Is It the End of the Cold Call?

Can the right data, sound practices, and the cloud regenerate this customer contact method?

Operations People Technology Member Exclusive

Unlocking the Door to Loyalty

AI solutions are key to consistent, personalized service.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Meet Your Future Contact Center Superstar

How AI bots retain, attract customers and grow revenues.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

How the New Normal Impacts Retail

Contact center customer service issues, best practices, and trends

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Turnover Technology Self-Service

Canada’s Modernizing Payment Systems

Customers, companies, and workers alike will benefit from these improvements.

Operations Technology

How to Prepare for Peak (And Return) Season

Conversational AI engagement platforms can help shoulder the load.

Operations Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence

Safely Continuing Customer Contact

How contact centers can lower disaster risks in the new normal.

Operations Strategy Technology Remote Work Operations Editor's Picks

Is Your Center Really Resilient?

Self-Assess and Take the Next Step in Resiliency Readiness.

Operations Strategy People Technology Remote Work Strategy

Evolving the Contact Center

How disruption like AI, personalization, and multicloud are driving positive change.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Do We Know Clouds (Contact Centers)?

Understanding this technology environment.

Operations Strategy Technology

Contact Center Forecast: Increased Cloudiness?

Contact center applications continue to be sourced from the cloud and here’s why.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience Technology Vendor Roundtable

Back to School…

Time to Review the Role of Service Level.

Operations Workforce Management People Technology

Disruptive Disruptors Disrupting

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to solve today’s customer and employee experience challenges.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Omnichannel Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Making Virtual Training Engaging

How to ensure this essential training technique is interactive and effective.

Operations People Hiring Technology Remote Work People

Keeping the Customer Promise

EFG Companies has won multiple Stevie Awards since 2014 for its excellent customer service.

Operations People Development Technology Self-Service

Steering around the Staffing Rapids

New legislation targets implicit biases, potential harmful technology.

Operations People Hiring Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Operations

Taking the Leap to Success in 2022

Every big leap takes the right timing, careful planning,
intention, a clear goal, and focus.

Strategy People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence

How to Manage Multiple Evolving Channels

Effective technology application, agent recruitment and training are critical to help customers conduct complex interactions.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Hiring Development Technology Omnichannel

Rise of the Chatbots

How contact centers can employ chatbots effectively.

Operations People Development Technology

Uncover the Value of Digital Self-Service CX

Here are several best practices to obtain the business benefits from these channels.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Routing Right

Contact centers need to focus their technologies on satisfying customers and deliver memorable CXs.

Operations Technology Workforce Optimization Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

Contacting for Customers

Well-planned (and compliant) outbound customer contact is becoming critical to support an excellent CX.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Remote Work Operations Vendor Roundtable

Critical Tools to Make Outbound Succeed

Outbound customer contact is a vital component of enabling outstanding customer experiences.

Operations People Technology Omnichannel Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways to Manage Risk

Incorporate training, inter-department communications, mobile, data focus, and compliance as part of the brand.

Operations People Development Technology

WFH for B2B?

Not a few business-serving contact centers have also moved home, but will they stay there?

Operations Virtual Contact Centers People Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Operations

Protecting Data, Payments, Providing Positive CX

Companies must walk a fine line between adopting new technology and maintaining consumer trust.

Operations People Technology Data Security Remote Work Operations

Filling the Knowledge Gap

How organizations should respond when the knowledge to help customers becomes more complex.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

From the Heart

Heart & Stroke’s Resuscitation Support Centre supports the instructors who teach others how to save lives.

Operations People Culture Technology Staffing Remote Work Operations

Helping the Centers That Help Others

Nonprofit organizations’ contact centers have been struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are strategies to assist in the new normal.

Operations Strategy People Technology

Sorry, No Magic Cure-All to Turnover

A combination of work-life balance, learning opportunities, and supporting technologies may be the best Rx.

Operations People Development Turnover Technology Remote Work People

Protecting Your Most Sensitive Data

Use automated conversational redaction of audio and transcripts for compliance and training.

Operations Strategy People Technology Data Security

Is Cybersecurity Your High Priority?

Methods, tools, and common-sense practices to prevent data breaches through contact centers.

Operations People Technology Data Security

Maintaining Compliance With MFA

Biometrics are the best path forward for contact centers.

Operations People Technology Data Security

The Door to Personalized (and Secure) CXs

AI-powered biometric authentication limits entry to fraudsters.

Operations People Technology Data Security Artificial Intelligence

Changing the Business Experience

Automation, digitization, WFH, and rising expectations are reshaping the business customer experience.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Work from Home... Are You Sure of the Future?

It’s time to conduct an in-depth review of three WFH factors: benefits, trade-offs, and risks.

Operations Strategy People Hiring Technology Remote Work Operations

Mining for Productivity

How task mining and RPA can help agent productivity, and ultimately the customer experience in contact centers.

Operations People Development Technology

DaaS to the Desktops

How secure desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions help agents work productively from anywhere.

People Technology Remote Work Technology

Enabling Excellent Omnichannel Experiences

A desktop solution can streamline customer service and support and gain an advantage over the competition.

Operations People Technology Omnichannel

Helping Agents Helping Customers

How AI-enabled virtual agent assistant solutions can improve the agent experience with customers.

Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Taking Service to the Next Level

Intelligent automation shows the way up for agents and customers.

Operations People Technology

Strengthening the B2B CX

B2B companies face changes in their customer experiences. Q&A with Dennis Reno, Cyara.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Remote Work Strategy

Adjusting Strategies in the New Normal

Customer empowerment and workforce shortages are prompting changes in CRM software use.

Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Analyzing the Analytics

Analytics software is critical for contact centers. So, what lies ahead?

Current Issue Operations People Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence

Adjusting Headsets for the New Normal

Remote/hybrid working, health concerns, and video are changing headsets and how they are used.

Operations Technology Remote Work People

Headsets: The Call Floor Perspective

Here’s what agents want from headsets, and issues with them.

Operations People Technology Remote Work Technology

Supporting the Agent/Customer Experience

An AI-first approach keeps contact centers—and their agents—running efficiently and effectively.

Operations People Technology Staffing Artificial Intelligence

Conversational AI: The Contact Center’s Superpower

How artificial intelligence can assist agents in their customer interactions.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing Agent Performance

How AI-driven behavioral analytics can improve the experience of agents in the new normal.

Operations People Performance Management Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Is the Support Experience Part of Your CX Strategy?

In this subscription economy era, investing in your support organization is revenue-critical.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Laura Sikorski on Analytics

Contact center operations and technology authority Laura Sikorski offers her insights on buying and using analytics applications.

Operations Technology

Connecting the Machine and Human

Why taking a hybrid knowledge and a framework approach to customer service works.

Operations Strategy Customer Experience People Technology Artificial Intelligence

Locating Contact Centers in the New Normal

Labor market pressures could bring contact centers back to the U.S. or to nearshore countries.

Strategy People Technology Remote Work Strategy

The New Resource for Contact Center Staffing

Individuals with disabilities who also have mobility challenges provide an excellent workforce.

Operations People Hiring Technology Remote Work People

SPECIAL REPORT: Biden Administration Acts to Improve the U.S. Government CX

President Biden signed an executive order committing to customer experience (CX) improvements with 17 federal agencies.

Current Issue Operations Strategy Customer Experience Technology

Designing Inclusive Contact Center Experiences

Connecting customers and employees with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, and required by law, but it also makes business sense.

Operations People Hiring Technology

Filling The Performance Gaps

Coaching, training, empowerment, and AI-driven solutions can help retain staff and improve the contact center.

Strategy Customer Experience People Development Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Strategy

Writing Well When Your Attention is Divided

These 10 tips will enable you to focus on your message.

People Technology

Making the Most Out of Your CCaaS Investment

The cloud can successfully modernize the contact center only by moving methodically to it.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

The New Normal: Navigating Change, Disruption

Contact centers face an array of developing issues that fortunately there are strategies and tools that can help.

Operations Virtual Contact Centers Technology Remote Work Operations

Optimizing the ASR Experience

Successfully engaging with contact centers through speech recognition is more complicated than talking to computers through the now-common personal devices.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Working on Workforce Issues

Leading industry suppliers discuss post-COVID-19 pandemic contact center trends and how they are driving workforce solutions.

Operations Workforce Management Strategy Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Operations

Why Customer Experience Matters

When agents realize their impact on CX, they can deliver better outcomes for everyone.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence White Papers

Loosening the Labor Squeeze

How automation can help your contact center have the agents available for your customers.

Strategy Technology Artificial Intelligence

Is the Picture Bright for Video?

Video is widely used for internal communications, but will it grow for customer contact?

Operations Collaboration Strategy Customer Experience Technology Remote Work Technology

Will Video “Kill” the Call Center Agent?

Video promises to enhance collaboration but risks appearance, possible discrimination issues.

Operations Collaboration Strategy Customer Experience Technology Remote Work Technology

Guiding Your Cloud Implementation

The guardrails that keep your technology project on track.

Operations Technology

An Executive Interview With OpenText's Alex Martinez

Executive Interview with Alex Martinez, OpenText’s Senior Product Marketing Manager

Strategy Customer Experience Technology White Papers

Three Rules to Win the 2021 Holiday Season

Empowerment, AI, and soft skill coaching could help you score points with customers.

Operations Technology Artificial Intelligence

Mastering the Hybrid Retail Experience

Cross-channel conversational AI can help open consumers’ wallets.

Operations Technology Self-Service Artificial Intelligence

Hanging on the Telephone

Many contact centers are exploring methods of migrating customers to other channels.

Strategy Customer Experience Technology

Lifting Innovation With Cloud WFM

In the post-COVID-19 contact center, cloud is a given, as is the need for holistic WFM.

Operations Workforce Management Technology

Toward a Customer Experience Hub

Embracing, and implementing, customer experience management (CXM) is key

Technology White Papers

Unified Communications. Single-Sourced. Always On—Instant Communications.

Unified Communications and contact center solutions, delivered from the cloud, will enable your company to use both capabilities

Technology Unified Communications White Papers

Preventing Your Customers from Ghosting You

Knowledge, relevance, AI tools can banish the specter

Technology Artificial Intelligence

AI-Enabled Agent Assessment: Now It’s a Reality

With the industry norm of only 5% of calls being listened to, the risks are becoming increasingly high for issues to be missed.

Technology Artificial Intelligence White Papers

This 1¢ Piece of Paper Is Costing Your Contact Center Millions

Are your agents filling in the gaps in your process with sticky notes?

Technology White Papers


It seems like the one constant in the contact center industry is change, and the ch-ch-changes we’ve seen over the past nearly two years are unprecedented.


Silver Linings: How the Pandemic Fueled Positive Changes to Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence and contact center agents can work shoulder-to-shoulder as they create secure, superior customer experiences.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Contact Center Absenteeism: More Flexibility Is the Cure

Intelligent automation technology is uniquely positioned to promote critical connections between agents and the organization, particularly in a remote environment.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Executive Interview with ProcedureFlow

Instead of text-heavy knowledge base articles and documents, ProcedureFlow uses a visual guide to provide agents with the processes they need when they need them.

Technology White Papers

Virtual or Real? Reality Bites!

This year there was more time to plan, more time to think through what a virtual conference should look like, and perhaps get creative in terms of how a virtual conference could be presented.


Low-Code/No-Code AI-Enabled Chatbots

There has been a recent influx in flexible DIY chatbot solutions, such as IVAs, to bring the power of conversational AI to the hands of business users.

Technology Self-Service Artificial Intelligence Editor's Picks

CX Is About to Change (Again)

Customer interactions are about to get a lot more complicated. It’s the job of contact center agents and CX experts to make those experiences feel simple.

Technology Omnichannel Self-Service Artificial Intelligence Editor's Picks

5 Ways Contact Centers Can Best Serve Customers and Grow Their Business

High employee satisfaction is the foundation of high customer satisfaction. You cannot have one without the other.

Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Getting Your Technology on Track

Countless centers wind up with manual workarounds because things don’t talk to each other as promised.


From WFO to WEM

WEM tools serve to motivate, enable and empower contact center workers.

Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence

How to Ensure Your Live Chat Experience Is as Secure as It Is Seamless

Not all SaaS solutions are created the same—nor do they hold themselves to the same compliance standards.

Technology Data Security

Creating a Sustainable Work-from-Home Contact Center

The hard part is done—the decision to transition to work from home as a staffing strategy to a work strategy—and we know it works!

Technology Unified Communications Workforce Optimization Remote Work Technology

Turning Lessons from the Past into a Blueprint for the Future-Proofed Contact Center

Modern contact centers must be flexible and have the agility to respond and scale to match any number of challenges.

Technology Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Operations Technology

Record it All: Unlocking the Value Within Voice Data

The cost structure of legacy call recording technology is being destroyed by the cloud and open APIs. The move from pipes to platforms is on.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcing Your Work-From-Home Team's Cybersecurity Foundation

An alert, educated remote workforce adds considerable strength to your cybersecurity defenses.

Technology Data Security COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Operations People Technology

Support Technology without an Analyst Is Like a Car without a Driver

The support analyst function is not an ‘in your spare time’ role. It’s a mission-critical component of any technology solution.

Technology Staffing

Games People Play

Gamification is a powerful tool in motivating workforces and breathing life into the disconnected, remote atmosphere created by WFH models.

Technology Workforce Optimization COVID-19 Remote Work Agent Motivation Remote Work Technology

Demystifying AI in the Contact Center

The key to capitalizing on the promise of AI is understanding that AI isn’t one monolithic piece of software, but instead represents a family of approaches and capabilities that serve...

Technology Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

Where Does AI Fit in Your Contact Center Strategy?

AI shouldn’t be about replacing people; instead, it’s about asking yourself how you can use the technology to partner with and enhance human teams.

Technology Artificial Intelligence White Papers

Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap

Companies aren’t able to close the Engagement Capacity Gap by simply hiring more people because hiring more people isn’t scalable.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Customer Experience & Fraud Prevention: Dueling Priorities for Today’s Contact Centers

The desire to offer a low-effort, simple experience while also deterring fraud has made identity verification the number one challenge businesses face.

Technology Data Security

How to Make Tech Support Faster and Easier—for Both Customers and Agents

When live-agent capabilities are combined with smart technologies, customers get faster service and first-call resolution rates increase.

Technology Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

Biometrics Can Do More Than Fight Fraud

The human voice is one of the safest ways to verify a
customer’s identity.


The Whole World Is Going Digital. So Why Is your Buying Process Still Analog?

A true CXSP partners with all of the top CCaaS vendors—not just one or two, as in the past—creating a truly unbiased approach.

Technology White Papers

COVID-Era Phone Fraud Demands Omnichannel Response

IVR security technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the past several years, but many contact centers have been slow to implement the latest and greatest advances.

Technology Omnichannel Data Security COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

Artificial Intelligence—The Post-Pandemic Contact Center Superhero

It’s time for our own superhero in the contact center industry. I nominate inefficiency as the villain in this superhero story and contact center automation as the superhero.

Technology Artificial Intelligence COVID-19

Equipping the Enterprise for the AI-Powered Human Agent Era

While analyzing all these inputs in real-time, these solutions can trigger guidance to the agent and alert a supervisor where necessary to improve the interaction outcome.

Technology Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence COVID-19

Turning Disruption into Opportunity

Rather than reset for ‘back to normal,’ embracing today’s operational cornerstones can lay a strong foundation for future success.

Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Technology

Is It Time to BYOC (Be or Bring Your Own Carrier)?

With cloud-native communications platforms, enterprises don’t have to tie themselves to legacy telecom carriers that could limit their autonomy, flexibility and variety of services.

Technology Unified Communications

Three Ways to Make Your Customers Happy with a Digital-First Strategy

The mindset that brands are beginning to adopt with respect to customer care is, at its core, relatively simple. They are beginning to think from the customer’s perspective.

Technology Artificial Intelligence COVID-19

8x8 and Aryaka: Bringing the World Closer, Together

The future of enterprise communications rests on improving employee and customer experience. This means breaking down barriers between the contact center, organization, and outside world.

Technology Unified Communications White Papers

Inside View: Michael Lawder, Chief Experience Officer, ASAPP

Companies end up spending a lot of energy trying to reduce costs, deflect customer interactions and retain customers without having to spend money on them.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Three Steps to Acing AI-Human Interactions

Consumers expect immediate assistance with hyper-personalized advice regardless of how they engage with your brand.

Technology Omnichannel Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 Consumer Behavior and Fraud Shifts Continue to Challenge Contact Center Agents

One in four businesses saw fraud attempts increase in their call centers, which often are a vulnerable, enticing access point for fraudsters.

Technology Data Security COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

Unexpected Lessons from the 2020 Contact Center

Today’s contact centers are not only battle-hardened, they have laid the foundation for the next generation of success.

Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

Top Seven Call Center Software Requirements for the “Now Normal”

Given the last eight months of global turmoil, it’s easy to forget that contact centers already had a long list of compelling reasons to change.

Technology Unified Communications Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

The New Digital Customer Engagement for the New (Ab)Normal

The same old limited digital service capabilities do not cut it in the new environment.

Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence White Papers COVID-19

Davy Crockett, Analytics and the New Frontier

It is clear that the old brick-and-mortar ways will have to step aside in favor of the power of analytics.

Technology Artificial Intelligence Remote Work Technology

Speech Analytics and Modernizing Agent Performance Measurement with the Customer in Mind

Our data shows that many customers actually appreciate being placed on hold if it’s done in the right manner.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Seven Ways Next-Gen Knowledge Management Is Helping Organizations Respond at the Pace of Change

This automated, intelligent and efficient way to connect people to knowledge, ushering in a new era of ‘Knowledge Anywhere,’ has never come at a better time.

Technology Self-Service Artificial Intelligence

What to Do After Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Cloud-based systems make it possible for enterprises to scale quickly in a way that is critical during times of economic uncertainty.


Evolving Challenges Require Evolving Solutions

With agents working from different locations, at disparate times and with varied workplace environments, agility will be a hallmark of successful agent management moving forward.

Technology Omnichannel Remote Work Technology

Transform Your Contact Center from an Expense to a Revenue Source

53% of customers don’t care whether they interact with a chatbot or a human, as long as their question gets answered.

Technology Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence White Papers

Buyer’s Guide to Contact Center Technology: Scope and Sourcing

Some of the key differences between cloud and premise are blurring as vendors offer (and downright encourage!) purchase models based on subscription pricing.

Technology Unified Communications

I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

The flexibility to pivot and transform work, processes and personnel quickly is accelerated in the cloud.

Technology Remote Work Technology

The New World for Contact Centers May Be Where We Were Already Headed

While we may not want to use the pandemic as our permanent technology adoption playbook, it has certainly allowed us to practice a rapid approach to digital transformation.

Technology Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

Wall of Fame: Verint

In recognition and appreciation to Verint, our September 2020 Wall of Fame Sponsor.

Technology Wall of Fame

How to Get the Best Headsets for Amazon Connect

The contact center can be a tough environment. Lots of noise, all-day use, agents coming and going, and lots of wear and tear.

Technology White Papers

Rebooting Your Workforce Management Strategy

The world of workforce management is changing more rapidly than at any other time in our history.

Technology White Papers Remote Work Technology

How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Are Leading the Transition to the Intelligent Enterprise

Having proven their mettle and efficacy on the customer front lines, [IVAs] are quickly graduating to a manager role in the organization.

Technology Self-Service Artificial Intelligence

Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Solutions

Pricing is primarily about licensing—except when it’s not! Market disruptions have created an interesting mix of possibilities, and you must spend the time to find the best fit for...


Changes in Contact Center Latitudes, Changes in AI Attitudes

The industry’s hesitant approach to AI before the pandemic is poised to become a much more confident near-term march toward AI deployment.

Technology Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Remote Work Technology

Cloud-Based Communication Tools Key to Maintaining Contact Center Operations

At a time when many companies are grappling with how their technology investments impact their bottom line, providing the highest quality of customer support must remain a key initiative.

Technology COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Technology

Why the Call Center Was Already Collapsing—Even Before COVID-19

Phone-based support was already struggling to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. Facing the strain of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s simply no longer viable.

Technology White Papers COVID-19 Vendor Services Remote Work Technology

Redefining the Work Experience

Mobile WFM communications help keep home agents engaged in the scheduling process and part of the team.

Technology White Papers COVID-19 Vendor Services Remote Work Technology

Automation: The Contact Center’s Grocer

One common misconception about virtual assistants is that they are ‘all or nothing,’ meaning that the goal should be to fully automate a customer interaction.

Virtual Contact Centers Technology Artificial Intelligence

Hiring Work-at-Home Agents After the Coronavirus Crisis: What’s Next

WAH agents don’t just have to be wired technically, they need to be properly wired emotionally.

Virtual Contact Centers Technology Staffing COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Technology

Knowledge Management: Four Selection Criteria to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

This ability to be wherever a customer’s journey starts or ends gives KM solutions the unique ability to fulfill the true holy grail for customer experience-savvy organizations: increasing...

Technology Self-Service Assisted Service

Analytics-Infused Training: How to Nurture Agent Growth and Customer Happiness

Automated analytics software can give contact center managers a complete picture of a customer interaction by looking at patterns in speech, desktop and text interactions.


Important Trends in Workforce Management Technology

Rich in historical metrics, WFM is prime for the implementation of artificial intelligence and analytics.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

The New CX Imperative: Serving the Values-Based Consumer with a Heaping Helping of Digital Empathy

Digital empathy happens when companies ‘listen’ to customer behavior across channels, learn from it and apply their knowledge to improve a customer’s digital experience.

Technology Omnichannel

Cloud-Based Dialer Checklist

Cloud-based systems open a whole new world of features. Make sure you know what to ask for when you are evaluating a new dialing system.

Technology White Papers

Accomplishing Call Center Transformation with Unified Communications Softphones

Enabling human agents is a perennial challenge in the contact center industry, particularly in terms of supporting the need for remote working without compromising productivity.

Technology Unified Communications Remote Work Technology

AI and KM: From Knowledge Management to Knowledge Automation

An AI-infused KM system delivers “knowledge at your fingertips,” making it easy for customers to access the right information 24/7.

Technology Artificial Intelligence White Papers

Coronavirus = Business Continuity Plan

Do you have the appropriate technology for your staff to work from home during a disease outbreak?

Technology White Papers COVID-19 Remote Work

How to Promote Customer Loyalty in the Age of Complexity

If removing friction from the customer journey is your goal, then it’s time to consider using intelligent automation.

Technology Self-Service White Papers COVID-19 Customer Retention

The Roarin' Twenties Redux

The more I researched the Roarin’ Twenties of a century ago, the more I began thinking that we may be on the cusp of a Roarin’ Twenties of our own. This could be a decade that defines the current...


Transform Your CX from Good to Great by Treating Your Agents Right

The study found that the number of channels agents are balancing is the second most common stressor (67%), just behind the amount of paid time off they receive (75%).

Technology Omnichannel

Executive Interview with LogMeIn’s Ryan Lester

There are so many opportunities in these little moments that customers have when they’re calling into a contact center or engaging with a frontline employee to make things better—and...

Technology Artificial Intelligence White Papers

Turning Up the Heat on the Contact Center: A Fireside Chat

Without a doubt, 2020 will surface more ways, both practical and innovative, to leverage AI and improve both customer and employee experience.


Why Online Scripting Is So Important to Your Call Center Success

Having your scripting online is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your sales or customer service agents.

People Performance Management Technology

How to Implement CCPA Without Impacting Customer Service

No one likes to jump through hoops to get the information they’re looking for, so if the identity verification process is rife with unnecessary speed bumps, customer experience is going to...

Technology Data Security

Things I Wish Someone Would Invent

I’ve been around the telecommunications industry for a very long time, and I’ve seen many successful products and software solutions that were once thought impossible.

Technology Software Platforms

The Gig Economy Effect: Addressing New Expectations and Requirements for Contact Centers

This new uber-heterogenous mix of full-time, part-time, contract and virtual agents has made the sheer act of scheduling center resources exponentially more difficult and complex.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Boost ROI by Enhancing Agent Performance

With the right knowledge and tools, companies can provide great mentoring for all their CSRs even if large numbers of people need to be mentored simultaneously.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Contact Center 2020: Yesterday and Today

There are some interesting parallels in the contact center in terms of how technologies can transition while still relying on the tenets that made them important in the first place.


The Contact Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

The future of the contact center is both humans and bots working in harmony to deliver efficient service—all in the name of happier customers.

Technology Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

A Checklist for Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Given that a contact center is often the first touchpoint for many customers, it’s crucial that any new technology runs smoothly in a test environment before being deployed for customers in...

Technology Vendor - Management Software Platforms Data Security COVID-19 Remote Work Remote Work Technology

Want to Improve Employee Engagement? Technology Can Help!

Sample questions on employee engagement surveys consistently fail to mention technology.


Analytics Coming of Age

Despite all the talk about the value of analytics, most companies still struggle to understand the practical ways they can benefit from it and how to implement it.

Software Platforms

Three Major Predictions for the 2020 Contact Center

As expectations continue to evolve, and technology advances at an increasingly fast pace, the one constant contact center leaders need to prepare for in 2020 is further change.

Technology Unified Communications Assisted Service Artificial Intelligence

Use Agent Voice DNA to Improve Contact Center Hiring Results

We couldn’t help but notice how the voice qualities of the agent seemed to have a strong influence on each call’s outcome.

Technology Software Platforms Assisted Service

Predictive CX Trends for Both Customer and Business Success

This partnering of technology and human interaction delivers superior results compared to using either approach on its own.

Technology Artificial Intelligence

Coaching Automated: Improving Agent Engagement Pays Off

Coaching—on top of training—is that essential element needed for agents to want to go the extra mile and provide great service.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Everybody Has Data, But What Are You Doing With It?

Data has always been important, but the needs and opportunities are growing.

Technology Software Platforms

Workforce Automation: The Strategic Savings Solution

Workforce automation gives leaders a unique opportunity to turn their daily center challenges into significant savings.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

True Confessions

If asked what the differentiator for Saddletree has been for the past 20 years, I’d have to say it’s the kind of relationships I’ve built with so many of my clients.


Balancing Customer Experience with Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

Seventy-eight percent of Americans strongly believe that organizations need to protect their information, a 16% increase over last year.

Technology Data Security

How AI Can Make the Holidays Bright

Automated scheduling solutions can intelligently pinpoint exactly when and where additional staff is needed.

Technology Workforce Optimization Artificial Intelligence

Voice in the Contact Center: The Heart of the Matter

Analytics has brought an unprecedented degree of intelligence—yes, I’ll say it—artificial intelligence (AI), to the call-routing process.


Consumers Demand More Data Privacy Protections—California Responds

Consumers are up in arms about violations of their privacy and legislators have taken notice.

Strategy Data Security

Workforce Management Evolution

WFM is an operating culture and philosophy, not just software.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Virtual Assistants Can Be Your Agents’ Best Friends

Non-real-time tasks are good “test beds” that advance learning while shielding customers and agents from bumps.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Eight Days a Week: The Always-On Contact Center

Sixty percent of consumers globally expect to be able to engage with an organization at any time and on any channel.

People Culture Workplace Environment Technology Software Platforms Artificial Intelligence COVID-19 Customer Retention

KISS Method: “Keep It Simple with Speech”

The fact that you can now buy inexpensive, powerful, yet ‘easier-to-operate’ speech tools with impressive NLP platforms is changing the landscape.

Technology Software Platforms Assisted Service

How Embracing Digital Customer Service Can Create Brand Advocates

Digital-first customer service doesn’t mean ‘digital only,’ or that the first channel the customer uses will be the most effective at solving his or her issue.

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Three Ways to Boost ROI from Tech Investment

Automating a significant portion of basic call center activity creates an opportunity to fundamentally redefine the role of human agents, as well significantly increase the value they deliver to a...

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Making Employee Experience a Priority in a Customer-Centric World

Why don’t companies offer the same respect and dedicated effort they apply to resolve their customers’ poor experience to fix their employees’ poor experience?

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What, Exactly, Makes for Great CX?

A great customer experience results from combining (1) knowledge with (2) time savings in a way that (3) fits the customer’s personality.

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Executive Interview with Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem

Thirty seconds on hold is much different to a customer who is waiting than to an agent who is seeking assistance.

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Time to Get Really Excited about Self-Service

Now we are on the cusp of great change with what technology can do for self-service, and it’s not just the same old thing.

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Robocalls? Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Harmonica Player

The practice of spoofing has gotten so inexpensive that it has grown exponentially, leading to the proliferation of these calls and the nearly nonstop ringing of the phone.

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How Technology is Paving the Path to Workplace Wellness

As managers, your job is to elicit the ‘right’ behavior at scale, repeatedly.Automation, once viewed as a threat to workers and their jobs, is now an ally.

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Four Ways to Attract and Retain Millennial Agents

Because of today’s healthy economy, millennial job-seekers can be selective. They will seek out organizations that best meet their vision as ideal employers.

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Time to Try Omnichannel… Again

Few can truly rebuild, but you can get on a cohesive path instead of just adding the next channel in isolation.

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A Memo About Your Demo

When a proposal has been submitted and the vendor selected to move to the next level of the purchase process, isn’t it a good idea to focus on what was proposed?

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Does Your Credit Union Need a Merger to Deliver Omnichannel Service?

‘Future-ready’ includes the capability to deliver superior service by whatever channels members choose to reach their credit unions.

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Cognitive Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence and Music Nerds

Initially, the big focus was on replacing resources but the real action will be in agent augmentation, where technology and humans work hand-in-hand to deliver better experiences.

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Hiring for Retention: Using AI to Predict Which Job Candidates Will Be Successful

BPVA technology doesn’t track personalities per se. Rather, it tracks personality patterns as measured on scales such as risk-taking, well-being, conscientiousness, positive behaviors and coping...


Making AI Work in the Contact Center

Investing in AI without an outcome-oriented plan in place can have significant consequences for your business.

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Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

A typical call center supervisor may review five calls per agent per month, but that same agent may have handled over 1,000 interactions during that same time frame.

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Collaboration Just Might Be Your Silver Bullet

One good option for real-time communication in the CC is a “Help” queue.

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Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey

More than discovering what customers are talking about, sentiment analysis lets users know how the customer feels.

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Let’s Chat About Chatbots

The best deployments use chatbots selectively, leverage AI and seamlessly hand off any collected information.

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Enhance Your Customer Support with Video

Screen recordings give clients an actual look into the process that they’ll need to recreate, guiding them through example.

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Be Proactive in Protecting Customer Data

The most significant security risk to a company’s data or systems comes from within—human error.

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Target Those Manual Processes with Automation

Way too many centers still have way too many manual process steps, negatively impacting the customer experience and the cost of doing business.

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How AI Is Reducing Handle Time and Improving the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the traditional role of knowledge sharing in contact centers and reducing the burden on humans to make KM effective.

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Chatbots in the Contact Center

Brands that have successfully implemented chatbots have taken a hybrid approach, with AI helping to make human interactions more effective and more impactful.

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Win the Fight for a Better Desktop

Build awareness of the risks and impacts of a bad desktop and show your business and IT leaders that you have a problem.


Seamless Self-Service Starts in the Contact Center

Modern consumers want to self-service if they can do so in an efficient and effective manner.

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Unymira Q&A

Providing a broad range of technology options allows us to fulfill our clients’ knowledge management needs across maturity levels.

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Automation, AI and Analytics: Big Data Gets Bigger

Big Data relies on analytics to create value from data of all sorts, and analytics’ superpower is to detect patterns.

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Guide to a Successful Vendor Relationship

Lasting vendor relationships are not driven by contracts and handshakes. They are built on consistent relationship processes.

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It’s Time to Rethink Your Approach to Supporting Customer Service Agents

If tools aren’t supporting your agents, your agents cannot support customers.

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Speech Analytics in 2019 and Beyond: With Change Comes Opportunity

If you don’t know the specifics behind the metrics and conversations going on within your company, it’s hard to make a quality plan to move your goal forward in the most effective way...

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Innovative Training for the Contact Center

Practicing skills over time optimizes the process of learning, and when practice is enriched by feedback, it transforms knowledge into successful on-the-job performance.


How to Excel with Performance Management Tools and Processes

Too often, the dominant ‘tool’ is Excel, and that is not cutting it for quality monitoring feedback, performance scorecards, weekly reports or anything else the typical center needs to manage...

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Voice-First Experiences Offer Help in the Moment

Understanding the nuances of the customer contact will help determine the best interactions for voice-assisted help.

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Does AI Make Agents Happier?

Enabling AI to perform tasks that previously required human focus and effort will free up your employees to perform more valuable work.

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How to Put Your Machine Data to Work

To derive meaningful insights and drive relevant actions from this data, it must be organized, structured and made accessible—all on a single platform.

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Contact Center 2019: There’s an App for That

We are also seeing clear indications that contact center buyers are starting to think along the lines of choosing the app/solution they want regardless of whether or not it is native to their...

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Building Customer Trust: 3 Tips That Will Make a Big Difference

Understanding as much about a complaint as early as possible can really help to ensure an appropriate response.

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What’s New and What’s Next for Your Center?

Most centers have ample opportunity to improve—and technology can help in the pursuit of change.


Could Your New Seasonal Employee Be a Robot?

RPA can be that helping hand in the contact center to eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks, reduce hold time and after-call work, and help agents and seasonal workers onboard and get up to...

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How AI Will Change the Nature of Contact Center Work

Organizations are forging ahead with plans for AI deployments and automation projects. Do you have a plan in place to transform the people and process side of the equation?

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ROI, ROI, Wherefore Art Thou ROI?

How to show the impact and value of your contact center technology.

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CX Satisfaction Starts with Your Brand Advocates

Empower agents to provide insightful, proactive service by unlocking the power of customer data.


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Compliance and the Contact Center: A Proactive Approach Works Best

New technologies and best practices for an increasingly complex compliance environment.

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Now You Can Shop at the Contact Center App Marketplace!

Virtual marketplaces for contact center solutions are growing in popularity.

Strategy Technology

How to Elevate Your Customer and Agent Experience

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with a single channel to reach your contact center.

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You Can’t Afford Not to Pursue Knowledge Management

Without someone focused on optimizing knowledge, it can quickly grow stale and ineffective in meeting agent needs.

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Measuring and Achieving FCR

First-contact resolution can be hard to measure and achieve. A look at tools that can play a key role in reaching your FCR goals.


The Evolution of Customer Service: Landline to AI

We’ve come a long way since landline telephones were the main point of contact. How will consumer expectations and technology impact the contact center’s present and future growth and...


Why It’s Time for Your Contact Center to Embrace Omnichannel

Customers expect the same level of service no matter how they contact you. They don’t view your brand as a series of channels, rather they see it as one cohesive unit.

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Take Action on the Customer Journey for Enhanced CX Satisfaction and Loyalty

There is a lot of power in being able to jump in and help shape the customer journey to be more direct and with less “turbulence.”

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What to Do with Your IVR?

Many old, bad IVRs are idling away as businesses look the other way—but customers feel the pain every day. It’s time to do something!


Leveraging Digital Channels

Companies still view their products and services as point solutions instead of thinking about the entire ecosystem that the devices live in.

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Imagining the Possibilities with AI

Remember that AI is not going to just run on its own. You need people involved for the “human-assisted learning” to determine how to act on the insights and opportunities the system discovers.

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The Case for Technology in an Understaffed World

No technology is a silver bullet, but many tools can make a dent in the key things that contribute to understaffing.

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What to Look for in a Secure Headset

Audio technology purchases for confidential environments, such as those in the financial services industry, are not a simple decision and can’t be treated as a mere add-on to a network.

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Why It’s Time for Your Company to Embrace Omnichannel

It’s important to ensure that whether it’s the human interacting with the customer, or it’s the digital interaction, or it’s the bot, your customers are getting the same answers across all channels.

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Contact Centers and The Debate Over Personal Privacy

Businesses today have an incredible amount of customer data on their hands that needs to be handled and used responsibly.

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Employee Engagement and the Quality Management Renaissance

What we believe is driving this renewed interest, or renaissance, if you will, in QM is an industry focus on employee engagement that is driving the majority of operational changes in the contact...

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Scheduling Resources Through Communication and Collaboration

The new generation of workers have grown up using cell phones from an early age. So why not communicate with agents how they prefer?

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Simply Automating Isn’t Enough

There’s one final key to making self-service successful: trust.

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Mobile Apps for Agents

The mobile app keeps employees connected to goals, policy and culture—all those important aspects of a company that you sometimes don’t get to participate in when you work from home.

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Rosie the Robot Meets Margot the Wine Bot

Chatbots work best when the user has a clear idea of a question in mind, and that is usually the case in customer service.

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Focus on Well-being: The Benefits of Wireless Audio

Businesses need to adopt a holistic view of their practices to improve health and productivity.

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Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

Customer service is the anchor point of the current contact center landscape—the contact center unites every department, every role and every vision for success.

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Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop

Speech analytics isn’t “just” software. It’s an innovative methodology that can alter the way we think about solving problems.

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Babylon, Black Ink and Biometrics

In the contact center, authentication issues have become of paramount importance as such security techniques as passwords and ID numbers are increasingly proven to be ineffective in the fight...

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Meet Customer Expectations At Any Size!

Keep in mind that perfection can be the enemy of progress. The goal is to make continuous improvements in the customer experience while adjusting strategy, investments, processes and working...


Agent Engagement and the Customer Experience

When you consider the agent experience, make sure the tools you offer them are an integral part of your overall strategy and that they support increasing agent engagement and success.

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The State of the WFO Market

A core driver of all contact center solutions, is growth in the agent population. For the past five years, we have seen consistent growth in agent employment.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Social Engineering: 5 Steps to Protect Your Contact Center

Fraudsters have stepped up their methods by using multiple channels to coordinate and commit fraud.

Technology Data Security

Contact Center 2018: A Fireside Chat

The contact center has become a focal point of business intelligence.

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SIP In The Contact Center

While SIP isn’t the only way to deliver functionality centers seek, it is a good way, and sometimes the “best” way.

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Welcome to 2018! A Groundswell Is Rising. Are You Ready?

The era of clunky call recording, bad coaching and crappy scheduling is over.

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Coming Soon to a Contact Center Near You!

In just a couple years’ time—by 2020—messaging will be used more than voice and chat combined.

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What to Expect for Contact Centers in 2018

Expect to see businesses expand the role of the contact center as a competitive differentiator, with increased investments in technology modernization to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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A Deeper Look at Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Start by thinking of things like account number and social security number as identity only; these are not paths to authentication or verification in today’s data-compromised world.

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Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs

Special hearing needs can present an obstacle to performance in the contact center, since many hearing aids are incompatible with advanced audio technology.

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Can AI Replace the Call Center’s Human Agents?

There are some tasks that automated processes will never be able to accomplish with the same results or general efficiency as a human being.

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Cloud Ushers in “New Rules” for Technology Selection

Speed only works in your favor if tempered by a measure of control.

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UC Device Management Creates Greater ROI

Sophisticated device management platforms can also provide detailed visibility of both active and inactive devices, and produce reporting on device usage, allowing businesses to better manage...

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Are You Thankful for Your Customer Feedback Tool?

Insights from customer surveys must be connected with other data that you are capturing to understand whether or not you are moving the needle on customer experience.

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The ABCs of Robotic Process Automation

Robots can make the work that employees do easier, providing guidance in a “show me” mode to help them learn how to do certain transactions without leaving the phone or desktop for training.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Smartphones Rock the Contact Center

Visual guidance such as diagrams, forms, pictures and live videos will slowly supplant more sterile voice or text interactions.

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I Can See Clearly Now—Clearing the Contact Center Clouds

True cloud contact centers are built as cloud native platforms, not premises equipment that’s been moved to the cloud and offered at a monthly charge.

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Optimize Technology Value

Buy new where you must, but think first about how to use what you have well, or add to it to do more.


Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

Creating a dynamic culture that encourages employee engagement means addressing what’s important to contact center employees.

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PCI Compliance: An Overview of PCI Standards

As the amount of personal data entering the organization through the contact center increases, it is necessary that organizations provide a way to keep it secure.

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Leveraging UC and Collaboration

Create opportunities for more transparency and communication, as well as an employee community for enhanced collaboration, so work becomes more meaningful and interactive.

Technology Unified Communications

AI: Streamlining Contact Center Technology

Integrating AI into daily call center business operations has the potential to reshape the workplace and provide unimaginable opportunities for growth.

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Return of the Kachina! The 2017 Saddletree Research Kachina Awards

The most significant awards are those that not everyone wins,” she continued. “That means the company that won the award has truly differentiated itself and has earned external validation for its...

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What Keeps You up at Night?

Contact centers face a growing array of compliance requirements, rules and regulations for handling sensitive data.

Technology Data Security

Fast-Tracking Your Journey to Workforce Optimization: Tips for Mid-Sized Contact Centers

Open APIs for integration with existing or new systems give you the flexibility of choice in technologies.

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What Users Request Most in a Headset

Almost three-quarters (72%) of the respondents named this as the top criteria for deciding upon a headset brand.

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Don’t Equate Silence with Satisfaction

Even if not all companies can compete with big-budget blue-chip giants, there’s no excuse not to create good customer experiences.

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Hello, HAL! Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

While HAL was able to converse naturally with people on any imaginable topic, the conversational user experience with AI still isn’t there and probably won’t be anytime soon.

Technology Self-Service

Building a Resilient Contact Center

A few minutes outage can leave the center playing catch up on service level (and perhaps, customer satisfaction) all day. If minutes turn into hours, or become too frequent, where will customers...


Automation Generation

The contact center innovations of the past 40 years have succeeded in improving agent productivity and delivering a more satisfactory service to end users, but their record for substituting...

Technology Workforce Optimization

Technology Worth Following

You can’t fight changes in customer behavior, and as their expectations change we either keep pace or lose customers.


Attributes of an Effective Modern UC Headset

Effective audio solutions enhance modern office environments, maximizing the intended benefits of the collaborative workspace.

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Measuring Contact Center Effectiveness

Make sure leadership and support staff understand what you measure, why you measure it, and which actions are expected in response to the information.


Three Security Myths About Moving to the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is designed around productivity and integration, which means advanced encryption of all data, whether it’s in transit or at rest, and between apps, networks and users


Blending AI with Human Support

Freeing CSRs from repetitive manual tasks allows them to tap into their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to focus on transactions that require an emotional connection.


What’s Your Path and Device for Voice Communications?

Like it or not, your contact center is still a call center. It needs voice communication that is reliable and high quality, but adaptable to today’s varying staffing models.


Why Size Doesn’t Matter: No Business Is Too Small to Care About Customer Experience

Smaller companies cannot afford to fall into the trap of foregoing superior customer experiences simply because they don’t have the resources to compete toe-to-toe with barraising corporate...

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5 Ways Verint Mid-Market Solutions Can Help Your Business

What if the cost of workforce optimization software exceeds your budget, or you don’t need the robust feature set of an enterprise solution?

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A Q&A with Teleopti’s David Påhlman

Our attention to customer care and guidance throughout the first year or two of our partnership is what makes the difference for our customers.

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The 4 Steps to Replacing a Stale Coaching Program

Speech analytics, onscreen guidance, WFM and e-learning should be native to your platform, not independent of coaching.

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Strategy First in Technology Selection

Take a top-down strategic approach that keeps you in charge and focuses on what really matters to your center.

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The Personalized Service and Data Security Dilemma

Customers want to have the utmost confidence that you are protecting their data and treating it with the respect it deserves… even as you continue to gather more of it.

Technology Data Security

2016 Was a Busy Year for WFO Restructurings

In the future, the next big acquisition moves will not come from other WFO vendors but from the giant companies that sell software or services that analyze customer data.

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Need to Improve Your CX? Chatbots Should Be on Your Radar

Chatbots can make a big impact now, and as artificial intelligence evolves, your organization should be poised to evolve with it.


Don’t Settle: 4 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Contact Center Provider

A provider should be your partner in success, not just a company that sells you a service.

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Simplifying Remote Access

Enhancements in core technology and network connectivity, along with the proliferation of cloud systems, create a simplified approach to remote access to contact center systems.


Cool Hand Stew

Long-term relevance for Aspect was going to mean rethinking the product portfolio, rethinking how our enterprise customers are going to compete to maximize the value of their consumer...

Technology Vendor - Management

Are You Listening? Yes I am. Great, Now Act on What You Heard from Me!

Besides measuring standard contact center metrics, a majority of the organizations represented in the roundtable discussions are determining the appropriate customer experience (CX) metrics

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Chatbots—The Next Step in the Evolution of the Contact Center

Messaging a business directly is a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch with questions about products and services, appointments and customer support.


The Customer Journey in the Land of the Smartphone

The smartphone is becoming the ubiquitous and predominant tool for both self-service and assisted service. Join us on a compelling adventure that every contact center should plan for right now.

Technology Omnichannel

The Customer Journey in the Land of the Smartphone

The smartphone is becoming the ubiquitous and predominant tool for both self-service and assisted service

Technology Omnichannel

Technology’s Role in the Omnichannel Pursuit

Enterprises will not achieve an omnichannel customer experience with tools alone. Strategy comes first, followed by the process, integration and organizational elements to drive value from the...

Technology Omnichannel

Digital Feedback Management: The Next Chapter for Customer Experience

When used in conjunction with other feedback channels, digital feedback can provide unique insights into the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ that traditional surveys offer.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Dissecting the Customer Experience Management Market

With software, it’s not always easy to separate a CXM solution from other applications intertwined and provided in the same platform.

Technology Omnichannel


Contact center managers get a 360-degree view of customer call interactions and a big picture look at agent productivity for intelligent analysis and decision-making.

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Working Together to Optimize Technology

A stalemate can occur when the center wants IT to educate them on what’s possible and IT wants the center to define what they want or need.

Technology Staffing

The Year Ahead: 17 on ’17

Manage your future, your visibility and your value by contextualizing all contact center activities in the framework of customer experience—only then will the most senior levels of the...

Operations Strategy People Technology Strategic management People management Operations management

A Predilection for Predictive Predictions

Predictive analytics isn’t yet a mass-market solution, but it’s only a matter of time before the mass market realizes the power of predictive analytics and that changes.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Moving Beyond Phone Calls: WFM in an Omnichannel World

Omnichannel is not about everyone taking every media; it’s about managing all media effectively and creating a ‘seamless, integrated’ customer experience as they use their...

Technology Omnichannel Workforce Optimization

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Find areas of opportunity to decrease customer effort or automate mundane tasks for your customers.

Technology Self-Service

IoT Has Arrived, But Has Your Customer Service Offering?

Connected devices are just that—connected—and the number of linked brands, services and products makes delivering support all the more challenging.

Strategy Service Delivery Technology Omnichannel Strategic management

Rocket Man

The numbers are extraordinary and Calabrio has become an industry force to be reckoned with under Goodmanson’s leadership.

Technology Vendor - Management Strategic management

Use Technology to Optimize Staff

There are many choices of where to focus investments, time and resources in pursing optimization. The first step is to change how you use what you have to get some quick gains.

Technology Workforce Optimization

The Current and Future State of the WFM Systems Market

As economic power continues to flow from seller to buyer, it becomes increasingly important to strategically leverage the consumer information that resides in the contact center.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Inside View: Tufts Medical Center

When agents can self-identify errors and opportunities for improvement, the coaching session is viewed in a positive manner and not taken as criticism.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Congratulations! You Just Bought Speech Analytics! Now What?

Purchasing a speech tool is like hiring someone to remodel your house only to discover that he can also repair your dented fender, prepare your taxes and whip up gourmet dinners for your family.

Technology Software Platforms

Moving Your Business Forward By Moving to the Cloud

With the cloud, your contact center has the freedom to receive regular upgrades and integrate solutions for all users—all in one place without the hassle of ripping and replacing existing...

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The Digital Workplace

The digital workplace offers an ROI to the organization in the form of increased productivity, information sharing and business agility.


Reduce Early Turnover with the Latest Tools

Centers can choose between applying enterprise tools to their needs, or finding niche services and applications to manage the various stages of screening, assessments and interviews.


I, Chatbot

As with all innovation since the industrial revolution, machines are freeing us from tedious tasks, such as answering account balance questions a hundred times a day.

Technology Software Platforms

Headset Is No Longer Just a Headset

The headset plays an important role as a technical interface, ensuring a seamless interaction with the company’s IT environment.

Technology White Papers

It’s Time to Optimize Those Ugly Agent Desktops!

You have to define the functionality you seek as well as the integration requirements to look for the right solution type and associated vendors.

Technology Workforce Optimization

It’s Not Quality Management

What a list of ‘call requirements’ actually represents is the way QM professionals want the interaction to be experienced. It is, in reality, branding the interaction in a rudimentary...

Technology Workforce Optimization Operations management

Saddletree Research Kachina Awards

The Kachina Award will not be an easy award to win. It has to be earned, but those who do win will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have achieved something special.


Why Customer Analytics Are Key to Unlocking Customer Experience

To deliver a great customer experience, your contact center has to be aware of interaction trends in a timely manner.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Sennheiser: 70+ Years of Perfecting Workplace Headsets

Audio shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. Audio is a vital component to an IT infrastructure.

Technology Unified Communications White Papers

Cloud Success in 3 “Easy” Pieces

In all but the most basic centers, active vendor management will be a key part of ensuring a good partnership with the vendor and ongoing success for the users.

Technology Vendor - Management

Tips on Selecting and Deploying Speech Analytics

A speech tool is not a plug-and-play technology. Your organization must be prepared to dedicate the proper resources that will ensure its success.

Operations Assisted Service Technology Workforce Optimization

How Engage WFO Is Providing Advantages That Benefit Tufts Medical Center Patients

Our customer service quality staff selectively plays example call recordings back to operators to help them learn how to improve call handling.

Technology Workforce Optimization

The Quickly Maturing Cloud Market

Cloud providers are tearing down the traditional models for development, testing and deployment, creating and implementing new versions and releases quickly.

Technology Software Platforms

Inside View: MOO

Anyone can copy your software, but it’s very hard to copy your hiring and training strategy, and your culture. Those are the two fundamentals that have set us up for success.

Technology Self-Service Strategic management

Elevate Your Contact Center to Support Omnichannel

Technology is an important aspect of effectively supporting omnichannel, but for many contact centers, this is a sore point as their solution only supports disparate channels.

Technology Omnichannel White Papers

Why You Need to Perform Customer Segmentation at Your Contact Center

Segmentation is not always about offering more to some than others. Rather, it’s about providing a level of service that is fitting to the specific customer’s needs.

Strategy Customer Experience Technology White Papers

Key Considerations When Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

When people hand over their sensitive payment information, they expect it to be handled in a secure and professional manner.

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Upgrade the Self-Service Experience

There is a massive focus in the industry to try to push customers toward digital, not just to reduce costs, but because customers are asking to have those channels available.

Technology Self-Service

How to Get a Lot (of Technology) for a Little (Center)

The enterprise market has matured, and technology innovations, such as software-only solutions running on virtual machines, have reduced costs. Major vendors know the small center market is BIG....


9 Keys to Picking the Best Training Solution

Daily microlearning reinforces previous training, builds up knowledge over time, and keeps critical information top of mind, where agents can access it as needed.

Technology Workforce Optimization People management

The Agent Attrition Mission

Pinpointing agent knowledge gaps and problematic behavior paves the way for coaching opportunities to improve performance, productivity and call-handling strategies.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Remembering Art Rosenberg: That “No Quit” Attitude

Cowboys work hard and take pride in their work. When a cowboy makes a promise, he keeps it. When he says he will do something, he does it.

People Technology

The Sound of Productivity: Improving the Workplace Through Superior Audio

Superior audio technology puts control of the modern office environment back into the hands of the people who manage and work in these spaces.

Technology Unified Communications White Papers

Improve the Performance of Your Contact Center with Global, Analytics-Driven Routing

With the advent of the Internet, cloud computing and advances in voice technology, it is now possible to intelligently route calls globally from the cloud.

Operations Technology White Papers

Workforce Optimization in the Cloud: Types, Advantages, Adoption

Currently, business agility is the number one driver of cloud adoption. The financial flexibility, real-time service access and volume flexibility mean rapid response to changing needs and market...

Technology Workforce Optimization

It’s (Time for) a New Day in Authentication and Routing

The old tools and techniques aren’t enough. Success requires customization and personalization, not a one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to use data and technology well at each stage of...

Technology Data Security

Contact Center Omnichannel: Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

The overriding challenge in today’s contact center is to bring together the numerous communications channels so that they appear to the customer as a single pipeline to service. The problem...

Technology Omnichannel

Accelerant for Growth: Analyzing the Complete Voice of the Customer

By predefining and using search capabilities to scour speech and text data, the contact center can enable more thorough call compliance to mitigate risk, identify mentions of legal action, and...

Technology Workforce Optimization

Dodd Frank, the CFPB and You

Risk exposures exist at every point where the enterprise touches the customer.

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Some Nice Niche Technologies

Get the basics right and you—and your employees and customers—will get even more out of the next nice niche technology you pursue.


Confessions of an Analog Man in a Digital World

I don’t pay attention to Twitter feeds or Facebook posts about any service provider. Digital marketing plays a very small role in any of the decision making factors I use when purchasing any...

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How Workforce Intelligence Creates a Better Customer Experience

Workforce Intelligence gives managers information about how employees are doing so they can better understand their agents and the contact center as a whole.

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To Repair, Refurbish or Recycle Your Headsets… That Is the Question!

Some models, regardless of cost, may be in higher demand and will yield a higher trade-in value than more expensive, less popular models.

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Why WFO Makes Sense for SMB Contact Centers

Considering the smaller size of support staff, WFO software can potentially have a greater impact on the Small-Medium Business than it does on their larger counterpart.

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Contact Center Technology in a Changing Market

In a perfect world, the contact center’s technology procurement is part of an overarching IT strategy, and any purchase makes progress along a defined roadmap.

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Communication Is Everything

Choosing a comprehensive contact center platform is no easy feat. Keep a pulse on what your needs will consist of in five days, five months and five years.

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Texting with Customers

Text is the app that never leaves your phone. It’s the only app that everybody has that is consistent no matter which mobile platform or wireless carrier the consumer uses.

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The Phone System App

If the rush to the cloud continues, the attention paid to premise-based systems by vendors will decrease proportionately. It may get to a point where what is ‘right’ or...

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Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance in the Contact Center

Contact center agents themselves present the biggest potential risk because they are the most transient employees with the most access to sensitive customer data.

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Quality Management—Then, Now and in the Future

While traditional KPIs remain essential barometers of performance, an increasing number of contact centers are also directly measuring the pulse of the customer.

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Skinny Dipping: Diving into Analytics with Only the Bare Necessities

Skinny data can help you cross the finish line while big data is still generating a multitude of reports that are just as likely to confuse as impress.

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Managed Services: Easy to Want, Hard to Buy

The right option may be out there, but contact centers must frame what they really want, perform in-depth due diligence to find the right partner, and define how MS will be managed and funded.

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Digital Customer Care

A fundamental element of providing an excellent customer experience is making it easy for customers to get their questions answered through whichever means they prefer.

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The Road to Analytics for Customer Engagement

In today’s digital landscape, companies must provide a personalized experience that creates an authentic, immediate connection with the customer—that’s what customer engagement...

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From Best-of-Breed to Standalone to Suite

As companies of all sizes are driven by a desire to go far and fast with strained IT resources, suites have taken over the market on many levels.

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Trading Places: Another Aspect of Innovation

If I did trade places, it would have to be with someone whose job allows them freedom to stretch their imagination, explore uncharted territory, take ownership of outcomes and have a little fun...

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What’s Next in Speech-to-Text

Innovative technology is a game-changer for speech analytics solutions.

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Technology Selection at Today’s Speed

Finding the right solution fast. A few key steps with a committed team can lead to a successful outcome.

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State of the Industry: Tools in the WFO Suite

An overview of today’s WFO suites, happenings in the market, and the expectations of users and buyers.

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The Endless Summer

Innovative ideas, provocative products and nonstop industry activity dominated summer 2015.

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Speech Rec… or Speech Wreck?

“Press or say” vs. natural language—which is right for your contact center?

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Digital Disruption Transforming Customer and Employee Interaction

Every organization needs to take a hard look at being more mobile, social, connected and automated across the enterprise.

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Redefining Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is not hard, but it is complex. To get started, take it one bite at a time.

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Assisted Service Is Alive and Well…

When customers need the human touch, technology enablers can help to ensure successful interactions.

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Masterminding the Intelligent Omnichannel Contact Center

Cloud contact centers can harmonize customer data under a single hood, while workforce analytics can help connect customers with the right agents.

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Connect and Engage Your Remote Staff

Tools and tips to collaborate and connect with your work-at-home team members.

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Consistent Customer Experiences Start with a Consistent Quality Management Program

In a poll conducted at Call Center Week 2014, 67% of respondents cited “creating a consistent customer experience” as their top business priority (“15th Annual Call Center Week Post Show Executive...

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