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Be Proactive in Protecting Customer Data

The most significant security risk to a company’s data or systems comes from within—human error.

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Compliance and the Contact Center: A Proactive Approach Works Best

New technologies and best practices for an increasingly complex compliance environment.

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Contact Centers and The Debate Over Personal Privacy

Businesses today have an incredible amount of customer data on their hands that needs to be handled and used responsibly.

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Babylon, Black Ink and Biometrics

In the contact center, authentication issues have become of paramount importance as such security techniques as passwords and ID numbers are increasingly proven to be ineffective in the fight...

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Social Engineering: 5 Steps to Protect Your Contact Center

Fraudsters have stepped up their methods by using multiple channels to coordinate and commit fraud.

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A Deeper Look at Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Start by thinking of things like account number and social security number as identity only; these are not paths to authentication or verification in today’s data-compromised world.

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PCI Compliance: An Overview of PCI Standards

As the amount of personal data entering the organization through the contact center increases, it is necessary that organizations provide a way to keep it secure.

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What Keeps You up at Night?

Contact centers face a growing array of compliance requirements, rules and regulations for handling sensitive data.

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The Personalized Service and Data Security Dilemma

Customers want to have the utmost confidence that you are protecting their data and treating it with the respect it deserves… even as you continue to gather more of it.

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It’s (Time for) a New Day in Authentication and Routing

The old tools and techniques aren’t enough. Success requires customization and personalization, not a one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to use data and technology well at each stage of...

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Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance in the Contact Center

Contact center agents themselves present the biggest potential risk because they are the most transient employees with the most access to sensitive customer data.

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