Seamless Self-Service Starts in the Contact Center

Modern consumers want to self-service if they can do so in an efficient and effective manner.

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Voice-First Experiences Offer Help in the Moment

Understanding the nuances of the customer contact will help determine the best interactions for voice-assisted help.

Technology Self-Service

Imagining the Possibilities with AI

Remember that AI is not going to just run on its own. You need people involved for the “human-assisted learning” to determine how to act on the insights and opportunities the system discovers.

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Simply Automating Isn’t Enough

There’s one final key to making self-service successful: trust.

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Rosie the Robot Meets Margot the Wine Bot

Chatbots work best when the user has a clear idea of a question in mind, and that is usually the case in customer service.

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Can AI Replace the Call Center’s Human Agents?

There are some tasks that automated processes will never be able to accomplish with the same results or general efficiency as a human being.

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AI: Streamlining Contact Center Technology

Integrating AI into daily call center business operations has the potential to reshape the workplace and provide unimaginable opportunities for growth.

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Hello, HAL! Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

While HAL was able to converse naturally with people on any imaginable topic, the conversational user experience with AI still isn’t there and probably won’t be anytime soon.

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Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Find areas of opportunity to decrease customer effort or automate mundane tasks for your customers.

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Inside View: MOO

Anyone can copy your software, but it’s very hard to copy your hiring and training strategy, and your culture. Those are the two fundamentals that have set us up for success.

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Upgrade the Self-Service Experience

There is a massive focus in the industry to try to push customers toward digital, not just to reduce costs, but because customers are asking to have those channels available.

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Texting with Customers

Text is the app that never leaves your phone. It’s the only app that everybody has that is consistent no matter which mobile platform or wireless carrier the consumer uses.

Technology Self-Service Strategic management


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