Workforce Optimization

Workforce Management Evolution

WFM is an operating culture and philosophy, not just software.

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Virtual Assistants Can Be Your Agents’ Best Friends

Non-real-time tasks are good “test beds” that advance learning while shielding customers and agents from bumps.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Executive Interview with Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem

Thirty seconds on hold is much different to a customer who is waiting than to an agent who is seeking assistance.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Four Ways to Attract and Retain Millennial Agents

Because of today’s healthy economy, millennial job-seekers can be selective. They will seek out organizations that best meet their vision as ideal employers.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Target Those Manual Processes with Automation

Way too many centers still have way too many manual process steps, negatively impacting the customer experience and the cost of doing business.

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How to Excel with Performance Management Tools and Processes

Too often, the dominant ‘tool’ is Excel, and that is not cutting it for quality monitoring feedback, performance scorecards, weekly reports or anything else the typical center needs to manage...

Technology Workforce Optimization

How to Elevate Your Customer and Agent Experience

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with a single channel to reach your contact center.

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The Case for Technology in an Understaffed World

No technology is a silver bullet, but many tools can make a dent in the key things that contribute to understaffing.

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Employee Engagement and the Quality Management Renaissance

What we believe is driving this renewed interest, or renaissance, if you will, in QM is an industry focus on employee engagement that is driving the majority of operational changes in the contact...

Technology Workforce Optimization

Scheduling Resources Through Communication and Collaboration

The new generation of workers have grown up using cell phones from an early age. So why not communicate with agents how they prefer?

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Why Teamwork is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make

Customer service is the anchor point of the current contact center landscape—the contact center unites every department, every role and every vision for success.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop

Speech analytics isn’t “just” software. It’s an innovative methodology that can alter the way we think about solving problems.

Technology Workforce Optimization White Papers

The State of the WFO Market

A core driver of all contact center solutions, is growth in the agent population. For the past five years, we have seen consistent growth in agent employment.

Technology Workforce Optimization

SIP In The Contact Center

While SIP isn’t the only way to deliver functionality centers seek, it is a good way, and sometimes the “best” way.

Technology Workforce Optimization

Coming Soon to a Contact Center Near You!

In just a couple years’ time—by 2020—messaging will be used more than voice and chat combined.

Technology Workforce Optimization


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