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On-Trend: At-Home Agents

There’s a 10-year track record of work-at-home results in the contact center environment. It’s become hard to ignore, even for those executives who personally don’t prefer or...

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Coronavirus = Business Continuity Plan

Do you have the appropriate technology for your staff to work from home during a disease outbreak?

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A Checklist for Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Given that a contact center is often the first touchpoint for many customers, it’s crucial that any new technology runs smoothly in a test environment before being deployed for customers in...

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The Consolidation Trend Will Further Hurt Quality in the Contact Center

The rule of 150 can improve quality and employee engagement in the large contact center environment. How do we know? Let’s look at ants.

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On-Demand Is In Demand

The on-demand environment provides employees with the opportunity to find work that is meaningful to them.

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A 360-Degree Approach to Contact Center Security

It’s crucial to empower CSRs to play an active part in maintaining contact center security. After all, they witness more of what takes place on the call center floor than supervisors.

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Now What? The impact of Chaos on Contact Center Operations

Confusion is a constant companion when it comes to CHAOS and confusion often leads to conflict.

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Creating a Coaching Culture

When a coaching culture is in place, people understand that it’s their job to step into the kinds of conversations that they’re currently avoiding and address the issues so they can...

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Embracing Remote Work

Companies are using enterprise social networks to communicate and collaborate regardless of where people sit.

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Preparing Contact Center Operations to Respond Quickly

Flexibility in the face of condensed timelines—typically a new program launch with little notice—requires an innate “readiness” that can only be achieved when contact...

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Homeward Bound

The at-home agent workforce is now mainstream in the global contact center industry and will likely dominate the industry before the end of this decade.

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Disaster Planning: The Human Factor

It can take weeks—or longer—for a community to recover after a disaster. Supporting your staff during and after a catastrophe calls for a great deal of compassion and understanding

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